LC #23, Winner: Wyvern! Congratulations everyone!

Its weird. I have a really strange fear of water in my dreams. Especially when I can’t see through it, like if its murky etc, or if its clear and I can’t see the bottom. I don’t think I’ve ever swam in my dreams…

Had a long dream chain, probably a good couple of hours. Some of it didn’t really fit in line with the challenge, until the end, which got very lucid and super flight orientated. The whole dream is posted in my DJ, the challenge portion is below:

I wake up, and chain into another dream. I am driving a car in the daylight, near a different city. I park the car and go to find my friends. I find my friends and return to the car. I let one of my friends drive. We some how end up turning down a farm road. I am semi lucid, but still letting the dream carry itself out. She wants to drive across the farmers field to turn around. I advise against this. We continue down the road and come to the main farm house. It is a large house with a nice big gate. She turns around and crashes into the gate. People come out. I get out of the car and apologize for the damage. Then I fix the gate, and offer to repay the farm owner for the damages. He declines.

I get into the car and decide to drive off. As I am driving the car suddenly takes flight. I am surprised by this, but go with it. I make the car barrel roll, and then I notice a landing strip ahead of me. My view changes to a first person view, and I land on the strip. I am excited, and I gear up to take off again. This is the first actual flight I have had. I seem to have an affinity for making other objects fly. Interesting. I take off and fly forward. Steering upwards I notice that I am heading right towards the city. There are lots of buildings. I swerve to the left to avoid one, and then think about phasing. I figure it would be fun to fly my car through the next building. I aim myself, head straight towards it, and accelerate my flight.

I take a moment to brace myself to remember everything that I will see while passing through the building. I enter the first wall, and come out on a hall way, and pass through the next wall, and I am in someones apartment, I continue to pass through walls quicker and quicker. The view is that of a book flipping pages. I see glimpses of faces. I steer to the left a little and pass by windows. Each one has a child looking out of it down at the street below. Some seem to notice me, but I am gone faster then they can see. I steer to the right a little, and enter a large space. It looks like a barber shop with people sitting in chairs. I fly my car through it as I get some odd glances from people.

Before I know it I exit the other side. I am so excited and rushed from the experience I wake myself up.

I roll over and chain back. I want to fly again. I enter a scene with a building and people in side. I figure that I need to find another object, or create one, to assist with my flight. I ask people if they have seen my bike. There is a girl and a guy there. Neither of them seem to know what I am talking about. The girl wanders off. I shrug and look at the guy, and figure if I can’t find a bike, perhaps I can make a scooter. I wink at the guy and watch as he becomes flat. I use telekinesis to fold him up and lay him on the ground. He looks like green fabric now. I make a square pattern, and then imagine what a scooter would look like from above. I see the pattern on the fabric and I reach down for the handles. I pull them up out of the fabric, but only the handles come. I seem confused. I try to make the rest of the bike rise, but it isn’t working. I eventually give up trying, and wake up, content knowing that I at least got a little flight time in on the previous dream.[/spoiler]

That portion of the dream lasted about 30-45mins including wakeup roll over back to sleep time. Also does the interaction with the DC when I tried to turn him into scooter count as a late attempt for the first challenge, or is it too late for that?

btw really enjoying this activity, I’ve been finding my dreams more lucid, and surprisingly on key for some of the challenges…

Wyvern, very nice LD! Too bad you don’t remember the park scenes… :sad: But the 2nd task attempt is there, and that’s a beginning + complication, so | 60 parts + 10 narration + 15 transformation + 30 lucid task + 20 early = 135 points! | I’m still waiting for that flying LD :tongue:

Omnisomnia, remember to take it easy :smile: and have fun over all that you’re planning to do. That will surely help you in inducing and maintaining a LD ^^

GHOSTIE, that would then be 15+secs dream with one chain, so | 20+5 LD points. |. Keep going! :content:

Colors, grats for the 2 LD’s! You’re sure getting confident quickly with Fujimoto :wink: How long was the lucid nightmare? | 50+5 LD points for the other. |

Rare, I bet you’ve had fun with that flying :content: congratulations! And 15 bonus points for your first successfull flight ^^ Plus 2 acrobatics, barrel roll and phase, so | 50 LD + (30 air + (10+20) methods + 35 stunts) task + 30 lucid task + 20 early + 15 bonus = 210 points! |
I’m glad to hear the Challenge is motivating you :colgate: I’m sure we’ll read more and more great LD’s of yours!
I didn’t understand completely if the part before the chain was lucid or not, I need to know the duration of the lucid part only. I awarded you points assuming you only were lucid after the chain, please tell me if otherwise. :smile:

ha yes, sorry again, the lucid nightmare was 10 mn long !

