It won't come hard forever

Once you’ve worked hard at lucid dreaming on and off for a few years, you’ll never have to try at it again. I have finally got to that stage. I never try to be lucid anymore it just happens quite often when i go to sleep. And I have become so powerful in my lucid dreams that i can pretty much do anything, (apart from change my clothes, i’ve still not managed to do that!) It’s great that once you teach your subconcious what lucid dreaming is then it does it all for you in the future.
Just a little pep-talk if some people on here are feeling down and disenchanted with the whole thing.

Took a break from trying to LD recently, and even then i got about 1 LD per week. But i started again and recently got 3 LDs in 3 days :smile:

How often do you get them? every night? Even if you get it almost every night it doesn’t hurt if you to try to get more :smile:

i find the best time to have them is an afternoon nap. but sometimes at night. I don’t ever feel like i don’t get enough because i know that an afternoon nap will usually give me one, so in a way i can have one whenever i want. But i went through a phase of being so obsessed with lucid dreaming that i was spending a lot of time sleeping and not a lot of time “living” so to speak. So it can hurt to try and get more, but that might just be me. The thing I have most trouble with is remembering my plans of what i want to try. I normally wake up after having had lots of fun and using really amazing powers, and then think “crap, i wanted to try such-and-such but forgot”

There is a strong addendum to this: if you do believe you are proficient in LD’ing and behave like you do, think like you do, imagine doing it, and be thankful for it, you’re paving the road like you would never imagine :colgate: It’s a derivation of the Law of attraction, and it works guys, it just works.

Be confident, silence that chatter in your mind that fills you with doubts and resistance, and just let the thing go in the direction you want and chose.

If you know how something works, you don’t have to think about it all the time; it’s like riding a bike, you do it once you have confidence in it, everytime you want, and that’s it.
Let it be the same for LD’ing:
doubts are useless,
just do it,
and enjoy the ride while you’re there :tongue:.

This is exactly what I wanted to hear (or read) for a long time now :smile: I have this feeling in my gut that it will be like that for me one day… just needed som confirmation, I guess.

Thank you very much :bow:

and congrats for reaching it! :wink:

maniakbill, could you expand on that? How many years were you on-and-off, which techniques do you use, etc?

Teachers all over the world say we learn lots from success cases, so any info at all will be appreciated :smile:

another question…

did you have some kind of training protocol? a specific thing that you followed until you became proficient?

I have been interested in lucid dreaming on and off (but mostly on) for almost seven years. The best I ever got at LDing was within a few weeks of discovering it, since then it has been almost no progress.

How long have you been LD’ing? I have been doing it for half a year and getting 1-2 LD’s per week. But last week i had 5 or 6 LD’s without any technique… :happy: I think this may starting to happening to me now.

[Stop trying to dream.)

How to LD, and how to get rid of doubt, are both in this link. I hope this helps for anyone.