Is there any way to tell how much longer a LD will last?

My typical problem during lucid dreams is that I feel stressed over the fact that it could end at any moment, because I can’t really tell how much longer it will last from that point.
So I was wondering, are there any clues that can tell you when the dream is eventually about to end, before it actually starts collapsing - or is this something that you will just need to accept and enjoy every moment for as long as you can?

in my LDs (and in the dreams of many other people) right before the end of the dream, the dream starts to “fade away”, becomming darker, other sensations start to become less vivid etc.
there should be a short tutorial in the “beginners dream control course” in the FAQ showing how to deal with it.
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just Ctrl+F “Writerscube wrote:” and you’ll find the quote :wink:

Yeah, by predetermining the time that it will last when you become lucid. Get a lucid clock, set it to one hour by turning the hand around, and in one hour it’ll end.

I suppose you could ask your subconscious, worth a try. Otherwise, I have read a few posts on the forum about ‘The Dreamclock’. I don’t have a link but if you search it I imagine it should come up, many who have used it seem to have good results. But if you’re wanting to know just how long it will last instead of setting how long it will last it might not be the best thing to try.

The dream clock sounds cool but I’d imagine that’d only work for relatively experienced LDers, wouldn’t it?
I think I happened upon one or two LDs but couldn’t do anything cause I was so caught up in the dream - they were only a minute or less until I lost it/woke up respectively. So a low lucidity level.
I wouldn’t imagine I’d be able to conjure up a clock up without any experience first. xP
Which sucks cause when I manage a LD I’d want to have extra time in it to practice what I can do and hone my in dream skills lol