Intro, and my problem with Lucidity (Half way there)

Hey all. I’m Yooka. In the last four years, I’ve had a very topsy turvy sleep schedule, sometimes due to work, sometimes to travel, sometimes to being a night owl that just can’t get to sleep until I’m both satisfied with how much fun I’ve had… and exhausted (I understand if that sounds a bit naughty… sometimes it was. Most of the times, it was just video games though :smile: ).

Anyway, pursuing LD was never something I really felt strongly about, and that’s only because the way my sub-concious had developed, I’ve never really needed a true LD experience. This is because I’ve always had incredible control of my dreams. I haven’t had a nightmare since I was 12. I am more than double that age now. At some point, I decided to identify personally with some of the things that go bump in the night, and see them as “not so scary”. And it’s worked since then. Whenever my sub-conscious wants to throw me a curveball, I quickly realize its a dream, and can evade, or wake up pretty much at will.

Still, at this point in my life, to both get in a routine for waking up early on time, and to quit some of my bad habits, LD holds major promise for me. Specifically the vividness of a lucid dream. I have pretty much full control of my dreams, but it is very bland and faded. It never feels remotely real. Detail, boldness, clarity and realistic sense of time-flow are all greatly diminished.

Maybe once or twice a year, I have a dream that really dazzles me… makes me feel like I’m inside Avatar 3d, or something. Doesn’t matter if it’s a realistic situation I might experience in real life, or even the most far fetched “Ok, this s*** HAS to be a dream… or I started taking shrooms and didn’t realize it” sort of abstract surrealness… either way, it’s vibrant as all heck. THAT is what I need some help with. (the bold is for those who skimmed, which I totally forgive, considering how I can ramble).

So much I read is about improving control in LDs. Haven’t found any techniques for improving vibrance, and boldness of experience. Anyone got any advice for that? I THINK changing my sleep schedule would help… but with my work situation, that can be precarious. Still, if you have specifics that have worked for you, I’d love to hear it. Thanks.

Things that work (not in particular order):

  • Plenty of sleep
  • Shouting “More lucidity!”
  • Focus attention on object’s details until you can see the object in very high definition
  • Crawl on floor to stabilize your dream (yes it does work, LOL)
  • Shift to different scenes by entering through doors or portals
  • Shout “Show me something important!” or “Show me something amazing!”
  • In the case of an OBE, switch on lights (may not work the first time but repeated flipping or finding other switches will. Sometimes the room may not lit but the outside will.)

Think I may have stumbled onto my problem reading other threads here. I am a goddawful Lucid Liver.

Ok, that sounds odd. LOL, lord knows I’ve put my “Liver” through enough! Jokes aside, even though I’m alert, it’s because I’m practiced at being aware and cautious because I grew up in a bad neighborhood. The part of alertness were I feel involved, invested, threatened - I have none of that. I have a big “Devil May Care” complex, so I see things coming, and like a math problem, figure out the best way to respond, but honestly, in life and in dream, don’t really care if I get it wrong. Thankfully, this hasn’t had any major negative repercussions yet.

I don’t know. As far as Lucid Living, does anyone one have any suggestions for me? I feel learning to not be too excited has been the turning point in not waking up before I experience good things in a dream. Being too happy or trying to strongarm all events has been a quick way to lose the dream for me. But I definitely see the correlation between a dismissive attitude towards the sensations of reality and not experiencing vividness in the dreamworld. That sounds like it may be my big problem. Don’t know where to start on that one. Hmmm.

I’m not completely sure of the proper term of “lucid living,” but for me, during the day I just try and stay super aware of everything, like to maximize my senses to the fullest that I can without being selective at all. You’d be surprised at how much is always going on! I don’t know, it just makes me feel more aware. And then when I see something or feel something strange, I’ll do a nose reality check.

In terms of the best way to deal with lucid living… it really is what it sounds like. You live with the same awareness and feelings like you have in a lucid dream. The best way to describe it is realizing that at any moment you might be dreaming. It’s a shift in the way you think. Most people see RC’s as checking to see if you’re dreaming. I would say it’s better to think of them as a way to see if you’re awake. To be honest, even though I have come close a few times, I’ve never mastered it entirely either.

Now, there are members on the forum who have and as a result can immediately detect whether they are dreaming or not. It takes some thought and effort, but if you do get it working it’s very helpful… here are some helpful links.

[The Secret of Frequent Lucid Dreamers)
[Imagine the Feeling)

Do you keep a DJ? One thing that helps my dreams’ vividness a lot is writing down as much detail as possible. The more you record shape, color, brigthness the more you’ll start noticing these things in the dream.