Is it possible?

Hi there!

I have a simple question. Not all that experienced with lucid dreaming so I might want to ask some of the ‘experts’ :razz:.

Is it possible to become lucid immediatly even if you haven’t attempted to do WILD and you enter your first dream lucid? Or do you just become lucid after a while if you haven’t done WILD?

Just something I’ve been wondering :happy:

Sorry, I have trouble understanding your question but I think you are asking if becoming instantly lucid without WILD. Correct?

If that`s the case, then I am no expert, but considering how we become lucid it seems highly unlikely. Most of our lucidity is activated within, eg we see something unbelievable and do a RC. If you wake up somewhere (take the bus for example), is the very first thing you think “I am dreaming!”? Mostly not.

It could be that you get the chance to observe strange DSs or remember a mantra instantly after the dream started, but never start with instant knowledge.

Yeah sorry didn’t really unclear about my question, but you got it right :tongue:.

The times I was lucid it really came out of nowhere. It was a normal situation untill it struck me. No RC at all and there weren’t any impossible things that happened when it struck me. So I wondered if it was also possible to immediatly become lucid :happy:.

There are just simply some dreams where we know that we are dreaming, even from the first second… They are usually DEILD but it can be from full WBTB if we are aware enough!

Through Lucid Living, one can eventually reach the point where you know it’s a dream just by your awareness alone. :smile:

It takes a long time to master though.
Here is the link to the forum discussion on it. :grin:

In fact, Wyvern is always lucid in his dreams since he has mastered lucid living. At this point he’s not even capable of an ND. The same goes for WritersCube, however he has had natural LD’s almost all of his life.

EFTILD was the only technique that immediately puts me Lucid right as the dream starts.

Heres the link if your interested … r=asc&&sta rt=0

Sounds really interesting, definitely going to try that technique out tonight, thanks :d