Insomnia - Can't sleep!

I read that in some home remodies book

I was just thinkin u said u sleep easy in busses or cars perhaps thats cus the noise is drowning out you thoughts? Have you tried listening to music before you go to sleep? im gonna try that tonight

I usually get to sleep in half an hour to an hour. I don’t consider it insomnia. But prehaps you are trying to hard.

it takes me at least 2 hours but i dont think i have insomnia… i thought 2 hours was normal

but if you are worried try diphenhydramine but keep it under 500mg

I would recommened amusing yourself by thinking about life etc

The 61 point relaxation method is actually quite simple, all you do is close your eyes while you are laying down and focus all of your energy onto certain spots of your body, once you feel a tingling pressure in that area you move on to the next one.

List and order of spots to consentrate on:

1.between the eyes
2.adams apple
3.right sholder
7.fore finger
11.back up to the wrist
14. adams apple
15-26 repeat on other side
27. sturnum
28. right nipple
29. sturnum
30.left nipple
31. sturnum

(you should only go to here, the first couple times, and then move on to the rest once you have gotten the hang of it a fully memorized it)

32.belly button
33.over the bladder
34.right hip
37-41 big toe through little toe
42.back up to the ankle
45-56. repeat 33-44
57. back to bladder
58.belly button
60.adams apple
61. back between the eyes

I know this might sound complicated, but once you memorize it, its pretty simple


hmm, i don’t noe may work for you, but i’d be willing to bet it wouldn’t for me…

That could be part of it, but headphones make it uncomfortable to sleep…

But I think maybe what it really is mostly is that in a bus it makes no difference whether I sleep or not. Whereas if I don’t get to sleep before 6 for example, I’ll be tired in the morning and I don’t want to spend a whole night trying to sleep.

Maybe that puts pressure on me to sleep, and maybe then I can’t… dunno.

Dream_Reacher, if you say that you don’t think that it will work, then it won’t, you have to believe and it will happen.

I have just been able to start Inducing Lucid Dreams because I believe that I will have one. That is the key to Lucidity and many other things… Faith…


There are plenty of other relaxation techniques you can try. If you do a search on this site for meditation you will find lots of them. You just might find somnething that will work for you. But, you have to be willing to try.

i noe it’s just that, i don’t seem to have much success with meditation, self-hypnosis, subliminals etc. but if i remember i might try it.

Have you seen a doctor about your insomnia?

Yeh i see what you mean, im going to a doctor soon and it seems you have alot of the same problems as me, ill tell you what im told

milod:wut me? no, but my family’s broke, plus it’s not that bad i dont think. it’s a couple hours, very irritating and unpleasant and not exactly helpful, but it’s not like i can’t get to sleep period. DeMoN: i actually tried the relaxation thing and worked incredibly well to relax my body and quiet my mind, but i still couldn’t get to sleep. hopefully if i try this including the lower body 2night it will make a difference.

I didnt read every post…did someone mention Melatonin? Its the greatest thing for insomnia.Got o sleep after taking 3mg and youll fall asleep and it will help you set your natural sleep cycle. Unlike sleeping pills its non-toxic and doesnt “zonk you out”…it puts you to sleep the natural way…just with more melatonin than your body normally has.

cool Dream Reacher :cool_laugh: usually doing the lower body helps alot.

Also if you do a WBTB and have trouble going back to sleep (i do) You can do this method and it works extremely well for both WILD and MILD .

If you tense the muscles in your legs very hard first, they will become easier to relax. I do that to my feet first, then legs, body, arms and face.

I have same problems as you, it usually takes me hours to fall asleep… The funny thing, is that i fall asleep more quickly when i take a nap during the day.

It’s very hard for me to fall asleep if I have taken an afternoon nap. (I’ll probably get little sleep tonight)

Too bad melatonin is banned where i live…