Insomnia - Can't sleep!

At times it can also be helpful to try not to think about anything, or to imagine something. It really depends on the insomniac. The warm milk trick mentioned above does wonders :smile: .

i had problems with sleeping. but i just found this awesome awesome program that changes brainwaves. it helps with studying and sleeping. i used to lie awake for HOURS, after using this program, it takes 15-30 MINUTES TOPS!

just download it for free on the site! good luck!

oh and choose the sleeping aid option on the program!

yes bwgen works wonders.
I have this problem where if my throat is a little scratchy I can’t fall asleep. I have this urge to swallow giving my throat temperary relief. I think this is pretty much in my head. Any tips other than pasing out using nyquil?

it usually takes me about 2 hours to get to sleep, depending on how tired i am
im going to try the thing from bwgen tonight and see if it works :grin:

So last night i took two tablets of melatonin

and then it took me 3 hours to fall asleep with no recall

now, this seems contradictory to what a sleep aid should in fact do, which is… help you sleep.

perhaps it’s because my sleep cycle is shot to hell?

At any rate, i would appreciate some help getting to sleep at night.

About the BWgen: do you need to be in bed while listening to it? because that isn’t an option for me.

It surprises me how many people here have insomnia or just don’t sleep that well. Is is there a relation between interest in dreaming and bad sleep? Anyway, this also applies to me a bit. I have troubles sleeping when I go to bed early, like when I have school next day, because I only fall in sleep fast when I go to bed late. Sometimes I even get a little depressive when I go to bed early.

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:help: i can’t usually go to sleep until around 2:30 its a reverse insomnia of a kind i guess anyways can someone give me a tip on how to do LD?

Hmm…if you have an insomnia problem that bad, I would think your first priority is to see a doctor or specialist of some kind. Yeah, if you can’t go to sleep until 2:30 AM, that’s going to be a major problem in learning to LD properly. If I were you, I would see a doctor before even thinking about attempting to LD. Once you have overcome that particular obstacle, then you can think about LDing, but for now, I would strongly advise that you get the insomnia situation under control. I am not pretending to be a doctor, I’m simply telling you what I would do in your situation.

Sunolet, you will find lots of advice about your sleeping problem here :thumbs:
BTW if you feel rested when you wake up the next day, this late time wouldn’t be a problem. :smile:
Otherwise, relaxation or meditation will help a lot. Or if your body clock needs adjusting short term use of melatonin would help (trouble is I don’t think this is freely available in all countries).
For LDing advice just read the main site and there is already a lot of advice about starting to LD in the quest forum. (It’s a good idea to read the choosing your technique topic in the knowledge base to discover which method may work the best for you :happy: )

It’s not just dreamers – it’s a problem with how we run our society.

As for how to deal with it, I’ve found that breathing in and out quickly through my nose (hyperventilating) really helps me to fall asleep. I do 50 breaths, and I’m usually out in 1-2 minutes. Don’t do more than 100 breaths, or you’ll be asking for trouble… :eek: If you have insomnia, try it!

Thanks for the intell about insomnia. :content:

And about hyperventilation, that is a nice idea! I’ll trie it. I do not think I have insomnia, but I have problems falling asleep sometimes. Maybe I do have this, I won’t know. Anyway, I’ll trie it! :happy:

i really need some tips on how to fall asleep. PLEASE help me out!!!

Here is a tip.

RELAX! Relaxing and closing your eyes, picturing a scene and letting your body rest, this will put you to sleep quickly.

Also, please be literate.

Okay, this is what I do when I’m tired occasionally:

-Reverse blinking. Close your eyes, open for less than a second, close. Just like normal blinking. It gets me pretty tired.
-Vigorous excercise.
-Watching T.V, playing games.
-Read a long book. I’ve been reading The Fountainhead, puts me to bed quickly. (Great book by the way.)
-Chatroom on Ld4all. Share your insomnia with other manic people.
-Red wine and sleeping pills.
-Trying to keep your eyes open for a period of time (5 minutes for me) gets me shockingly tired.
-Change your sleeping location.
-Turn the lights on/off. Experiment
-Take a very cold shower. That makes me collapse on the floor and feel tired/weak.

Yeah, try and be more literate like shatterspike said. If this wasn’t such a friendly, nice place, I would’ve been calling you a fucking idiot by now and flaming you.

thanks and i will try to be more literate next time. Anyways thanks a lot!

Good luck with your insomnia.

Self Hypnosis,worked for me (I too suffer from insomnia)

lol, yeah every i fall asleep right away when im literate :smile:

Uh… What

Every I fall asleep right away when im literate? what does that mean?

Maybe he’s being ironic. Or maybe he’s from Sweden or something.