Had a WILD! :cool:

Well, I guess I chained this morning, :smile:
I dreamed about… something, woke up, entered the dream again, became lucid within it,
Wokeup again, entered a dream consciously, (WILD? DEILD? Chain? who cares? :tongue:)
Swam abit in some pool or lake, (I remember it very vaguely, but it’s navigation in water)
Wokeup, entered the dream again, I was at a park, flew around, in Zig-zag, then in a circle, (Does it count as acrobatics? XP)
And then I recalled my SUPERAWESOMEPICOMBO plan, and picked up a big rock, and started turning him around with my finger, as in iPod-touch - to find the right angle for him, so I could start sculpture him as a-
And then I FA. :bored:

I guess you’ll have to wait for my SUPERAWESOMEPICOMBO plan. :smile:
I don’t think that it was satisfying enough, (It was third person, Yuck) so I’ll keep my mind on this challenge.

About the time~
The first time being lucid it was about 10 seconds,
And the others were about 3 minutes in total. (I’m not sure how many chains there were, But I know they were at least 3)

Good luck counting. XP

Wow great LDs !!! I want a LD!!!

Had dream that was an hour. Lucid part was around 45-50 minutes. Great, now I have 2 flying attempts to post. :tongue:

EDITED because I remembered more.

No, i’ve been trying WILD for the past few days, but am too tired to stay awake. (You know what i mean :razz: ) I need to go to bed earlier, which will have to wait until the wekkend, because of basketball and early band.

Come the weekend i will rule the current challenge :tongue:

Now that you have flight at your fingertips, let’s

I’m asking you to visit as many places as the dream can show you, and come here to report (after the amazement wears off :tongue:). You will get points for each new place you visit and describe to us. :content:

A valid place requires a somewhat detailed description (in the DJ :tongue:). Be sure to catch all the amazing details, that’s what makes a dream wonderful!
A valid scene change requires awareness of the transition. That means, if your house turns into a ship without you noticing, it doesn’t count.

For the first description, you get [color=darkblue]20 points[/color].
For the first change in place/setting (and the description of it), you get [color=darkblue]25 points[/color].
From then on, each new visited place will award [color=darkblue]10 points[/color]. Each radical change in setting (changing city, nation, planet, era, dimension, and onwards) will award [color=darkblue]15 points[/color] (That includes the 10 points from place change.)
Each different way of changing scenes (from the good ol’ walking there :tongue: to doors, portals, flying, phasing, you name it) awards [color=darkblue]15 points[/color].

Single buildings will count as single places, exceptions can be made for worthy content/style changes. Or unless the rooms are gargauntuan, or a parallel world opens when you get into the bathroom :lol:
Of course, different buildings count as different places :wink:

And of course, expect bonus points for the gorgoeusness/originality of the places you’ll describe ^^

Example story:

Have fun everyone :wink:

Current task points:

  1. Cave of Mind | [color=#e4ecee]115[/color] |
  2. Colors | [color=#e4ecee]175[/color] |
  3. danielns13 | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  4. GHOSTIE11 | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  5. idaln09 | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  6. JazzleDazzle | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  7. Leeh | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  8. littlenemo | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  9. Magnus | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  10. mattias | [color=#e4ecee]160[/color] |
  11. Omnisomnia | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  12. Presence of Light | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  13. Puce | [color=#e4ecee]110[/color] |
  14. Rare | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  15. Rhewin | [color=#e4ecee]155[/color] |
  16. Siiw | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  17. Solaris | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  18. Vampirism45 | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  19. Wyvern | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  20. Ysim | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |

Nice. I’ve been doing a lot of exploring anyway because I wanna map out my dream world. How very convenient.

Oh, and that example dream is absolute win. :tongue:

A good task :tongue: I know where Im going, and if I fail I have a backup plan :tongue:

And you as TM increases my motivation :cool_laugh:

oh i’ve settled so many places to visit for this task !! hehehe !!!

Well this should be easy enough. Hopefully I’ll get an LD in time for this one unlike task 3 :tongue:

I didn’t even notice it was time for the 4th task. Congratulations all!

I am going to have a lucid dream tonight, and I’m going to explore places while navigating in air/water etc. (I hope…)

Good luck! :smile:

YES! Finally something I’m good at! :lol: Even in low lucids I usually just walk around exploring as muchj as possible! :tongue: I’ll see if I can fly at the same time to complete the 3rd taks as well. Have fun everybody!

I meant 30-45 mins for the entire dream-sequence nested in the spoiler section. It was all lucid in varying degrees. Because this was the tail end of a longer dream sequence I was aware I was dreaming pretty much right after entering.


goes and reads next task

oh-em-gee exploring!! excited that’s like, what I do!!

It looks so much fun! I plan to do the three tasks I’ve missed in one LD !!!