LC #23, Winner: Wyvern! Congratulations everyone!

I love magic! wow so cool! I have a little problem with LDs now.
It will get fixed because I love magic!!!

Oooh, magic.
I’m going to have to think long and hard about what kinds of magic I haven’t used before before going to bed. :tongue:
I’ll probably focus more on getting each category of magic and the originality of the way I use my magic.

Oh, and I’ve still yet to write anything out in my DJ. I have priorities unfortunately such as my homework to work on. I’ll probably have my DJ entries done by Tuesday when I should have time.

Nah, this time it’s only about doing different spells in the dream. You could have thrown fireballs all your life but the first fireball in that dream will be 10 points. So, show me what you’ve got, I bet I’ll witness a lot of interesting things :content:

I’m loving reading all these dreams guys!! I’m having an insane dry spell myself. I’ve had several short short LDs, mostly first REM cycle but I just can’t really get stuff going for some reason.

Anyway, maybe more luck soon, missing most of the challenge though :meh:

Ok, it took me a while to get it up, but here is last night’s LD.

Oh boy! Magic happens to be my specialty. (No really, even in almost all my ND’s I’m some for of mage/wizard/dragon/elf/etc…)
Now if only I could get my LD’s back on track.

You know now that I think about it…it is strangely common for me to use magic in dreams. It’s completely second nature though, and I never question it. DING DING DING

I did it(I think) I lift up the sun(the only magic I did) I don’t know if it counts, I just did a hand gesture to lift up the sun.
here’s the LD:

I feel weird and a need to check reality.
I do a nose RC but still not sure.
I look at my hand and see one more finger in right hand.
I’m dreaming!!!
I want to find M because I promised her. My sight is bad and then I walked out of my room and go where the light is on, my sight is better now!
I walk downstairs and seee that it’s dark outside I do a Magic trick and lift the sun up, but it’s still not morning, just the sunrise time.
I remember that flying task and do many gestures but can’t fly, I just float 3cm from the floor.
I walk out from my house to find M but the dream
fades out…

The dream was about 1min long.

Had a LD that was around 20 minutes last night. Didn’t do the Task. Infact, it was quite a dull LD. Decided to take a break. Possibly because of this:

Felt a little stressed last night. Should be fine now.

Had a LD this morning.

and congrats on your LD idanl! :content: (and everyone else, of course!)

Omnisomnia, I bet you’ll catch up any time you wish to :smile:

Ysim, I’m really glad to hear that ^^ I’ve already read some magic dreams of yours, and they’re awesome :happy:

idaln09, congrats fro the LD! :content: You didn’t fly, but floating off the ground applies for something you can’t do IRL :wink: so that’s 1 type (enchantment), 2 spells and 1 method (will), totaling | [color=#e4ecee]30 LD + (25 type + 20 spells + 10 methods) task + 30 lucid task + 20 early = 135 points! ^^ [/color] |

Wyvern, a dull 20 min LD :lol: I’ve heard everything at this point. Remember to try the typing training! :wink: | [color=#e4ecee]50 LD points for you.[/color] |

mattias, congrats as well ^^ | [color=#e4ecee]and 30 LD points for the 1-min long LD.[/color] |

I had another LD today!!! This dream was about 5-10 min long, so I’ll say it was 7.5 min long.
Here it is:
I’m in my bed, looking at my hands, I’m dreaming!!!
My room is dark, I feel tired but I don’t give up, I take a deep breath and get out of my room, that room is dark too…I go downstairs shouting that this is my dream and I decied what to do in it!
I point on every lamp and turn them on without touching them!(Magic trick #1)
My mom screams and say to me to be quiet and I think that I shouted IRL.
She go downstairs with a formal outfit, I say to her that this is a dream, I’m dreaming.
She ignores me and I walk with her outside of the the house , I open the second door and there’s a mirror, on the mirror there are 2 of my moms, so I say to her that this is can’t be and that’s why it’s a dream, she still doesn’t believe me.
I walk outside and call M again, instead there’s another M coming, she is a friend from past, and she comes as a fan of mine.
She really annoying so I cast a spell that will turn her to M! but instead she has a short blond hair.(Magic #2)
I say her to go and she is going.
I decied to summon a teleporter, and when I turn I see a small machine with a height of a trash can, without a top cover.(Magic #3)
I want to summon also a palet of people so when I click one them they will teleport.(Magic #4)
and then when I turn I see the palet, but before I try to click on it the dream fades out.

I counted 4 magic tricks…maybe it less maybe it’s more…

Very short LD last night. But I did brainwash someone and summon a $20 bill :colgate: Hooray dark magic

(only part 2 really matters, where I got lucid)
In short, I did 2 mind controls on one lady (the first to get her to do something, the second to make her less suspicious since I slipped) and 1 summoning spell for $20 which caused me to find another 200 later.

All in all, I’d say no more than 5 minutes long though

I had an LD that I woke myself up from after 30 seconds because I knew I was running late from school :tongue:. Still, in that time I did one quick trick where I shut off the neighborhood power with a snap of my finer.

Link to journl here

Wow, excellent, so many completed attempts! You did great! :happy:

[color=red]idaln09[/color], with 2 kinds of magic (creation, enhancement) and 4 launches of 3 spells, this with 2 methods (hand waving, turning around) you get | [color=#e4ecee](50 kinds + 35 spells + 20 methods) task + 30 lucid task + 20 early = 195 points[/color] |, which means you bettered your previous score by 90 points! ^^ That, and the LD, makes | [color=#e4ecee]40 LD + 90 task= 130 net points![/color] |

[color=red]Ysim[/color], I see you’re experienced enough to use magic with nonchalance ^^ And with 3 launches of 2 spells, of 2 kinds (creation, enhancement), with 2 methods (spellword, willpower) that’s | [color=#e4ecee]40 LD + (50 kinds + 25 spells + 20 methods) task + 30 lucid task + 20 early = 185 points![/color] |

[color=red]Rhewin[/color], good job as well with that quick trick ^^ That’s worth | [color=#e4ecee]30 LD + (25 kinds + 10 spells + 10 methods) task + 30 lucid task + 20 early = 125 points![/color] |

Another very short LD (about 20 seconds or so) this morning

After becoming lucid I was going to try to catch the train, but then remembered I had to do something. Oh duh! Magic!
“FIRE!” I snapped my fingers and they sparked a giant jet of fire, which formed into a huge fireball a few feet in front of me. “Ok that was fun, time to catch the train…hmmm…time”
I closed my eyes and stopped time all around me, thus stopping the train, and ran to it.
Then it all faded away

lack of sleep and bad self-confidence because of RL problems, so no LD for me so far ! I have so many things to catch up !!

Had a LD, Can’t remember much. :
When I woke up I said it felt about 5 minutes,
But it would feel wrong saying that, So I’ll just give it a minute. o.o;

finally putting some points on the board. lol i had a short LD that was no longer than 15 seconds.

i’m pretty happy with myself. :smile:

link to the LD

[color=red]Ysim[/color], nice dream! But this attempt doesn’t beat the previous one. Still, it’s the first time I finally read of someone evoking a real fireball ^^ or stopping time for that matter, so 5 points for each :content: | [color=#e4ecee]So 20 LD + 10 bonus = 30 points![/color] |

[color=red]Colors[/color], remember that dream time is always free from any kind of obligation or duty ^^ and full days bring vivid dreams, so you’ll have more chances to get lucid if you state your intent before bed! :wink:

[color=red]Leeh[/color], whatever feels right for yourself, I’ll accept. :smile: | [color=#e4ecee]So 30 points for you ^[1] |

[color=red]littlenemo[/color], I see you’re progressing with remembering what to do in your dreams, I’ll put 5 more points in your account as an encouragement :content: | [color=#e4ecee]10 + 5 = 15 points then ^[2] |

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yay, it’s the weekend! (yeah, mine starts thursday nights! :shy: ) So I’ll see if I can post more in here! :wink: