I'm starting to sound like a broken record....

:help: I’ve been attempting to become lucid for nearly 7 months now and I have had absolutly no success. I have had very vivid dreams and my dream recall is excelent. But for some reason I simply can not become aware that I am in a dream!!!

I have tried almost every technique that I have found, some are more effective than others, but still have no rewarding results. I do take Lexapro (an SSRI) and I know that it is most likely affecting my ability to become lucid, but I have heard from others who are on the same pill and dosage that they have had numerous LD’s.

If you have any information on maybe some how bypassing the effects of the drug, or any other information that may help PLEASE post!!!

-The Fiend

Do you

  • take RC’s thoughout the day?
  • keep a DJ?
  • use WBTB in conjuction with another method (MILD would probably be best)

Or, you could try taking a break for a week or two. Basically, don’t think about LD’ing and don’t RC (but still keep a DJ).
When you’ve finished your break, start again.

I try and do as many RC’s as possible during the day.
I do keep a DJ and it is very detailed.
I’ve been studying astral projection for quite sometime and I have been using the WILD method for my LD’s. But I have also been using many other methods as well.

I don’t know, maybe I should try drugs… I’m a pot head any ways.

So sorry to hear. Nothing I can really offer to help except the fact that other people have said that they have taken like, years be able to lucid dream. So your not alone.

Oh and I don’t think drugs will help. I have much experience with drugs and they do nothing for Lucid Dreaming. At least nothing predictable. There is always that randomness involved. What were you thinking of specifically?

In all likely hood it is not the drug that is causing the problem. If you are certain that it is ask your doctor if you can take it early in the morning.

You said that you have tried all the techniques. Which one do you like the best?

Use that tech faithfully and do the exercises seriously.

Keep a dream journal and record your dreams every day.

Do Reality Testing and do it seriously. Don’t just mindlessly do RC throughout the day.

Get involved with meditation or self hypnosis. You can find lots of information about meditation on this site. Use the search function to find lots of info. ( This is optional but is a big help ) If you decide on self hypnosis don’t bother with the warp my mind site. I finally took the time to listen to the induction techniques and they are crap. Go to you library or book store and get a good book on self hypnosis and make your own tapes. Practice self hypnosis or meditation at least 15 minutes per day. (Preferably 2x a day)

Try not to get discouraged. It will happen for you it just takes patients. It is very important that you stay positive about. Getting frustrated or having negative feelings about lucid dreaming seems to create barriers to success.

Thank you for the info milod789, I’ll look around at our library for some books.

Could you please describe your current method and the way you used to practise these last months ? This would be useful information for searching how to improve your results…
What methods did you find “more effective” and why did you find them better ? Etc.

What I usually do is this (using the WILD method):

I lay down in bed and get covered up. I lay on my back with my arms spread a bit out from my sides (normally I sleep on my stomach with my arms tucked under the pillow). I close my eyes and clear my thoughts. I relax all my muscles by tencing them and releasing them over a short period of time. I take long, slow, deep breaths, trying to keep a nice steady rythim. After all of that I just stare into the darkness behind my eyes… I’ve tried to do all the visualization techniques but I have a hard time seeing them and it’s mostly just thinking about what I should be seeing.

Is there anything wrong with this??

-The Fiend

The WILD method can be a really difficult one to master.
I’ve had many lucid dreams using other methods, but if I’m honest I’ve never yet successfully induced a WILD lucid dream.Of course this may be different for other people. For some it seems to be the most natural method, but you may not be one of these people.
In my opinion you should really study the WILD method for a while, and make sure you are doing it right. Spend some time reading about the subject. If you haven’t read it already, you should read “Exploring the world of lucid dreaming” by Stephen Laberge. There are many other books that can really help, and they are better than just relying on forums. I’m not dissing forums here (they have helped me immensely) but the right books will explain all the pitfalls and give you step-by-step instructions in how to lucid dream. If you’ve been trying for a long time without success, you should really take a two week break, and then read this book. It worked for me.

The Fiend,
as a little addition to what I said earlier, don’t lose faith just because it’s been 7 months. I took me 6 months to induce my first lucid dream, and I almost gave up several times.
An earlier post suggested that you give a detailed explanation of your methods. This could be a really good idea. It might give those of us who’ve already experienced the difficulties you’re experiencing the chance to tell you where you may be going wrong.

I agree with Nickspry : for most people, WILD is far more difficult than DILD. I have a lot of DILD’s, and no one WILD. And I’m practising LD for years.
I would recommend to practice a method based upon dream recall, self-suggestion before sleeping and RC’s. It seems to give better results. It’s the method I’m currently using.
Moreover, if you practise seriously, it generally gives you your first LD in the 3 first weeks. Since I’m on LD4all, I’m practising more intensively, and I got 30 LD’s in 5 months.
Have you tried a DILD method before trying WILD ?

No, I haven’t tried a DILD before (I’ve mistyped that 4 times now, adding an O to the end… oops!!!). I will be looking into it though and post my results.

The Fiend

If you want more info, have a look at the chapter “Induction Techniques” of the LD Wikibook.

DILD’s methods which are described are MILD and Autosuggestion. There is another DILD method (not in the Wikibook) but which gives very good results : the “looking at your hands technique”. I learnt LDing with it, and it has been used by great LDers like Paul Tholey or Robert Waggoner.

Good luck ! :smile:

What can looking at your hands do? I know it is a RC, but in a LD do your hands transform or grow/lose fingers? Also many times I have experimented with psyclobin, I find myself looking at my hands and being extremely fascinated

It can be a RC, as if you stay looking at your hands in a dream, they change shape. It can be an induction technique : you suggest yourself to find your hands in your dreams, and when you find them, it helps you to reach lucidity. And it’s a stabilisation technique too : when you begin to loose control in a LD, looking at your hands solidifies the dream.
It’s like IRL… you can do a lot of things with your hands ! :happy:

Thanks B! I guess looking at your hands can also make you think “am I dreaming” and in doing so you can achieve lucidity. I get it :smile: