Im new to this site and I have question.. please help? :)

Im new to this website and Im not sure what the terms WILD, VILD, or WBTB stand for. Can someone please elaborate? :smile:

WILD = Wake Induced Lucid Dream
VILD = Visually Induced Lucid Dream
WBTB = Wake Back to Bed

These are all commonly used lucid dreaming terms. I suggest doing a bit of research; you can find all you need to know here: . General info like that can be found all around the site, so please read up before you ask, and make sure you’re posting in the right section. Also, if you mouse over abbreviations that are underlined, a brief description should pop up. :smile: Oh, and welcome to the forum! :happy:

Thanks! And Im on a touch screen device, so I cant mouse over the words. and Ill be sure to look at the link… thanks! :smile: