LC #27, Winner: Rhewin! Congratulations everyone!

Come on, peoples, let’s kick this thing into high gear!

You said it, Rhewin! We’re starting the Challenge briefly; next stop, 17 GMT! Signups will officially close by then.
Be sure to catch the first task :content:

17:00 GMT means 19:00 for me :yes: will it be today?

I had a last minute change of mind. Count me in :wink:

  1. Siiw. Personal goal: Compose music and remember it Short <3min, medium 3-10min, long >10min. Based on how many songs i can sing.
  2. BeRightBack. Goal: Fly (swimming-like); short - 10 seconds; medium: 1 minute; long: >3 minutes.
  3. Abrax. Goal: Fly
  4. KauaiDreamer. Goal: Find the Himalayas, sit on a mountaintop and meditate
    Short 1-4, Med 5-10, Long10+
  5. GothicFighter: Fly on a bicycle. short - 10 seconds; medium 1 minute; long >5 minutes.
  6. ian1; Fly; dream lengths- Short: 2-3 minutes, Medium: 5-6 minutes, Long: 10+ minutes
  7. Pehr. Goal: recite poetry in front of a crowd. Dream lengths unknown (yet to have first planned LD)
  8. GHOSTIE11. personal Goal: Reach Norway; length- short <5 minutes, medium 5-10 minutes, long >10 minutes
  9. Danielns13. Personal goal: Transform into something ‘not alive’ (fire, rain shadows, things like that.).
  10. Dreamjutsu ; goal, talk with DCs: normal < 1-2 min
  11. EllyEve. Interview a DC. Average maybe 10 minutes?
  12. Rhewin. Personal Goal: complete transformation; avereage (medium) LD 5-7 minutes
  13. Solaris. Personal Goal: tranform into a dragon and fly to the other end of the universe. Average: 10 minutes.

Of course, GHOSTIE :content: Also, we’ve got another late signer, drow ^^

The signups are closed now! Get ready people, here it starts! LC 27 opens now! :happy:

Here we are for the warm-up round!

[center][title]Task #1: Play![/title][/center]
There’s no thing like the excitement and immersion provided by a good game, so pick up a ball, gather some friends, and start shooting and running! Or perhaps you would enjoy a nice game of Quidditch? Why not an intergalactic race? You can also make up your personal game! And there’s of course more, no to mention you can always make up the rules on the spot ^^

So pick up any game and start playing! For the first game you play, there’s [color=blue]40 points[/color] for you! Any other game after the first will award +[color=blue]10 points[/color].

Impossible stunts: The crowd loves admiring stunts that border on the impossible, so grab that ball and run at the speed of sound! Impress the jury with jumps higher than skyscrapers, or just take flight and leave them all on the ground, cheater. :tongue: For the first impossible stunt, you get [color=blue]30 points[/color], and for every new one of a different type, you get [color=blue]+10 points[/color].

Now for the type of games! If any game at any point was an impossible one (IE. it couldn’t be reproduced IWL, like Shadow Chasing with a brontosaurus, or a space race in flying ships) you get [color=blue]20 points[/color]. If any game was made up by yourself, you get [color=blue]20 more points[/color]. If you manage to play a nice game of Calvinball (where the only rule is, you make up the rules as you go), you get a special [color=blue]35 points bonus[/color]!

So be ready to face the field, and do your best for me, and of course for yourself! :content:

Good luck to everyone :colgate:

Can’t wait to try this.
I am going to have a LD tonight :happy:

Just a ND :tongue: .
Maybe I’ll have better luck tonight.

I had a medium length LD.

SPOILER - Click to view

Some guy tells me he’s Starseed, meaning an extraterrestrial being currently inhabiting a human body. He takes me to a shed that is supposed to be a spaceship. It starts moving as soon as I’m inside, but I have trouble believing that it could actually take me to a different planet.

Most of the people inside appear to be human, but there is a general atmosphere of peace, and recognition. They all appear to be my age.

I ask a man where he’s really from, and I sense that he wants to tell me he’s from another world. He just shrugs his shoulders, though. I loudly proclaim to him and everyone around that I am actually a dragon being, and move on.

I then meet a girl with very deep eyes. They seem to shift as I look into them. Her body turns into a quite alien color of pink as well, but this view lasts only for a fraction of a second. Afterwards I only notice that one of her eyes is green while the other is blue.

No LD this night :sad:

And why isnt this challenge stickied yet, and the old ones unstickied?

Because no one has bothered to ask a moderator yet.

Well, I’ve asked earlier today, guess we have to wait.

Congrats Solaris by the way, that LD was surely quite interesting! :happy: | And of course, 30 points for you ^^ |

GHOSTIE and Gothic Fighter, you can still do it tonight, be confident and assert yourselves, you’re going to recognize it’s a dream! :content:

Cleaned up the stickies, and i had a LD this morning:

Thanks Siiw for the (un)sticking :smile:
Also, nice WILD! You should definitely try and interpret it :content: I get it’s a medium LD?

I had an LD! It was a little erratic. No games, but I came across a DC who reminded me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs. Is that close enough to Calvinball? :tongue: I even remembered the LC, but then my dream logic got weird.

[spoiler]I can’t remember if I thanked him for the hospitality and asked to pass on my thanks to the rest of the family. I meant to, but the first thing I remember actually saying was, “I need to get out of here. I have these tasks… I have to fly out a window.”

He gestured to the paneless windows, long up-and-down rectangular cuts in the wall in front of his study table, and said, “Those are LCD screens.”

“That’s perfect!” I gleed, thinking it would put me in a video game for the Lucid Challenge but somehow not expecting it to.

Also, I got my interview question in with a DC, so I was hoping I can shuffle my personal goal around? (So my main one now is revisiting the Crossroads.)

[spoiler]I was the only passenger, and thought that it would behave like a bus or train, with stops that I wouldn’t have to direct. As I sat on the edge of the cloud-ship and watched the dusk stain the sky, I became more lucid.

Arne saknussemm had pm’ed me a question when I asked. I approached the driver of the cloud-ship and passed it on.

“I don’t know…” he answered, sounding annoyed, and then repeated with a surprising amount of anger (considering I hadn’t even said anything more, yet,) “I DON’T KNOW! GET THE HELL OFF MY SHIP!!” [/spoiler]

I’ve got a cold yesterday and all my excitement for LD’ing went away. I had two ND’s (one of them being some kind of nightmare)

Most of the song was played inside the dream, so yes, it was a medium LD :cool: I had another medium LD last night:

Too Much Red
-My mother and i pull up and destroy poisonous plants around the railway station. The more we remove, the more we see. Some are twice as tall as us.

I somehow realise that it is a dream while pulling up plants. It is a little funny. I want very much to go to Ceeia, and tell myself: “This outhouse door leads to Ceeia!” The door leads only to a small room with another door, and another door behind it again, etc. It feels suffocating, and i try to walk through a plain wall. In the beginning, it feels just like a wall feels IRL, but after a few tries (I felt a little stupid!) it is possible to squeeze through it.

I come out in a dark inn or pub. Everything is reddish, as in a sunset. It feels wrong, and i wonder if light shines through my eyelids IRL. I draw another circle in the air, but the landscape on the other side has the same reddish colour. “It is still annoyingly red!”, i complain to a DC.

She suggests that i should add other colours to the dream world, and hands me a bucket of yellow paint. There is no brush. I dip my hand in it and make a big yellow spot on my own leg. It looks funny, and i paint yellow spots and stripes all over myself. The DC laughs. She has been painting white flowers on the walls in the mean time. I add some yellow to them.[/spoiler]

Good job EllyEve! :happy: You completed the task, but in order to count for company, you’d have to have done that with one person supporting you. So this one counts as single-made, but even so, | 10 + 30 lucid = 40 pts | for you! Plus of course | 30 LD points | :content:
Your next personal task will have to be attempted with company as well, since this one wasn’t. :tongue:

Sweet job again Siiw! :happy: Last one was | 30 LD + 5 chain points | , the last one | 30 LD pts | Keep it going! ^^

Gothic Fighter, hope you get well soon! Try and be more relaxed when you go to bed, just let yourself drift in thoughts of lucidity if you can’t manage techniques. :smile:

Haha. Today I had the best dream recall in a long time. Remembered several vivid, normal dreams, one of the involving playing tennis on a beach. Unfortunately no LD but I’m going to try a technique this night.

Gahh, no LDs yet. I almost had two WILDs this morning but I ended up waking myself up on both attempts.