I will work hard!

Hello, I just want to say hello to everyone. :smile:

But well, lets get to the subject. I have known Lucid Dreaming for about... a year and a half or something. Thats not that bad, but what can I gather from that period of time? Not more than 2 months of actually any effort in Lucid Dreaming, my Dream Journal has giant gaps all over the place!

But from today, I will make effort, I will try to come up with a solution if quality of dreams goes down. But of course, being the stupid one I am… I ask for help, hints and any motivation to continue. :happy: Please help this “poor” kid from his own laziness.

Welcome to LD4all :welcome:

Keep active on this forum, and read other people’s DJ’s. Keep lucid dreaming on the mind and that will help your motivation greatly. That’s what it took for me, and, well, look at my LD count. This forum has helped me more than anything else, so you’re in the right place :content:.

I wrote this article a little while back, and it mainly focuses on people losing their focus and motivation over time. Give it a look, it may help you some.

Best of luck, and let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with :content:

That’s the spirit! :happy:

The whole forum is one huge help, hint and motivation to continue. Just read read read a lot on the forum!


Hey, thanks! And you too welcome… oh wait, nevermind. xD October was quite a time ago… but only 5 posts? You confused me there, but well… :smile:

Even if you only read about LD you have the chance of inducing a LD. It’s a huge mistake to think that have a LD is dificult, with that in mind will only make things more dificult. You have to think positively, don’t give up! :content: