Lack of control in my LDs

Hi, I’m new to the forum.

I’ve been experimenting trying to get lucid for a few months, and I’ve finally succeeded in the past two months. However, I’ve found two problems: the first is that I have almost no control once I gain lucidity… it’s like I’m in an old videogame, where I can tell my character what he should do, but he rarely does it. The second one is that some actions completely shock me and force me to wake up… flying (which I happen to love), for example, usually takes me to a gray/black area outside of my dream (as if my mind was trying to render the rest of the area where I was, but couldn’t catch up with me).

Last night I started shouting “Increase lucidity!” a bunch of times once I became lucid, and my dream got clearer, but I didn’t gain any more control than usual. I might try some other techniques like the Lucidity Pill, but I figured out it was better if I asked for help first.

Any suggestions?

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It all goes back to confidence and belief. We have a hard time accepting that we can do anything in our dreams, especially when we first start out. If you doubt your powers, you won’t have powers. One thing that has worked for me and several others in the past is the magic dream pill. Reach into your pocket and pull out the pill. Because it’s magic, it can give you whatever power you tell it to :happy:.

I would really recommend you read tosxyChor’s Dream Control Training Course. He has a great section on getting more confidence and control.

Anywho, I hope it helps. Best of luck :content:.

Also, for the rendering issue, have you tried actively imagining the places where you did want to end up? That might be of help, since you’d be helping the dream in the decision, and in the generation of the dreamscape.