LC #27, Winner: Rhewin! Congratulations everyone!

Hi all !

Just been back and cordially invited to participate ! I’ll catch up with you guys…

  1. Siiw. Personal goal: Compose music and remember it Short <3min, medium 3-10min, long >10min. Based on how many songs i can sing.
  2. BeRightBack. Goal: Fly (swimming-like); short - 10 seconds; medium: 1 minute; long: >3 minutes.
  3. Abrax. Goal: Fly
  4. KauaiDreamer. Goal: Find the Himalayas, sit on a mountaintop and meditate
    Short 1-4, Med 5-10, Long10+
  5. GothicFighter: Fly on a bicycle. short - 10 seconds; medium 1 minute; long >5 minutes.
  6. ian1; Fly; dream lengths- Short: 2-3 minutes, Medium: 5-6 minutes, Long: 10+ minutes
  7. Pehr. Goal: recite poetry in front of a crowd. Dream lengths unknown (yet to have first planned LD)
  8. GHOSTIE11. personal Goal: Reach Norway; length- short <5 minutes, medium 5-10 minutes, long >10 minutes
  9. Danielns13. Personal goal: Transform into something ‘not alive’ (fire, rain shadows, things like that.).
  10. Dreamjutsu ; goal, talk with DCs: normal < 1-2 min
  11. EllyEve. Interview a DC. Average maybe 10 minutes?
  12. Rhewin. Personal Goal: complete transformation; avereage (medium) LD 5-7 minutes
  13. Solaris. Personal Goal: tranform into a dragon and fly to the other end of the universe. Average: 10 minutes.
  14. Colors. Personal Goal: live an adventure relating directly to a chapter in the book IT by Stephen King. Average: short (no intent): 2-5mn, long (objectif settled before bed): 15-30mn.

Hope everyone’s ok with me joining now :wink:

Had an LD with 2 Lucid FA’s in it :tongue:

about 15 minutes or something

Hey, I haven’t been able to do anything relevant point wise since the challenge started, but I did accomplish my goal before it did!

Anyway, since I accomplished my goal can I change it to, ‘become the opposite gender?’

I had my longest LD so far last night. Not really sure how long it was because there was short time in between in which I slowly lost my lucidity and don’t really recall. The stuff I remember of being lucid was a couple of minutes.

SPOILER - Click to view

I saw poo on the walls in my parental house and called my mom to check it out. When she came over to see it, the walls were normal again. She laughed at me and told me “you’ve probably dreamt it”. This didn’t make me lucid, because I thought the clean walls meant that I was now awake…some time later I’m outside telling my sister about this stupid dream and suddenly I realized that I didn’t remember waking up in between seeing the dirty wall and the clean wall, so still had to be dreaming…this made me LUCID. I flew up into the sky, but felt the dream fading, so I remembered to relax, focus on one point in my dream…but still it faded…I remembered to look at my hands and move them to feel the air and shouted MORE CLEARITY. This worked and I saw my hands very clearly and saw the dream re-appear. I was back on the street and I started waking around, which was hard due to low gravity. I remember thinking “I don’t understand why people find it hard to fly, while it’s freaking harder to stay ON the ground in a lucid dream”. I kept focussing on my hands when the dream faded, but slowly lost lucidity…suddenly I was talking to people about how I had become lucid. Suddenly a tall woman in a white dress started flying towards me and I sensed she was sort of evil…this made me lucid again and realized that she couldn’t harm me, because I was in control of the dream. I simply turned away from the lady and moved on. After a while I remembered my personal goal, which was fly (swimming style). I started swimming in the air, but stayed really close to the ground. I then felt that something was restricting my motion (like sea-weed). The dream started fading and I woke up staring at my real hand and the sea-weed was actually my sheets that were wrapped around me.

For me this was a long LD. I only achieved my goal partly, because I forgot I had to do it together with a DC and I didn’t really take off far from the ground during my flying attempt. Still a big smile on my face afterwards, though. :tongue:

It’s a pleasure to see you, [color=red]Colors[/color]. :content: Welcome aboard! I’m very interested to see how far your lucid skills can go now. :happy:

Congrats for the LD [color=red]GHOSTIE[/color]! Here’s | [color=#e4ecee]40 points[/color] | for you ^^

Many congratulations, [color=red]BeRightBack[/color]! For beating your personal record with a long LD, you get | [color=#e4ecee]40 LD + 5 regaining lucidity + 10 pers. record = 55 points![/color] | ^^ Good luck with your goal, I can see you’re already doing well :smile:

[color=red]Danielns[/color], of course you can change your goal :content: but remember you have to be with company to get the big points. They don’t need to transform as well, you just have to be accompanied, or helped.

[color=red]Gothic Fighter[/color], [color=red]Dreamjutsu[/color], and [color=red]KauaiDreamer[/color], from what you say, you’re all very close to having a LD, so good luck to all three! :wink:
/me sends lucid vibes for everyone. ^^

Also, sorry for the delay in the 2nd task, I just thought of adding one more day to complete the 1st one. :tongue: but anyway, here it comes!

We’ll play by a classic here!

Task #2: Visit Wonderland!

With special thanks to Wyvern for the suggestion ^^

You’re asked to enter the realm of fantasy, of imagination, and of craziness, your own Wonderland! … What, you say you will be already there in the first place cause you will be dreaming? Ah well, it doesn’t matter really, we’ll go for redundancy then :content:
The act of entering the Wonderland nets you 45 points. You can really think up any way to do that ^^ but if you did so by following the White rabbit, there’s another 15 points for you.

After you’re inside, all that’s left is exploring it, and living your crazy story! Tell us what your Wonderland is like, and you will get +15 points for every detailed creature or place you run into; but we’ve all read the book and seen the movie already, so no need to see that all over again, is there?
It’s your own Wonderland we’re talking about here, so it’s bound to be original and whimsical in your own, personal way! So as a bonus, if any of the creature or places you meet and describe is an original one, you get +25 points instead!

Of course, there’s also an adventure to live there, so particularly crazy, original and/or exciting reports will be awarded with bonus points. :happy:

So good luck to all participants, and see you all there :content:

Right, wonderland :tongue: Ill focus myself to this task while on my trip :grin:

very interesting ! I’ll plan this for tomorrow :smile:

I went to Wonderland in an ND by warping through a book, “Wonderland.” I ended up in an enclosed football stadium and proceeded to solve the mystery of Little Red Riding Hood. What does that have to do with Wonderland? The world may never know…

Also, one long low lucid LD last night. I helped free a small western town from a gang of outlaws. I freed a slave of theres and then ran them off, revealing a large supply of turkey dinners :content:

Good job Rhewin! I guess the ice has been broken now :content: That nets you | [color=#e4ecee]45 task + 30 lucid + 20 early = 95 points! ^[1] | Also, that score can easily raise if you provide a detailed report of what you met :wink: Plus of course | [color=#e4ecee]40 points[/color] | for that LD. :smile:

EDIT: Siiw had a medium LD (told me in chat). So | [color=#e4ecee]30 points[/color] | for you :content:

For everyone else, I’m still waiting! :wink: Show me your will to improve and do your best, be resolute when you go to bed, and be sure to live your dreams to the fullest! :happy:

  1. /color ↩︎

You’re going to adore this one,

Task #3: Love!

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

If the world needs more love to be spread around, the why don’t we start practicing ourselves? Be the best person you can be, and spread love around, to friends, to family, to complete strangers, to Nature, love is for everyone and everything! :love:

Find more and more ways to show your affection, make people known that there’s someone loving them! :content: For each act of love, you are awarded +5 points. For every different being you show your love, affection, or compassion to, there’s +10 more points. For each different way you find to do so (be it kisses, hugs, presents, kind words, bringing them to fly with you…) you are awarded +10 points.

Then observe how your actions have produced a positive change, both in others, and yourself! Managing to witness the positive results of your love nets you 35 points.

Plus don’t forget that what goes around, comes around! I’m sure your dream world will be a much friendlier place next time you’re in :content:
Let love be spread within and without :happy:

Awww, what a sweet task :content:

And you’re right, I forgot to detail the creatures. The only one I really remember is the little brother of the big bad wold, the Little Bad Wolf. He actually looked your old avatar, tosxy :tongue: . He asked me to help clear his brother’s name, and then ran off.

Awww, that was so cute :content: Also, I sense someone wants my old avatar back :tongue: :lol: But have no fear, I’ll certainly put it back in its place once I’m done with something important.
Not to forget, | [color=#e4ecee]25 points[/color] | for the report :content:

I think I should post the partial scores st this point. :tongue: EDIT: Done!

  1. Abrax | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  2. BeRightBack | [color=#e4ecee]55[/color] |
  3. Colors | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  4. Danielns13 | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  5. Dreamjutsu | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  6. EllyEve | [color=#e4ecee]70[/color] |
  7. GHOSTIE11 | [color=#e4ecee]40[/color] |
  8. GothicFighter | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  9. ian1 | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  10. KauaiDreamer | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  11. Pehr | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  12. Rhewin | [color=#e4ecee]160[/color] |
  13. Siiw | [color=#e4ecee]95[/color] |
  14. Solaris | [color=#e4ecee]30[/color] |

It’s time for our Experimental Control week!

[center][title]Task #4: Call your moves![/title][/center]
Ever noticed how cartoon and video game characters have quite the flair for shouting their attacks’ names out loud before executing them? It has almost a religious adherence to it, and there’s no other way they’d be doing that all the time, if that wasn’t the source itself of their power! Well, in this task, we’re going to find out!

Amaze the audience with your incredible moves, and be sure they know what you are doing! There’s no point in keeping the thing secret if you’re the dreamer, showing off is highly recommended!
Or you could just entertain yourself by discovering new moves au solitaire, and maybe see how far your power can be stretched!
This may be not the most subtle of techniques, but hey, it gets the work done :lol:

For your first called move, you get [color=blue]35 points[/color]! For every new move you use (that is not a repetition of an old one) you are awarded [color=blue]+15 points[/color], with a [color=blue]+10 points[/color] bonus if the inspiration for that move was different (like a different cartoon, or tv show)
Lots and lots of bonus points are available for this task! Amaze the other participants and the TM, and you will be awareded up to [color=blue]50 bonus points[/color]!

So go and show us your moves, possibly without stretching it too far. :tongue: Have fun! :content:

Bah, no LD since he last one, feels hard to recall my recent dreams :meh:

A short LD last night:

[spoiler]-I want to go fishing, and pack my equipment. The line is tangled up, and it takes a while to get it loose. I hope it isn’t damaged. On the way to a fishing spot, i stop and pick up a lure that somebody has dropped. It reminds me a little of a dream. The tide is unusually high, and i think "Good that this isn’t a dream, or the waves would grow just from looking at the sea!

I walk through the forest instead of wading through the sea. When i reach the sea again on the other side, a high wave crashes against land and makes moss and sand slide out into the sea. “Oops, it is a dream after all!”, i think. I don’t want to stay in a dream like this, and look quickly away from the sea. Everything looks so normal, apart from the lack of snow. It is mildly disappointing that i couldn’t go fishing for real. I wake up from a train or something.[/spoiler]

Thank you for recording the LD i had while i was away, tosxyChor. :cool:

Still no LDs, great tasks though tosxy. I have been getting interested in hypnosis recently so i tried self-hypnosis last night to try and get an LD. I slept great. No LDs though.

Had my first LD in a long time. It was a DILD, and it seems that my increased awareness in RL made me see an obvious dream sign. Even if the dream is short I’m excited I had one and it boosted my will to have another one.

Posessed cloth(LD;DILD)

I am going somewhere (can’t really remember where). I am walking on the sidewalk of a street near my neighborhood. After walking a bit I look to my right and I see a pole with an LCD TV on it(It’s turned off). “This is going to be stolen soon” I say in my head and I continue walking. I turn left and I cross the street. When I am near the other sidewalk I do a 360* spin (I remember doing this in a dream I also had tonight). After spinning one more time I’ve seen a tanned, h0t chick and I’ve said “Holy shit!”. The chick looks at me and smiles, then walks away. It’s strange that she was walking in the middle of the street. I continue walking forward until I see a girl classmate ahead of me, kind of far away but I can still recognize who she is. I turn right and I cross the small street. I look at my left arm and I see I’m holding a cloth. Not only this, but the cloth starts pulling itself up! I look at it for a second and then It strikes me: “I’m dreaming!”. I wanted to fly or do something but I’ve lost my lucidity as fast as I’ve gained it. Now I think I am awake and I, again, continue walking forwards, until I turn right again. Then I see some kind of forum ahead of me (like a hologram) and a dude who says he had a LD by noticing how a cloth started moving by it’s own. I’m excited cuz’ he had the same dream as me and I want to tell him I had one too. Something weird happens here because I am trying to paint the reply, edit his previous one, change colors and stuff. I wake up.[/spoiler]

Medium LD in which I spent most of the time trying to get inside the TARDIS control room but failed miserably.

Hi-ho, had no LD for a long time, but did manage this night :smile:

I need to re-settle my goal with the Lucid Quest, especially since I didn’t have enough motivation for my previous goal. “Call you moves” looks great !! Especially since I want to fight a ninja in my next LD :smile: