Is this a good WBTB + MILD technique?

Hello! :content:
I’m a beginner at lucid dreaming, and I’ve been trying to have more LDs for a while now since I haven’t had a lot of them before. I’ve decided to try WBTB and MILD, so this is the technique I’m currently trying:

Step 1: Go to bed around 10-11 PM, and set my alarm clock to 3-5 AM.
Step 2: Wake up and write the latest dream down, trying to recall as much as possible.
Step 3: Do a few RCs, really trying to question my surroundings.
Step 4: Try to only think about LDs or stuff that are related to dreams.
Step 5: Focus on what to do in my next LD.
Step 6: Go back to sleep, repeating mantras such as “I will have a lucid dream” while intending for it to work.

Is this technique good? I’ve only used it like four times, but it helped me get at least two LDs in the past week. Also, please let me know if you have any suggestions! (Sorry if my English is a bit weird/funny, it’s not my first language.)

I think this is a great technique, its always good to use more than one technique so you have some kind of backup.
There aren’t really rules about what way is the right way and what is the wrong way, it’s different from person to person. You have to find out what works the best for you.

It is flawless, good luck and have fun :smile:

A perfect technique. I prefer WILD though :happy:, but it’s equally good.

Thanks for all the replies! :smile:
I haven’t had a lot of success with lucid dreaming in the latest days, but I’ll keep trying. Also, I decided to try WILD during an afternoon nap. After a while, it felt as if my head was being pressed down against the pillow or something while I saw random flashes of colors. A few minutes later, everything stopped and I decided to get up. Was that the start of some sort of SP? Seeing as I haven’t experienced SP before, I’m not really sure.

Yes, the first signs of SP are heaviness of the body and visual sights like flashes. For me personally, the heaviness comes first, then you feel your whole body being wrapped up tightly, then comes flashing (usually white and black) and then I start hearing buzzing noises - just like a broken radio. After some time i get HH and the dream starts shortly. Of course, your experiences may be totally different.