I'm having trouble just remembering my dreams???

i am VERY interested in the dream world and everything ive read on this web site, but i need help jus remembering my dreams never mind becoming lucid

i have tryed remembering my dreams by using the tips in the “starting” section for the past few nights and have only been able to accomplish remembering a very small part of a dream, which was erased from my memory almost instantly as i woke up, but i am sure i rememberd something?

anyone who reads this please give me some tips and/or explain what u have done in this situation if it happend to you in the beggining

Peace… :content:

Hey, welcome to the forum Macro!
You will get more advice in the Big Remembering Dreams topic which can be found here.
just click the link.
When you wake up, I find it helps not to move for a while. Just relax and try to trace your dreams…sometimes you can capture more bits of your dream as you trace it backwards. Try to get the dream set into your mind…then when you get up scribble down a summary of your dream or key words. Also before going to sleep, set the intention that you will remember your dreams. Over time your recall should improve.
Good luck. :happy:

This technique is great. It worked really well for me and I can even remember dreams for like a week. Good luck.

when ive had dreams in the past it always feels like i am remembering the dream while i am having it, rather then waking up and then remembering it… if that makes any sence?

thanks for the tips!

POWER TO THE MOOGLES! :tongue: lol

Consider this: Imagine someone tell you to take a short walk down a street with cars passing by. At the end of the street you are asked what colour, brand and registration number the cars where and how the driver looked etc. The first few times you will probably not even have noticed that there where cars driving by because it is not something that you normally would do (i mean who normally cares?).

But if you trained yourself for a long time you would become better and better. Soon you would be knowing registration numbers withouth even thinking about it.

It’s the same thing with dream-recall. It’s just a matter of practise. It will take at least a few weeks to become good at it. Also depends on how talented you are of course. :smile:

that is a great way of explaining it!, I wont give up!

but it is very frustrating that i cant remember anything, because it seems that all my friends and people ive talked to remember dreams so easy

i even have one friend who cant stop having dreams everynight for the past few months! I AM SO JELOUS

But i sure as hell wont give up, im gonna master the art or dreaming if it takes me my whole life!

How long have you been trying now? It took me a little while to remember dreams too. I know excatly what you mean. I started up a DD and at first all I could write was “I know I dreamed something…”. But hey! that’s improvement, just “knowing” that you had a dream, is better than thinking you didn’t dream. I now remember almost all the details of my dreams when I write them down.

Also, let me just take this time to say, my quest for lucid dreams has actually improved my life. I used to have horrible sleeping habbits. Maybe 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night - that could have been one reason that I couldn’t remember my dreams. Now LDing has given me a reason to sleep. Not only that, but all the techniques listed helps me get to sleep quickly. It feels so good to jump in my bed, tell myself to sleep, then fall asleep. It beats tossing and turning all night…and those infomertials I watched all night told me I tossed and turned because of my matress…Ha!
Sometimes it is all psychological. It feels good to have more control over my brain now.

Well, that’s just me smearing my brains over the internet…

cool, thanks man

Well, I don’t think there is much more to tell you. When you go to sleep, tell your self that you will remember your dreams. Then write them down as SOON as you wake up (or else you almost certainly WILL be forget them).

Maybe you could try reading your DJ every now and then? I do that, and it’s amazing how many dreams I’ve forgotten (but after reading about it, it all comes back).

So I’ll just say - don’t worry. With a bit of practice you’ll be remember mulitple dreams a night :content:.

ive been tryin to remember my dreams for 3 nights now and have had none!, im startin to get pretty pissed off cause my friend had 5 and my other friend had 6 in 3 nights, ahhhhhhhhh

anyways im gonna try again tonight, ill let ya know how it goes



well i jus finished the forth night of my quest to have very good dream recall.

i noticed quite a big improvement, because i can remember amall sceens from my dream, and previously i could remember nothing,. im not sure if these dreams where mixed with reality because they were very similar to what i had done that night which was go spray painting.

In my dream i faintly remember goin on a paintin mission with my buddys Ian(who i really did go paintin with) and Max(who really went home and didnt go paintin). we went to the same area to paint that i really went to which was by danforth and victoria park, we hit up some walls here altho i dont remember accually spray painting anything, its so faint in my mind. At the end of our mission in real life we were goin to go buy some more weed, but ian decided he was to tired and went home to sleep, but in my dream we did buy weed, and ian said “yo max whats the number again”(this is the first time I really remember someone talking in a dream), then the i think i woke up(tho im not to sure)

this still doesnt really feel like a dream to me because nothing out of the ordinary happend(that i can remember) and it was so close to what i accualy had done that night

anyways, i feel like ive made some big steps towards my goals, and hopefully ill make a few more tonight!



ok it seems like i am not the only one having troble remembering my dreams. It seems as if i can only remember like one setting from my dreams, like where i am. The other night i had 3 dreams but in each one i could only remember one thing. If anyone has some good help ful tips i would love to hear about them and then try them out

Peace Outside

maybe they where 3 different parts of one dream??

You will be better with time, it’s like riding a bicycle.
Once you learn how to do you will never forget it.

It’s been said before, lie still in bed after you wake up and probe around your mind for any lost memories of dreams. If you remember a small fragment of a dream, figure out what happened before and after that scene, and then keep recovering as much as you can. And yeah, if you keep going with lots of determination (don’t skip days!) you’ll get better quickly. If you don’t remember anything for like 5 minutes either keep going for a while more or get up. Oh sometimes you might remember dreams if you encounter something in real life that corresponded to the dream (for example one day I went to my bike, then suddenly remembered dreaming about the tire being flat. Sure enough, it was flat, but I didn’t rip out the tube and gut it like in the dream…)

anyways good luck.

well this was the 5th night of my “dream experement”(lol)
and i had NO recolection of any dreamssigh

In the past when ive had dreams, it has always felt like im accually living them, i never had to serch my mind for lost memories, like id wake up and instantly go “damn! that dream was awsome!”

Will i be able to do this again in time?? or will my dreams jus seem like memorys??

I have had a quite a few dreams too where it’s felt like I was remembering the dream at the same time as I’m dreaming it or something. It’s a bit hard to explain. But I like those dreams.

ya! those are the dreams im talkin about!

so are u sayin theres no way to have those kinda dreams everynight?