Is LD as good as normal sleep?

Does your mind work in another way in LD? If so, i thought it may be harder for your mind, and require more energy, means that you will be exhausted when you wake up? I’m just wondering. Thanks in advance.

Lucid dreaming takes place in REM phases, like normal dreaming, and a LD is in fact a dream in all ways, except for the fact you know it.
Moreover the majority of dreamers here, including me, feel truly peaceful and refreshed after a LD, and the feeling might last for hours, sometimes days, if not for the only fact it was such a beautiful experience :wink:
Even if it consumes more energies (and I seriously doubt it), I would call them well spent; i would think of it as going running in the middle of a national park, enjoying the peace and the beauty of it; sure, you spent more energies this way than sitting home watching TV, but I wouldn’t care much about it, given the benefits and the experience ^^

Cool, good to hear that. Also, thanks for fast reply. Do you have any suggestions on what method i should go for?

I believe Treader’s guide is what you need. Don’t forget to look for each technique you chose in detail :wink:

Thanks! Reading now.