I'm going to attempt a WILD tonight! Any tips?

I am finally going to attempt a WBTB into a WILD, any tips I should know to help achiveve a LD?


I’m sure there are many tips on the forum about WILD’ing. Why don’t you use the search feature ? Anyways, I’ll write here some simple steps. And remember, in your first WILD - you won’t get much of it. Just don’t give up, the second time will be better… or, will you succeed the first time ? :meh:

It’s a long post, but if you want to succeed in your WILD, you’d better read it all :sly:

[center]WILD in 10 easy steps[/center]

1. Lay in bed, find a comfy position and don’t move any muscle whatever happens.

2. Relax yourself until you get a funny feeling in your body - a relaxing feeling. How can you check if you are in the relaxing state ? Simply move a finger. If you can move it fast and if you can control it right away - you need to relax more. You may use the finger thingy only ONCE !!! (or else you’ll spoil everything).

If you can’t keep your eyes close by themselves, keep them close by yourself.

4. Start focusing on your breath. Count your breaths until you reach nr. 20. Then imagine yourself a balloon or something, and each time you take a breath the balloon gets bigger and each time you breath out it gets smaller. Focus on it and don’t let your thoughts wander off this image.

5. Slowly (after more than 50 balloon breaths :tongue:) let your mind wander by itself. But YOU think about the balloon - not about something else. Let your mind wander by itself, and tell yourself as you imagine the balloon something like “I’m curious what’s the next thing I’ll think off !” - but you still imagine the balloon meanwhile. Ne sure not to breath to hard. DON’T take deep breaths - that will ruin EVERYTHING <<< very hard part - takes practice.

IF you do step 5 good, then you should think of something else than the balloon because your mind wanders by itself. Let it be and don’t push anything. You - yourself - don’t think of anything. Let your mind think of what it wants and try not to change anything. <<< hard part too - requires practice and patience

After some time after you did this (variates from person to person, from 10 minutes to 30 min or even more) you should get HI’s. You see random images in front of your closed eyes - but you still have some of your journey ahead of you.

Now this might happen and it should happen - but don’t force it if it doesn’t. You should enter a Pre-REM state of the mind where your eyes move randomly. If you feel like your eyes want to move don’t make them not to move. Let them move - but let them move by themselves. And if you don’t get this DON’T start moving your eyes by yourself !!

9. Let those HI’s come by themselves. Don’t force them - if you do they won’t come and they will ruin most of your work. This is the patience part - have patience and let those HI’s come by themselves ! Wait wait wait… if you are relaxed, if you don’t push it and if you let the mind wander by itself (meditation) you should get more and more HI’s. Slowly they will transform into a scenery or they may just go away all of a sudden.

That’s the part where you enter the dream, resulting a LD. You get this feeling. It feels like you are traveling - like you are traveling by air. NOW - don’t breath too hard, don’t move, don’t open your eyes and DON’T PUSH it !!! Forcing it to come will make it all worse. If you do everything like I said, you should be in your dreamworld by now :smile:.

Now, this whole process can take up from 20 minutes (only a master in LD’ing can do that or a very gifted natural) to 90 minutes or even to 100 and beyond. Yes, it can be almost two hours ! That’s why WILD requires patience and practice :tongue:

Good luck, and hope I helped ! :wave:

Thank you! I will try my hardest :happy:

You surprise me. Could you read all those 10 steps that fast ? :eek: My, you sure are a fast reader - be sure not to miss some things I edited there :wink:

:grin: like 5 years ago, i would do something similar to this when i would try to wild without doing a wbtb. I had some pretty intense feelings in my body. Indescribable. but i think i started forcing thing susually which make it not work and eventually i gave up. I would like to get back into wilding but I’ve been depending on Dilds. I had one last night for about 2 mins lol.

Uhm, well there are many different starategies to WILD :tongue: and everyone experiences WILD differently. And nothing is written in stone! So if I had to give you two tips only they would be:

  1. Don’t get stuck on expectations and labeling experiences. Don’t think “where’s the HI?” or “this is where the HI should come in”. I, for example, sometimes don’t get HI and sometimes don’t get SP!

  2. and yeah, don’t force it :wink: Remember to relax your body AND your mind, while maintaining awareness. Being aware and having an active mind are two slightly different things. But you’ll start seeing that with practice. Try to remain passively aware.

Good luck!

This guide helped me a lot so I have an idea of what to expect.