Instant LD?

Hi all,
I just signed up, but have been viewing this forum for about two years. I’ve had 6 “real” LDs (After reading this forum).

I just had another LD last night, but it was almost… instant. Here’s what happened:

I woke up around but a little bit earlier than the time I wake up at. Then I kinda told myself to sink back down, and did. After that, I told myself to sink into an LD. I felt myself enter a dream, did a reality check, and was dreaming.
What was weird was in the beginning of the dream, I was still in bed, and I was able to get up. But it wasn’t an OBE, as I wasn’t out of my body, my body came with me.

I do want to note, that as I was “sinking down” there were no effects of a WILD. No vibrations, no HI, nothing. Just instant sinking.

What happened here? Is this common, and have any of you guys experienced this?

Hello Ticonderoga,

I am terribly sorry no one has replied your question before.

What you had was probably a successful DEILD technique execution.
And yes, it is common as far as LDing here is common.

I hope that helps.

This was exactly how I got my first lucid dream too! That was many years ago.

Try to remember what this felt like. It helps a lot to already have a memory of being lucid.

Good luck and sweet dreams!