Increase your control over lucidity

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Hello everyone, it’s been a while.
My lucid dreams have become quite frequent. I only manage to WILD during a WBTB and I have never MILD yet.
All my LDs have the same opening, I get up from bed and walk to the window, open it, and wow there it is, my little town which I see every day…
I tried many times to change the landscape but it always ends up the the same! What is there to see in the town I already know? And my bedroom too, it wastes my lucid time and before I have the chance to do anything except from flying (I do that all the time too when coming out of the window, it becomes quite annoying). LDs are supposed to be fun!
How can I control my surroundings? Also how do I meet interesting characters? All the people i’ve seen are people from my daily life! Is my brain lacking imagination or something? :eh: :confused:

I haven’t had this problem myself, but the following may help.

Do you have enough control to create new doors/windows/other entrances? For example, you could tell yourself that when you turn around there will be a door in the floor of your room. Going through said door may bring you to an entirely new location.

Although flying just brings you out to your familiar town, the unpredictability of a random new entrance may help you break out of it. I think it’s at least worth a try :content:.

This is my technique almost every time i need to get to a specific setting: create an elevator and expect your destination to be one of the buttons once inside. If you can’t create an elevator, but you’re in your home town, fly to the nearest building with an elevator. You can try the spinning technique as well. There’s plenty of info online and in Stephen LaBerge’s work on the spinning technique. It has never worked succesfully for me though. It’s only created false awakenings in my lucid dreams. And if you want to meet new people, you have to use the same tactics as you would IWL. Go to places that you wouldn’t expect your friends to be.

Well, think something along these lines: “Once I turn around there will be a knob behind me that controls the level of control I have over my dreams.” Maybe something simpler if you can find a way to simplify that. Then, turn around and turn the knob. This should work.

If you haven’t read it yet, tosxyChor made a great guide on different ways to take control in LD’s found here.

I had forgotten about that guide, it’s fantastic! Highly recommended :smile: .