Inception Dream Control Manual

Made this to share with your friends who have seen Inception but don’t know about lucid dreaming (yet :wink: )

enjoy :smile:

Part 1: Learn to control your dreams

and part 2: Why Wake Up When You Can Have Fun?

Awesome, a LD4all Youtube channel! We might add some nifty stuff later on :content:

That was so cool pasQuale! Absolutely the best music for it too.
I clicked I like it and connected it to my Facebook. Now you might need a bigger server yet again! You are going to get inundated with new members. :smile:

Yay, first link to the vid posted in a forum!
This movie truly is a blessing for the LD’ers community.

Very cool. Can’t wait to see what else will be added!

I just watched the video and thought it was a great introduction to lucid dreaming. An ld4all Youtube channel is a great idea. And ‘Inception’ is a great movie to watch if you need some motivation to lucid dream.

I read the newspaper about this film and I definitely want to see it :cool_raz:

Also the introduction film to LD was great :colgate:

Thanks for the comments on the video everyone!

Keep commenting, subscribing, and above all, sharing the video! :thumbs:

Cool, I subscribed.

The movie was awesome but I still can’t understand that people know so little about dreams… Almost everyone thought it was a movie with great depth in it, sure it was but not as deep as they say…

Anyways GREAT MOVIE!! =D

Can I watch the video before I see the film? I really don’t want to spoiler myself, the vid sounds too awesome! Thanks Q :smile:

You won’t get big spoilers watching it but I think the video will make more sense when you have seen the movie :smile:

this movie is definitely going to bring a lot of people onto lucidity

Nice youtube video Q! A lot of people are going to learn about lucid dreaming after watching the film :content: The movie was absolutely amazing!

SPOILER - Click to view

I think I’m going to make my own totem :woo: I have so many idea! Don’t know which idea to choose. :sad:

SPOILER - Click to view

I think I might make a totem myself! I think it’s a great idea for a reality check. I just have to think of an idea xD

Nice nice… the music is the best part ! I saw that clip on youtube, but not by clicking this link. I found the link to this vido on the forum, but not here. I didn’t saw the name of the owner of the video “LD4all” - didn’t know pasQuale made it.

By the way, Q, you should have put the pinching RC ! It’s the best for me. I just pinch my cheek every time I get up :content:.

And pasQ, you did a great job ! I’m telling you, if someone who doesn’t know about LD’ing and sees that video, man o man, that person will get a great hope to become an LD’er himself. You should write somehwere on your youtube channel a link to the LD4all website.

Good luck with the youtube channel !

PS: If every member on LD4all would subscribe to that video, I’m telling you, Q will win Mister Youtube :happy:

x Puffycloud x, I can give you some ideas, PM me if you’d like :grin:

I have just put up part 2 :smile:

Why Wake Up When You Can Have Fun?

thank you for the kind words everyone :smile:

Why do you say, Q, on every part “Inspired by Inception” ?! Because what you write there is inspired by the LD4all community, not by a movie. It’s true there are examples from the movie but…

Anyway, I like the part “… need guidance on your journey ? Check out LD4all.” :happy: Nice music pasQ ! Dreamlike music :wink:.

We (meaning people from LD4all) should make something like a video guide to LD’ing with the first steps. Just like Nicholas Newport did with his guide to OBE’s - many drawings and interesting 3D graphics…

For people who don’t know Nicholas Newport’s videos should check them out. Here can be found part 3, presenting the Stop Drop and Roll technique. In my oppinion it’s a very interesting way to present something. All the parts can be found on youtube. I find the way he speaks and the many graphics very interesting, which makes it easy to understand.

Looking forward to see more videos :content:

hey Don,

Inspired by Inception, because I go from what the movie tells and then explain more about lucid dreams. It’s made for people who saw the movie but who don’t know yet about lucid dreams. :smile: