LC #23, Winner: Wyvern! Congratulations everyone!

I know, but if I don’t know how much the dream lasted, I would feel guilty myself. I don’t think much would change though, seeing that I can only get lucid once a week or something. :sad:

Thanks for the detailed answer, I think I get it now. :content:

Ok so you will give us tasks to complete, just like in the LD4all goals, and will we have to report here our lucid dream and will receive a total score ?

This sounds fun, I’m always looking for new ideas of things to achieve in LDs when I don’t have enough motivation to meet Fujimoto :smile:

I’ll join :wink:

I would be happy to join. :cool_laugh:

Wonderful :colgate:
Omnisomnia joined by PM. The slots are sure filling up fast ^^

oh man this challenge will be fun! So mane nice active people here! :grin:

All right, you talked me into it :razz:

Ive never seen this much people joined a challenge :razz:

In fact, its more fun with more people in the challenge :smile:

Looking forward to this,

It’s nice to get inspiration like this

okay i’m in! :smile:

Presence of Light joined by PM. Only 3 slots left :hyper:

i will do it

ok, i will have to re-read this all once again, but am i too assume there is no actual “completion” goal, and it’s rather a tally for minor + major lucid generalities??

either way, count me in… i will stay tuned, and focus on said challenge, however it may turn out to be…


Motivation to lucid dream more? Yes! Count me in.

Wow, 19 signups in 2 days. Last one and we’re set :content:

I hardly ever have Lucid Dreams, but maybe if I join then I’ll have more?
I’m in!

Challenges are indeed a great source of motivation, JazzleDazzle, so you came in the right place! :wink:

All slots are filled! It’s time to get your dream recall up, gentlemen and gentlewomen, we’re starting in 2 days! :content:

I was thinking of March the 12th, 20:00 GMT. The other tasks will be held out every 4 days, at the same time, so it is an important choice. Is this a good enough time for everyone?
It is not if:

  • You can’t read the task that day before going to bed
  • You sleep during that hours
    Otherwise it is fine. So tell me what you think, and suggest a different suitable time if this doesn’t fit you.

Good idea, Ill make sure my motivation increases these two days but 96 hours between each task seems too much, shouldnt it be 72 hours between each task?

I was wondering about incresing it to 5 days :lol: so not really, I want to give proper time for everyone to get their task done. I’m sticking it to 4 days, since that was one of the things that changed with each challenge, because of the participants’ requests :smile: so I’ keeping it at that.

This is my first challenge, so sorry if this is understood, but when you say " you can’t read the task that day before going to bed," you mean we cannot do the task the same day it’s posted? We have to wait until the next night?

Quite the opposite, I was trying to find a suitable time so everyone would have a chance to read the task before bed to attempt it that very day :wink: You should read the whole thing another time. :smile: