LC #23, Winner: Wyvern! Congratulations everyone!

Sorry guys if I’ve been neglecting this, I couldn’t even access LD4all at some point :meh:
It’s nice to see you’re all still doing great, congratulations to everyone! :colgate: But pardon me if I’ll only discuss the Task points here :shy:

Rhewin, for the explore task: that’s 3 places, the 3rd was a radical change, and there were 2 transitions (mirror, walk/door), so | color=#e4eceeplaces + 30 transitions + 30 lucid task = 120 points.[/color] | And the ice cave was wonderful. ^^
For the magic, that was awesome :content: and you actually did all 3 kinds of magic! :happy: But I assume you only used one method (willpower/hand gestures?), so | 75 types + 40 spells + 10 methods + 20 early = 145 points. | Please tell me if otherwise.

Puce, great job! ^^ It’s always nice to see people putting so much effort on what they like.
As for the explore part, you described 2 places (the cafeteria, the street outside), but you could better your score by describing more places you’ve been into. So far, | (45 places + 15 transitions + 30 lucid + 20 combo = 110 points! | ^^
As for the summon task. that was 3 summoned things (pill, friend, phone), with 3 methods (close/open eyes, turn around, pocket), so | 30 types + 45 methods + 30 stuff + 30 lucid task + 20 early = 155 points! |
The attempt can count for the magic task too, so tell me if you want so :smile:

Siiw, whoa you summoned an entire plane! :happy: That nets you | 30 kinds + 10 object + 10 method + 30 lucid + 20 early = 100 points! |

Wyvern, you’re doing great as always :happy: I’m waiting for the moment you’ll type down all those wonderful dreams and share those with us :colgate:

Ysim, I see magic is as easy as always for you :wink: that summon is worth | 15 type + 10 obj + 10 method + 30 lucid task + 20 early = 85 points. |

GHOSTIE, congrats for the magic! ^^ but I read of only 2 spells that you casted yourself, so I’m going to count only those two. So, for 2 spells of 2 types: | 30 types + 20 spells + 10 method + 30 lucid = 90 points! | You did well all the same :content:

Had a wonderful LD last night where I visited an old LD from my childhood. :content:
Lucidity was around 25 minutes.

You kinda forgot me lol
I’m in page 20

hm I managed to do some stuff : wander about, create some energy ball, make people levitate, make the rain fall…I have so many LD debts as well for this quest that it will be tough deciding which applies to whichtask…anyway I described it a lot, so I hope you have time, dear master fox…and I hope I’ll better my score a little ^^

Oh and they were right…the topic “Learning to control your subconscious” really helped !! With simple words and thoughts !! Incredible ^^

I’m really glad to hear that Colors :colgate: I’m sure you’ll catch up in no time, it’s a matter of doing one thing at a time mostly, and with this, doing all of them in a row :wink:

@idaln09 - Well, I said I only discussed task issues in that post.
As for the task in that dream, I wouldn’t count it for the flying task, since you didn’t move (the task required you would, in fact a better name would have been “Navigate”), nor for the Magic task (since you didn’t cast that yourself). If you think differently, just let me know.
I’ll edit this post later for the current points stand-up, but now for the 7th task.

You’ll love this one,
[center][title]Subvert rules/laws![/title][/center]

Do you find it restraining, being limited when awake by all sorts of rules, both written and unwritten, most of which are not even fully reasonable? Well, it’s time to change that! :cool: And you’re going to score a record breaking the highest possible number of them! :wink: Any kind of rule or law that is established can be blasted to smithereens, and as always, I’m asking you to break a large span of them! :lol:

For each singular law/rule you break, there’s [color=darkblue]10 points[/color] in. The first one awards [color=darkblue]30 points[/color] instead. Then, there’s the bonus for breaking different sets of laws.

