Last Night's Dreams Highlights!

Firstly, great idea :smile: Last night I had a really weird dream, but it was quite vivid:

So I was on some sort of futuristic landing pad with some guys that I somehow recognised as friends. Basically, to give you the short version a bunch of presidents came and we shot them for some reason, then Nickson starting throwing explosive barrels at us, it was really weird…

That’s a great idea!

I dont remember a lot lately but here it goes :

-I fought against zombies while leading a survivor team.
-I sneaked in a drug factory with a lot of plants. I fought and killed bad guys before running to get the helicopter.
-Got invited by mitt romney for lunch

That’s pretty much all.
I’ll come back for more to keep this thread alive. It diserves it

i was a a gymnastics place and i was like living a mix of blacks ops 2 and halo four and we were doing parkour and trying to kill each other

-I realized I was dreaming and looked at my hand and made it morph so it looked like the Minecraft hand.

-I transformed some water I was about to skydive into from a plane, into Minecraft water.

I like Minecraft

Yay, posts! Some really great stuff :grin:

TheWalkingDreamer’s Minecraft hand must have been weird, I mean, not even fingers! :bored: (I’ve had a few Minecraft dreams too, they are usually fun!)

Last night I ran away from some really huge weird stone aliens in the shape of animals.

I also saw a guy who had bought robot parts for his body with money he got from selling his “Armadillo 3 Cameras” :confused:

Yeah it was weird I just kinda stared at it because I didn’t really expect it to actually work.

  • I got to wield a portal gun and mess around in Aperture Science facilities.

I had exactly the same dream twice, and it was rather strange:
-Three guys with big machine-guns were shooting down a tree after they decided a chainsaw wasn’t good enough to do the job, it wasn’t very effective :razz:

Great idea! So, I don’t usually dream animals, especially the wild ones. The dog, cat is ok… Well, actually I can’t recall any dream with an animal in it o.O
-The female deer was running into me and had an eye contact with it, but she got past me. After I saw two lions fighting.
-There was a toilet standing in the middle of the city (just what…?)

That’s a strange dream to have exactly twice :bored: lol

  • There was this huge strange construction with many golden dragon heads on pillars that looked like cacti. Later in the dream the whole contraption was a ship which I piloted with some people and we landed on the side of a bigger ship in space. Inside I got some oxygen masks but I couldn’t put mine on, I tried to breathe and couldn’t at all, I even felt the vacuum sucking on my face, it was really weird/scary.

-Had a lightsaber fight with Darth Maul

It’s an awesome idea mattias!

Did you win the fight???

-I flew successfully by acting like the air was water and I was swimming.

Great idea :smile:

Last night was pretty fun, the highlight was :

-Punching a DC when he suddenly turns into… a calendar, I keep hitting then rip him off without even finding it odd. Couldn’t stop laughing when I woke up :grin:

I had no dream recall last night :sad: but

OMG that’s just hilarious! :rofl:had to comment… :lol:

Ok… So I just woke up and looked at my phone as I remember writing a dream or to to it. And what I found and recalled was really interesting. I will write all the dream:
-We were given a pills to fall asleep. There were maybe ten of us if not more. I hugged a girl and saw her shutting my eyes with no time everything become black and I was leeping… Suddenly, I started seeing a blue spot in the middle. It started become bigger and bigger as I appeared into some kind of the room realising that I am in the dream (I wasn’t lucid with real world, because I thought that the real world was the one in which I was given pills). I was given some kind of logical task to do, so I could proceed to the next door. I succeeded and entered next room. I saw other people who fell asleep with me in that room, but they had their own tasks. It was a race, a dream race…

Unfortunately the dream was pretty short and I woke up before anything dramatic happened…

Not last night’s dreams, but still.
-tasted boiled snake
-was able to defend myself against a couple of molesters/rapists, caused a big traffic jam because I was fighting them on a street (quite close to my home IRL) which resulted into a punchfest while I could escape :tongue:

Love the calendar transformation.

Last night dream, i got close to an LD. I won’t get tricked again :

-Last week i dreamed about a walking dead character who lost his daughter in my dream. But last night, i dreamt about him and thought about telling him that i dreamed about him and about his daughter. (I thought I really knew him in real life… ) but I thought it was better not to.

-And the worst : I was in a street trying to go forward but I couldn’t move as I wanted. I thought to myself : ¨This is exactly like a dream wow!¨and kept trying to move without getting lucid :sad:

  • While lucid I walked to a girl, asking her questions, but then suddenly she was a hand bag :confused:
  • I think I flew with a dog on my back :content:

“I started bbq’ing food in my shed in the garden, I walked out for a minute and when i came back there was a pile of ashes on the bbq and the walls of the shed had turned black by scorching, then I heard my mother come back fomr the shops (Jikes!). Of course the first thing she did was go to the shed, I tried to stop her but it didn’t work. If she saw it she would kill me :sad:. We stood in front of the shed when the door suddenly opened and dokter House came out of the shed. somehow he had polished the walls of the wooden shed to a shining silver.”
He should become a janitor :razz:

I think I had a FLD inside a FLD :lol:, or something like that.

In one dream a group of girls killed me… twice! :eek: I then went back to get revenge and killed almost all of them. My dreams aren’t usually this violent… :bored:

EDIT: december 23rd

  • In a short lucid moment I saw a wooden “v” object carved with angel’s heads at each end.
  • in a ND I got caught in a tornado, the wind was increadibly strong, although I managed not to get taken away. I also punched some round rock/fireballs so they wouldn’t hit me, they were extremely hot!

After more than a week, I got lucid last night:

-I explained a friend how to stabilize the dream by looking closely at a tree and at his hands
-The sky was awful and it was raining so I said to the dream “I want thisweather to be nicer” and the clouds went away
-I jumped on big buildings and teaching it to other DC
-I got beaten by a freaky muscular man with white hair but then I said “I’m 5 times stronger than him” and I could throw him in a buildind then smash a car on him. DC’s around cheered :smile:

Fells good to get lucid again