LC #24, Final Task: Make Dream Characters Lucid!

Thanks blue moon, I got it. The first time I tried it, it didn’t work, that little box did not show up in which to put the URL and then the title. The 2nd time it did work.

Yay, finally a task completed in a LD! ^^ It was a medium one, but I can’t remember the last time I had a long, high-lucid dream, like this one. :happy:

Last night, I realized I was dreaming because I was flying. It was short and low-lucid dream, but at least it’s something,. clicky

I got a short lucid moment this night where I thought of the quest.


Whoa, I have a lot to catch up on it seems!
Had no internet yesterday.

/me starts reading and adding up points…

EDIT: Here we go.

Rhewin: for the possible LD where you transformed, I’m gonna count that. You did know you were in a dream, and that’s the definition of a LD, you just thought you were in someone else’s so it sounds like it was a low lucid, but lucid nonetheless. :cool:
So | 30 lucid + 20 early + 30 transformation (awesome raptor) + 15 technique (will) + 30 LD (medium) = 125 pts |
And the Eat Task, :lol: grass tasted like celery in my dreams too and dirt tastes like dirt. Great subconscious’ think alike, eh? :tongue: You wanna count the grass and dirt as two separate things or what? I’m gonna count the dirt as tasting since it came with the grass and I’d want you to grab a handful of it. :ebil:
| 30 lucid + 20 early + 55 (grass, dirt, grapes) + 25 preparation (sandwich) + 45 LD (long, FA) = 175 pts! |

KauaiDreamer: Very nice transformation. Even if you didn’t transform into your desired form, it was still pretty complete. I’m happy the transformation techniques worked for you. Well, somewhat. :tongue: You also told me by PM that you used your shadow to verify the transformation at first, which while wasn’t in the tutorial didn’t help in the transformation itself (though I can imagine how it potentially can :happy: ) I’ll give you +5 bonus points for the originality.
Oh, and like I said before, one personal goal per person. I believe I’ve already counted one for you.
| 30 lucid + 20 early + 30 transformation (dragon) + 20 technique (grow + bonus) + 20 LD (short?) = 120 pts |

Hexaditidom : That was a good attempt! And wow, the Spore technique? That’s pretty original. :happy: (except for the copyright infringement part :lol:) For now you get LD points and Flying points. I hope you can pull off that transformation technique in the future.
| 30 lucid + 30 technique + 60 LD (long, short) = 120 pts |

Sandra: Ah, I know the feeling of exams. Don’t stress out too much. At least you still got something!
| 30 lucid + 30 technique + 20 LD (short) = 80 pts |

shinju: Personal, no problem. And yeah, a transformation dream needs to include a technique and if you just start as something else, then it doesn’t count.

Bluemoon: Don’t be frustrated. It’ll only hinder you. Be happy at the successes. You got lucid in the first place. There’s one. Now be confident that the next one will be longer.
| + 20 LD (short) |

tosxyChor: For the Flying Task, congrats on the longer LD. I know you get tired from all those annoying lucid moments and being unable to actually do anything.
| 30 lucid + 30 technique + 55 LD (short + FA, medium) = 115 pts |

Siiw: Awesome LD! And in a nap too. Congrats on completing the 3 tasks in one dream! :happy:
For the eating task| 30 lucid + 20 early + 50 food (marbles, dragon egg) = 100 pts | You’ll have to help me out here. Do you think that dragon egg would count as more than you’re capable of eating in WL?
Transformation: | 30 lucid + 20 combo + 50 transformation (ogre face, dragon) + 30 technique (mirror, egg) = 130 pts! |
And you didn’t manage to improve your score on the Flying task. Awesome job on the others. :cool:

Bombax: Hurry up and eat me, damnit. :razz: Nice to see your lucids are becoming more frequent. + 20 LD (short) |

Will edit this post again with the latest scores after I get access to my Excel sheet at home. (and if my internet works)

  1. tosxyChor | 220 |
  2. Magnus | 0 |
  3. Rhewin | 400 |
  4. Hexaditidom | 140 |
  5. Bombax | 145 |
  6. KittyDreams | 0 |
  7. Rhett | 0 |
  8. Mimmo | 125 |
  9. BlueMoon | 255 |
  10. idanl09 | 0 |
  11. Ysim | 0 |
  12. Sandra | 80 |
  13. Puce | 0 |
  14. working class hero | 0 |
  15. Zacrifice | 0 |
  16. littlenemo | 115 |
  17. shinju | 0 |
  18. DreamWalker_5 | 0 |
  19. KauaiDreamer | 260 |
  20. Siiw | 370 |

Explore the Internet!

The goal of this task is get online! Explore the web. You can of course do this two ways. You simply go to a computer and log on from there, or you can pass through the screen and download yourself to the online world (or get to the online world from some other means of transportation)! This is an exploring task so lots of description will be required! :tongue:

You get 15 pts if you can get on a computer, but 25 points instead if you can get on the internet from the computer. If you go IN the internet, you get 35 points instead.

For every separate site you visit, you get 20 points each. Be sure to provide as much information as possible. (ex. What’s the site name, what’s it about, how does it look, etc. ) If you are IN the internet, describe how the site is represented too.
Separate pages in the site can potentially count if they’re drastically different. If they do count, pages within the same site are 10 points each.

Those of you who are in the internet get the added bonus by gaining points based on each different technique you use to go from one site to the next. Each method is 10 points.

If you encounter a virus, you get 10 points.

If you can manage to go to LD4all from the computer, you get 30 points, and from there, if you manage to either view this topic, make a post anywhere, or access your LD4all DJ, you get 10 more points!

For those of you who are IN the internet, if you manage to go to LD4all (make sure to describe it as well as you can), you get 40 points, and if you manage to find a member, you get 10 more points!

Good luck everyone. :cool:

I see lots of possible points. Rhewin likes this task :grin:

I caught the vorrific LD tonight, just in time. At least that’s what I think. I hope I’m in time, right? :tongue:


Yay and more yay, 2 medium LD’s, and the eat and transform tasks completed in the second one! ^^ :slide:

and again no LD,instead, i was exploring an old house with a few friends. we found a small kitten, which led us into a trap, where an old woman already catched a few children. after we went though a hall of mirrors with her, we were on a dusty road with appletrees on both side, as suddenly one of the children ran away. the woman ran after her, but she was old, and thus she couldnt catch her. after a while (i dont know why), we wanted to catch the old lady, and so i threw some of the other children onto the women, which morphed into a raven already, and so i couldnt hit her and she flew away.

had a REALLY LONG and awesome LD last night but guess what, I completely ignored the task :ohno: I don’t get it…
but I dreamt (sort of) of someone from LD4all for the first time :tongue: stares at Wyvern
(I feel like I’m only spamming in this thread…darn it.)

Grumble grumble :meh: :dingding:
Went through a series of doors last night. Not once did I do an RC.
You’d think after all this time of going on my laptop to this site, I’d dream about it and have it be a dream sign, nope! Can’t figure my brain out. Hmmm the ability to have LDs when you wish, what a luxury!

Heh, remember that awareness is the main feat you need to possess if you want to get lucid. Are you actually aware of your surroundings when (and before, and after) you go through a door? Do you wonder if you’re in a dream this time, the way you should if you actually found yourself in one?
Do you actually question yourself if the site you’re browsing is a dream site or not? And no, just asking yourself the first time on the main page isn’t nearly enough :tongue: Conscience must be a constant stream, so that at any time, you’ll be able to tell dreams from reality.

But that aside, one medium LD last night :content: even if I decided to pursue more personal goals this time around.

I had a long LD last night, I forgot about the tasks though…

It was my first LD in a month!

That’s great! :woo: I bet it felt really satisfying :content: Do you recognize the same feeling you had when you had them frequently! Be sure to savor that for the next time you go to bed :wink:

No luck on either day, but got a medium LD.

Bombax: Yep, if that was your second night sleeping, then you were on time. Awesome LD. Eating the Task manager is pretty creative. :tongue: I’ll give you +5 bonus points for that. (Anymore would look like I’m being biased… :peek:) Wait a sec… Wasn’t that your personal task? Unless I’m mistaken.
Looks like you did everything… :razz:
Flying | 30 lucid + 20 combo + 30 technique (will) = 80 pts |
Transformation | 30 lucid +20 combo + 20 transformation(long tongue) + 25 technique (summoning Wyvern)= 95 pts | That beats out your previous score.
Eating | 30 lucid + 20 early +75 food (snake, small Wyvern, applejuice/beer + bonus) = 125 pts |
Oh, and was this LD long, medium or what? And good job. :cool:

Transformation: | 30 lucid +20 combo + 30 transformation (dwarf) + 15 technique= 95 pts |
Eating: | 30 lucid +20 early + 25 food (candlewax)=75 pts |
And of course there are all your LD points. And for your most recent LD, was that your personal goal? To summon your Animal Guide?

Shinju: You’re not spamming this thread. You still get LD points.
And if you dreamt of me… hmm…
/me casually gestures at the Who From LD4all have you Dreamt About topic :whistle:

As for working class hero and Hexaditidom: LD points added.

Will edit this with the latest scores if I can finish my French homework in time. :razz:

Oh, and the next Task will run for 3 nights/days. That’s because I’ll be busy on Sunday and will only be able to put up the 6th Task on Monday. 5th Task coming in an hour.

Revisit a Dream Location

This Task is to test the stableness of Dreamscapes. It will test to see if you’ve done your homework and recognized your dream signs or familiar locations. :tongue: Revisit a location from a previous dream. Feel free to choose something easy like your room (which would only require WILD and bam, you’re there.), but I will be awarding more points if you’ve managed to get back to a very specific more difficult location.

For every specific location you revisit: 25 points, and 35 points if you post it beforehand in this topic. More points may be awarded depending on difficulty.

If you start off in a familiar dream spot and become lucid as a result of recognizing it as such, I will award 25 more points. A good way to do this is to incubate the location before hand and get a DILD.

Stability: If you can manage to make an alteration to that location in one dream and that alteration is carried to the other dream (ex. Graffitiing your name somewhere), I’ll award 50 points.

And yes, in this Task I will count it if you do it accidently. It’s like free points. (I also want you guys to be able to recognize dreamsigns)

Make sure all the locations are very different. Different rooms in the same house don’t count.
This is an easy one. Have fun. :cool:

Well, a crapload of my lucids take place in my house, so I’d guess that’s an easy pick. :tongue:
Also, I said before my main goal was a complete transformation.:wink:

[color=red]In real life or in the dream? In real life yes, I’ve gotten to a point that as soon as I come near a door, I keep telling myself , “Don’t forget to do a reality check.” The weirdest thing is though, sometimes, even after telling myself this, the second I go through the door I forget about it.[/color] :ohno: [color=red]And yes I do take stock of where I end up after I go through the door. Sometimes I imagine that upon opening the door I end up somewhere totally different, as if in a dream.[/color]
The awareness thing during the day is a tough one for me! I really am a full-fledged basket case always thinking about stuff, forgetting where I am, that I have a body, that I need to eat, etc.
[color=blue]In my dreams I also know where I am, but I am very passive most of the time, half asleep.I never seem to find it odd that I am somewhere other then at home, where I spend 90% of my time.[/color]

[color=red]?? You are asking if I ask myself whether or not I am dreaming throughout the day? The answer is yes! If I got a dollar for every time I asked myself, did a reality check, and looked around me to be sure, I would be able to buy a new motorcycle![/color] :razz:
[color=blue]In my dreams however I never seem to question whether or not I am dreaming. The only time that thought pops up is when something really odd pops up.[/color]

Yep, that I know, it’s like Morpheus says though, “There is a Difference Between Knowing the Path and Walking the Path.”
Thanks for your input! I need to hear this more and more, so I get out of my head. My big dream sign is people, I spend a lot of time at home (work for myself) and have very little human contact. In my dreams I am always surrounded by people, how I can miss this night after night is really odd.