There are sets of written/fixed laws, like the Constitutions, or laws of Physics, or laws of Nature, or laws of Narration. For any of those sets you dent/damage, there’s [color=darkblue]25 points[/color] for you!
If you break some non-written sets of rules, like social laws, or your personal habits, or whatever else, you get [color=darkblue]15 points[/color] for each set.
Then there’s the treat, breaking the rules of Math itself! It is known that everything can be derived from false axioms, so be prepared for the worst if you happen to touch the very foundations of reality :lol: and of course, there’s [color=darkblue]35 points[/color] only for that! :colgate:

Example story:

Have fun everyone, as always :content: And don’t worry about your definition of laws/rules, as long as you state it clearly, I’ll follow along your dream report :smile:

Current task points:

  1. Cave of Mind | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  2. Colors | [color=#e4ecee]95[/color] |
  3. danielns13 | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  4. GHOSTIE11 | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  5. idaln09 | [color=#e4ecee]95[/color] |
  6. JazzleDazzle | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  7. Leeh | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  8. littlenemo | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  9. Magnus | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  10. mattias | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  11. Omnisomnia | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  12. Presence of Light | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  13. Puce | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  14. Rare | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  15. Rhewin | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  16. Siiw | [color=#e4ecee]110[/color] |
  17. Solaris | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  18. Vampirism45 | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  19. Wyvern | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  20. Ysim | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |

Just woke up a little bit ago after a RIDICULOUSLY long WILD (might take me a little while to type up and post.)

The dream was about 4 hours long, I spawned a machete to do battle, then opponents to do battle with, then an arena to do battle in, then proper battling clothes…to do battle in. :tongue: Then I spawned the crew from Star Trek: Next Generation to go on an adventure with me. Along the way I spawned wood to make a boat, a sledgehammer to knock down a column in our way, and night time to hide us (does that count as a spawn?)
When it was all done with, I did one last thing I had been promising myself the whole dream. I went to the “LD Beach” (from my very FIRST LD). It’s my dream destination, but before I had time to really relax…I woke up >.<


Wow, just… wow. :woah: That’s awesome.

And for the task point thing, tosxyChor, I hope I’ll have another longer LD in which I’ll focus on magic and another task (probably the story one) so that I’d not get points subtracted because of being late. I could be living the story of a mage, perhaps. :colgate: I just need to wait until this week ends, because despite the fact that the school’s kind of on holiday, I can’t get any more than 6 hours of sleep per night. :crying:

4 hours lucid Ysim ? Do you maintain lucidity with your own will or with lucidity tricks like RCs and things like falling backwards, looking at hands, etc ?

Wow, Ysim. That’s quite an achievement. Good job. :happy:

4 hours? :thud:

awesome, congrats! :grin:

Congratulations Ysim for the long LD and Tosxy, do you count my rainspell as one spell? Cause I remember I used 2 different formulas for the rain and the hail one.

But instead of that LD I had I should focus on the new task, this is gonna be so fun :razz: I cant wait to be lucid :happy:

I keep lucid with 1 simple trick. I keep doing things every once in a while. I think that’s why I’m good at magic. If you keep doing things you will remind yourself that is isn’t reality. :wink:

Of course waking up is the hardest thing to prevent. I have no tricks for that, just sheer will power. shrug

In real time, I was only asleep for about 2 hours, and had other dreams (ND’s) so that dream was probably no more than 30 mins IRL. I just wish I could figure out how to have those long LD’s more than once in a blue moon.
(And thanks for the congrats, everyone, but really I think it’s a little more luck than anything on my part)

Oh dear, I had a night LD ! I did not woke up to write it down since it was in the middle of the night, but the title of the task made me remember a bit of it ! But…it was a bit violent ^^

I remember gaining lucidity in the dream. I was in a little garden, and a family of a father, mother, and two girls were sit on plastic chairs. I remember the new task “break the rules” and I go to the happy family with a big smile on my face and says everyone will now fight ! I grab one of the girl and hit her on the head, the father and other little girl come and we fight violently together ^^

That part laster 5 mn. There was more, but the little memories I had in the morning faded quickly when I turned to take my DJ…

Just did a RC but didn’t get it that I’m dreaming.

Had a LD last night. We were setting up a bridge to link LD4all with Dreamviews (they were physical locations) but a bunch of people on either side were opposed to the idea and were setting up armies to go to war. :tongue:
Lucidity was about 10 minutes.

hahaha wyvern do you participate to both sites ? on which side were you ?

I’m on both sites, yes.
I’m hardly ever active there though. I was pretty neutral and one of the ones setting up the bridge. tosxyChor was there too helping me out along with some girl who’s name started with an O.
I should draw the war uniforms. :lol:

Stealing. :roll:

-Something about stealing a motorcycle and driving into the forest, and the memory of doing that before

Had 2 LD’s :happy: