LC #23, Winner: Wyvern! Congratulations everyone!

2 LD’s last night.

First one was around 10-15 minutes. I was in some snow like area with my mom. For some reason I couldn’t fly at all. That hasn’t happened in years! :tongue:
Anyway, I chucked a piece of ice at some old lady. But meh, not worth writing out.

The second LD after was 35-40 minutes. It consisted of me singing and partying with some DC’s.
Then I went swimming with them at a polluted lake. They had this really cool canon that would launch you in the water. We also played with this Death Star beach ball that was apparently full of nuclear waste. It was pretty fun. :cool:

Then there’s the LD I had the night before. That was a LD4all dream. Around 15 or more minutes of lucidity. Played soccer with some DC’s (or members) who weren’t that good. There was a LOT of transformation in that dream. I was showing other DC’s how to do it. tosxychor was also in an elevator with me at one point. He was bugging me to post my music. :tongue:

Been slacking off a bit with the latest task. I’ll get around to it. :tongue:

Another LD in which I did many tasks (or maybe count that I did many tasks). :nuu:

Here, I did the “magic” and “fly/navigate” tasks. It could also be called a “summon” one in some cases, but I already did that one and it is probably better. There were a few subverting rules/laws in it, but I want to do it sometime else. It depends on how many more tasks there are left.

If there are:

–less than 3 more tasks left, then I want this dream to also count as subvert rules/laws.
–more than or equal to 3 more tasks left, then I’m going to probably have enough time to do it with another task and do it properly.

(I so feel like a spoiled child right now.)

Thank you for bearing with me, and congratulations all! :happy:

Gotta apologise for losing my way by playing Soulsilver :tongue: But it’s nice to see all of you are still doing a nice job here :content: Let’s come to the task points discussion.

Wyvern, loved that simple story ^^ shows how work’s done. Not to mention I was inspired by that display of boldness and confidence, that’s really the way to breeze through circumstances,so I’m awarding you 10 points for showing us that. :smile:
The task itself was | 120 story + 20 impersonation + 30 narration + 30 lucid task = 200 points! Enjoy ^^ |
Also ROFL @ the DV dream, I would be delighted in hearing what the uniforms were like. :colgate:

Colors, for the explore task, I counted the first environment, then the outside, the first building, the restaurant, the mall, the aquarium room, and the secret room after that, with walk and door transitions, so | 95 places + 30 transitions + 30 lucid task + 20 early = 175 points! |
For the magic one, LOL @the Rasengan from Naruto :lol: that was awesome! And there were other 3 casts of 2 spells (making it rain, and DC levitation), totalling | 50 types + 25 spells + 20 methods + 30 lucid + 20 combo = 145 points. |. The next attempt didn’t award as much points, but there’s 10 extra points for the magic circle and the room changing ^^
Then the rules task :tongue: Single nonwritten rule, so | 15 types + 30 rules + 30 lucid + 20 early = 95 points. |
If you want something in the middle of all that to cout for the spawn task too, just tell me :wink: I may have glanced over some relevant part for that matter.

Ysim, just awesome. :woo: Allow me 10 extra points, beyond the 70 LD points that dream already earned you. :content: That’s bound to inspire others to achieve more, and I’m thankful to you for it. Also, 5 points more for time rewinding ^^
Also, seems like you spawned a grand total of 10 objects (machete, clothes, some wood, a sledgehammer, opponents, a friendly crew, a Colosseum, and the nighttime) of all types! totalling | 60 types + 80 stuff + 30 methods + 30 lucid + 20 early = 220 points! | Congratulations again :clap:

Siiw, forgetting a LD can happen, but it’s a matter of putting more effort next time in getting up and writing them down. :smile: I assumed your dream was 1+ minute, please tell me if you feel it was more. :smile:
For now, a written law broken, so | 30 types + 30 rules + 30 lucid task + 20 early = 110 points! |

idaln09, nonwritten rule for you, so | 15 types + 30 rules + 30 lucid + 20 early = 95 points! | :smile:

Cave of Mind, nice hearing you’re still doing fine ^^
For the explore task, you visited a train scene, a shop and a circus, so | 55 places + 30 transitions + 30 lucid = 115 points! |
Also, nice job with the magic task! That’s a destruction spell and some waterbending, so | 50 types + 25 spells + 30 lucid = 105 points! |

Puce, wonderful and crammed dream! :happy: May I ask how long was it?
For the magic task, that were 10 spells, including all 4 types of bending! (the others were transforming the sun, time shifting, telekinesis, flying, antimatter spawning and growing wings) (if you want casts of any spells to count more than once, like if you did cast them multiple times during the dream, just tell me) I also noticed words (or rather, poems :lol:) and willpower as casting methods, so | 75 types + 80 spells + 45 methods + 30 lucid + 20 combo = 250 points! ^^ |
The fly task was 2 styles and 2 stunts, so | 30 air + 20 styles + 35 stunts + 30 lucid + 20 combo = 135 points! |
The 8th task is going to come up, and there will be 2 more after that, so I guess you’ll want to have another try at the spawning task. :smile: You can tell me anytime if otherwise.

It’s time to

Use and abuse your DJ!

A Dream Journal is one of the most important parts of a dreamer’s equipment, and as such, we will celebrate it by bringing it into our dreams, and giving it new capabilities!

First thing, locate it in your dream for 20 points! It can be pen and paper, it can be on-line it can be voice recorded, it can be written in the stars, it can even be a living character, whatever sparkles your imagination!
You can state here what form in particular you want your DJ to assume. If you do and it corresponds to the dream encounter, you get +10 points! (If you’re looking for the surprise element, I’ll be of course here backing that up with extra points ^^)

Now for the uses! Any different conventional use of/interaction with your DJ (reading it, writing on it, and if it’s a DC, having a conversation with it …), or any kind of non-dream-related use of it (tossing it around, using it to shield yourself from that fireball…) awards 10 points.
But now for the real treat, each different non-standard use of your DJ that is dream-related awards 20 points! And there’s a lot of this, if you get the basic idea: since a DJ is the place where you describe what has happened in your dreams, if you do that WHILE you are in a dream, you can modify what’s going on real-time! Change whatever part of the dream your desire, turn your enemies into newts, draw whatever you want to appear, grant yourself new powers on the fly!
Additional uses of your DJ include, but are not limited to: throwing it at DC’s to make them become portraits in the pages, let the DJ itself become the dreamscape (after a little drawing), letting the dream write itself out! ^^

Good luck everyone :content: And don’t forget to write everything down a second time in your real DJ when you wake up! :lol:

:rofl: Oh wow. I’m so relieved.
When I first logged on and saw the new Task title, I thought it would involve writing out a bunch of dreams in our DJ’s!
But that would have been slly. This is a Challenge that goes on in our dreams. :tongue:

Anyway, my recall is a bit hazy at the moment. I will edit this post when I remember my dreams. I don’t believe they’re lost.

Great idea! I will make my DJ a DC it will be more intresting.

Hmmm, using a DJ to alter dreams is a brilliant idea. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it…

Short 30 sec LD last night. Could have been longer if I had listened to The Doctor but I was distracted by a very attractive DC.

Woo~ finally!
A LD, 15 minutes, tasks completed. (from what I can count, it’s - 1, 3, 5, 7, but it may be more \ less)

O.o I forgot that break the rules task did exist :grin: Dream is here and the things I did was killing my family (not because of task, they were annoying) and flying.

Awesome task!! Can’t wait :content: I’ll hope my DJ is a big old dusty tome :grin:

I had a LD this morning, nothing special happened in it, except I went for a swim in a long narrow pool that appeared in my driveway :bored: I woke up and got back in a billion times :rofl: total lucidity around 5 minutes…

I’m amazed I never even thought about looking for my DJ in a LD!

I’m sorry, the previous dream was around 8 or 9 minutes.

This task is going to be fun, and I want my dream journal to be like a voice recorder. Not that I use one, but I think I could be more creative with that than the other ones. :smile:

Ooo - I’d like my dream journal to be a notebook, only instead of being written on, it can record events directly from my mind. (Wishful thinking - I haven’t even been using my real dream journal much.)

My DJ will probably be the one I have from WL. It’s a small black notebook by my bed.

Also LD’s to report. 2.

Last night’s:
A good 20 minutes. Lucidity varied often in this dream as a good portion of the actual dream was a nightmare. It wasn’t all bad though. There were some interesting moments with a castle and my Music Theory teacher turning into a giant white fire breathing dragon. My friend Eric was the damsel in distress. :lol:
I also played some clarinet and went in a haunted house will all sorts of freaky monsters, rabid red eyed dogs, evil clowns, and evil dolls (not the nightmare part). That was fun.

The one from the night before was 25-30 minutes. I was in some sort of Sonic like video game. I eventually had some companions following me. Then we had to fight two challengers on this metal structure. The first guy was easy, but the second guy was actually a challenge. He was apparently undefeated so he was really devastated when I beat him in a fight. I actually did remember the Task, but at the speed we were fighting, I didn’t see an opportunity to make the thing appear. Too bad.
EDIT: Oh, also a large portion of the dream was about LEGOs too. How could I forget.

hoho cool !! I want to use my DJ as a tool and make it change shape to be a shield or sword :happy: Oh I still have to fight a dragon while lucid, and let go of my obsession with Fujimoto a bit ^^

I have a very bad week, with bad recall and no LDs so far…

I had a <30sec LD. Did the first task again, but with no better result.

Had an LD last night, about 5 minutes long. Didn’t remember any tasks, but had a bit of fun strangling DC’s with my mind and flying… actually that last one might count for the flying task because I was flapping my arms like wings which I have never done before. Anywho, that’s aboot it.

i had an LD last night, about 4-6 minutes long. Posted it here.

goodness gee golly gosh, it’s been an interesting few weeks. really jamming with school, and work, and life. my dreams have been rather distant from me recently. mostly limited recall, not any so far focused on any goals. i’ve found that this time of the year is like that.

I feel that I am coming out of it though… I got a list of the three goals I have missed in my head, and will be sure to post any relevant experiences.

glad to see everyone keeping active. it’s an awesome inspiration!