I want to try this

While lucid. Get into your bed and perform a WILD, and then if you get lucid again, get back into your bed and perform WILD, and so on. Has anyone ever tried this?

That’s called chaining :wink: and it’s a very valid method to induce more LD’s.

Or if you mean doing the opposite of a stack of false awakenings, like consciously inducing false asleepenings to see how layered it goes… Yes, I’ve so been wanting to try that! :smile:

Haha so that’s what chaining is! I need to get that down once i’m able to get lucid

Sorry, but EllyEve got it right :tongue: chaining requires that you wake up first, while what you’re planning is interesting in its own right, and I don’t know of people who attempted that repeatedly. Let us know how it goes! :content:

Wait would this work so i could practice WILD.

Set an alarm at 5:00, 5:05, 5:10, and so forth so if i don’t get into a lucid dream i can try again and practice WILDing?

Would you get annoyed with yourself if you finally achieved getting lucid at 5:05 only to be rudely awakened by the alarm at 5:10? :meh:

Yes, but it’s for my own good! To practice WILD 12 times a night! Isn’t that great! Yeah but I doubt my 2nd lucid dream would be more than 1 minute long :woo:

If you keep thinking this you are the one making it true!
Don’t even go there, believe you will have a longer LD and it will be so.

you might find this video interesting. what you’re talking about is called the timer method: youtube.com/watch?v=IKquVghfwG0
i really wanna try this technique, but i can’t take my computer to bed with me, and i don’t have a timer that turns itself off, but basically you set an alarm, then another for like 5 minutes after that, and eventually, you increase the time intervals. this way, you trick your mind into becoming aware after 5 minutes or so in your dreams because your brain is expecting to be woken up by another alarm. it’s best to have an alarm that turns itself off though, because then you can lay still and you don’t have to move to turn off your alarm.

you dont need a timer that turns itself off, you need a timer that continuously goes off, and the timer method only allows you to hear the alarm in the dream, wonder “where the **** is that coming from???” and realize “wait a second, thats the timer i set before i went to sleep, and and for some reason, im in my office…!!!” and realize your dreaming.
going to sleep inside a dream, i dont know what that would accomplish besides maybe a false awakening.
you can try it anyways, different things have different effects.

btw if you want that timer, click “take me to the timer” :


I have WILDed 11 times in the last two nights and nothing… :meh: I will try MILD tonight

I’m kind of new to LDing and never really had a LD, but when I do, I hecka wanna try chaining :smile: