I'm awesome at LDing but can't gain control

I stopped LDing a while ago. Last night I decided to try again. (btw I can have LD’s on demand whenever I try (which works almost everytime). When I was in the dream I was looking for a person. When I saw them, they ran away. I spent most of the dream chasing them -.-… Then, near the end of the dream I said something like “Please Dream, Stop”. The person then stopped and turned around and I walked to them. In most of my LD’s I only have some control, I can do what I want to do, like run. But for example when I want to jump through glass, I end up epicepicepicepic failing :sad:. Any advice on how I can actually enjoy my LD’s by gaining control?

Well this boils down to how much you think you can actually control. a lot of times, just thinking “man, I hope this DC doesn’t run away” will cause that even to happen. One thing that has helped a lot of dreamers gain control, like you found out for yourself, is yelling. Yelling things like “I will have more control now” can help, but yelling for a particular thing like “I will be able to fly through this window” will help even more.

Take a look at this article by tosxyChor on controlling dreams: Dream Control Training Course.

I hope that helps, good luck!

“Dream control” is pretty much just B.S. on Internet message boards. You can control your own behavior, but in all my years of talking to people on the Internet about this, I have yet to meet anyone who could in any significant way back up his claim to do it.

Maybe you aren’t awesome at lucid dreaming after all?