I'd like to learn something new.

Hello everyone, I’m new on this site.
I’m experiencing lucid dreams and visions since I was a kid (5-6? years old, now I’m 19).

I have visions through my dreams. I learned by now that if I can’t become concious in a dream that it’s probably a vision and if I see myself in 3D, things that happen to “me” in that vision will happen to someone else. They can realize in the same day or in few years, I’d like to know more about that as well. I dreamt one date once and a friend of mine, when I woke up I wrote the date down and had a feeling that something bad will happen on that day, probably to him. I gave him a charm (a small heart that I had for a long time), he was caring it every day in a pocket inside his jacket and on that date he was in a bus accident, a lot of people died and he went unharmed… besides being in a shock. A few times I realized what’s going to happen (what’s going to be said) I tried to say something else, tried to change the way it happens but I failed, like it was someone else talking not me.

Sometimes things just randomly pop in my head and that happens right away or very soon. What’s scaring me is that some people died after that. Now I don’t know if it’s my fault or it’s something else. I feel so guilty. For my almost whole childhood I was “hanging out” with an old lady, neighbor, she’d never leave home without telling me and once, it popped in my head “she will die”, mum on the same day got to me and started with “I need to tell you something…”, “She is dead isn’t she?”, “Yes, she died of a heart attack today”. She was hunting me in my lucid dreams for a few years telling me it’s my fault that she died.

Now I’m not sure if this belongs to telepathy. I sometimes manage in “making” someone do something I want, nothing that can harm them or to use someone, just trying out my abilities. For example, that someone calls me and says that and that. When I tried it for the first time a friend called me in 20 minutes or so. I asked him did he feel anything strange and he told me that he got enormous desire to give me a call.

Recently I tried to see color of my own aura (I guess it’s purple but it’s just a guess). And couldn’t, I’m pretty good in spiritual things so it’s strange to me that I failed. It might be fainted and hard to see, cause I’m ill, might probably die soon, just a hunch, sharing my thoughts.

I tried to experience OBE today but I didn’t make it. Got into slowed breathing part, felt shivers through my body and then I just fell asleep; right before waking up a dream was going on (that I’m chatting with a friend on fb) and that happened right after I got up from a bed, lol. That all lasted for an hour or so.
I think I’ve experienced OBEs before, before I knew that was even possible. I knew to dream that I was moving freely through my place, everything was just the same as before I fell asleep. Several times I’d fall asleep with music on, I’d hear it in my dream and when I’d wake up it’d just continue where it left of in my dream. Hmm, or, rain wasn’t falling, rain would start falling while I was roaming around the place, I’d wake up and it’d be falling. Oh and I was never walking on foot I’d levitate few centimeters above floor.

What else, a friend once decided to teach me how to fall in trans but that we should do it together; hold hands while doing it. It was really amazing. Random pictures were showing up and we saw the same ones. Then there was one scene with two women talking in a bar. I was one woman but couldn’t control what she was saying, like I just possesed her. I told that to him and he told me that he was the other woman. So interesting. I tried that one more time with someone else and warned her not to fall asleep but she did. When I got out of the trans my energy was sucked up. Like I didn’t sleep in 3 days. Had a long sleep after that…

How is it called, hm, holding your hand/s above someone elses and transfer your body energy? I can do that, for now no one had higher energy (chakra?) than mine. I’d always feel warmth on my hands and when I’d move my finger above (5-10cms) someones hand they’d feel it like feather moving on their skin. I can do that to myself as well but on way larger range, 50cms?. I know to do that when I’m bored^^. Oh, If I’d stick a nail in my hand and then on the same spot at someones hand they’d feel shivers on that spot.

There are a lot more things to write about but I think this is more than enough for a start :smile:
I hope I’ll be able to learn more here and meet new people.

Hi aalewien, welcome to the site :welcome:

The “visions” you mentioned in your first paragraph are referred to as pregocnitive dreams. Here’s the current topic for it here on the site: [the BIG PreCog dreams Topic - part II)

As for the information in the second paragraph, sounds a bit like deja vu but not exactly. I experience that too sometimes :meh: Here’s the deja vu topic, if you’re interested: [The BIG Déjà Vu topic - Part II)

And for paragraph 3: Huh, I have a friend who can do that. That’s quite interesting. (Sorry, I don’t believe we have a topic for that :tongue: )

We do, however, have an OBE topic here [The BIG OBE topic [part IV])

That’s all I think I can say with any degree of knowledge. I hope you have a great time with LD4all :smile:

Sorry, I’m at the library computer and we only have 1 hour alloted so I have to rush each time. I was about your age when I joined an Edgar Cayce group. It was great as we touched on a great many things. This is a lucid dreaming site. Did I catch that you were ill or did you have a precog that you were not long for this world? If you are ill, you’re probably taking some medications. As I approach 60 I’ve found many of my gifts have been muted or lost. I don’t know if we’ve ever had a discussion about aging and LD but I do know meds can interfere with my abilities now. You were also talking about some sort of energy transmission? I’m not sure what you mean but I’m a “touch healer” (I hate to say faith healer because it has absolutely nothing to do with my religion). I’d say I’m more of a “battery” to provide help.

i have had some similar experiences over the years of Lucid dreaming and i can say that they are perfectly normal occurrences and that it is something that you should embrace and a skill that can be improved. i know that there are a lot to learn and it really takes passion and determination to be able to fully understand these things but mind you, it is definitely worth it.