LC #27, Winner: Rhewin! Congratulations everyone!

Had my first LD in a long time. It was a DILD, and it seems that my increased awareness in RL made me see an obvious dream sign. Even if the dream is short I’m excited I had one and it boosted my will to have another one.

Posessed cloth(LD;DILD)

I am going somewhere (can’t really remember where). I am walking on the sidewalk of a street near my neighborhood. After walking a bit I look to my right and I see a pole with an LCD TV on it(It’s turned off). “This is going to be stolen soon” I say in my head and I continue walking. I turn left and I cross the street. When I am near the other sidewalk I do a 360* spin (I remember doing this in a dream I also had tonight). After spinning one more time I’ve seen a tanned, h0t chick and I’ve said “Holy shit!”. The chick looks at me and smiles, then walks away. It’s strange that she was walking in the middle of the street. I continue walking forward until I see a girl classmate ahead of me, kind of far away but I can still recognize who she is. I turn right and I cross the small street. I look at my left arm and I see I’m holding a cloth. Not only this, but the cloth starts pulling itself up! I look at it for a second and then It strikes me: “I’m dreaming!”. I wanted to fly or do something but I’ve lost my lucidity as fast as I’ve gained it. Now I think I am awake and I, again, continue walking forwards, until I turn right again. Then I see some kind of forum ahead of me (like a hologram) and a dude who says he had a LD by noticing how a cloth started moving by it’s own. I’m excited cuz’ he had the same dream as me and I want to tell him I had one too. Something weird happens here because I am trying to paint the reply, edit his previous one, change colors and stuff. I wake up.[/spoiler]

Medium LD in which I spent most of the time trying to get inside the TARDIS control room but failed miserably.

Hi-ho, had no LD for a long time, but did manage this night :smile:

I need to re-settle my goal with the Lucid Quest, especially since I didn’t have enough motivation for my previous goal. “Call you moves” looks great !! Especially since I want to fight a ninja in my next LD :smile:

Congrats Siiw, Rhewin, Gothic Fighter and Colors! Your scores have been updated :content: Keep it up! I want to see more LD’s of yours and everyone else’s :wink:

Thanks Dreamjutsu and Colors for your appreciation :content: I’ll leave one more day for this task, so that someone may complete it. :smile:

I’m back!! Done with costuming Peter Pan and can now sleep and dream again. I missed it! had a most amazing dream last night in which I could see a person’s energy body when looking at him. It was amazing! Golden swirls of light and movement, hard to describe. It looked like a condensed miniature galaxy all golden.
Going to read over all the tasks now and see if I can catch up :pharaoh:

It’s time to shake it!

Task #5: Dance!

On a street, on the dance floor, in a ballroom, in your own room, any place is good to make a good show of your dance moves! Show us what you’ve got, and maybe even something you didn’t think before you could stunt! :happy:
There’s tango, liscio, salsa, the robot, the moonwalk, throw some breakdance in between, or just move yourself to your heart’s content, I’m sure you can think of so much else you could do! ^^

So pull yourself up and get the move on! For each style you execute, or were inspired by, you will be awarded +25 points. For each individual move (as in, type of), you will get +15 points. As a plus, there’s 25 points for each type of dance you will get involved in (solo, double, or group).

Not to forget the fact you’re not limited anymore by your body! What could you think up that would impress the jury?.. Pull off a nice one or several impossible feats, and get awarded up to +40 bonus points for each! Be sure to let your imagination run wild :colgate:

So get moving, and be sure to bring back that “King/Queen of the dance floor” back here from your dreams :wink:

Had a short LD of a about 1 minute…nothing task related though, but did race downhill with one foot on a dinkytoy :crazy:

YAY! Finally another LD. And a rather good one at that. I really need to start paying more attention to my dreams again, like I did last night. :shy:

Ok, so summary:
Length: long ~15-20ish minutes
Tasks Completed: Dance, Call your moves?, and personal one Talk With DCs (though I kinda fail on that one)

Awesome ND where we’re on a mid-sized island sized ship, we go exploring into some areas we shouldn’t chain-link fences and lots of overgrown greenery. We get told off and go back to the main part of town. There is an extremely small kitchen/diner there, where there is this girl trying to recreate a lost pie recipe. She tries again and again but fails. I try to help them as they prepare food but there is so little space to even move in the kitchen I am more of a hindrance than help.
Night time in my room on the ship, all the rooms are pretty small despite the massive overall size of the think. Mine happens to be noex to the ery kitchen we were in earlier. There is some woman there too. Monsters begin to appear, the scene zooms out to show other areas of ship and stuff. They don’t appear near people but will devour them if the come upon one. They are starving.
By some trick someone manages to get one to appear in my room, he takes her hostage. I debate weather to shoot it or not (??with laser eyes??) but it has a hold of her with the many tentacles that grow like hair from it’s head. Breaking a bottle of hot-sauce over his head quickly solves that as he devours it greedily. I give him some food and then he curls up in a ball.
Professor video calls, sees the beast and says. “Oh good another specimen.” He is testing a matter transporter. He quickly makes a baby-like monster appear in the middle of my room. He begins the suck on the bottle that appeared along side him.
The professor warns against that because it will cause him to mutate. And so it has the baby-thing’s head had already began to elongate, eyes growing large. I remove the bottle from it’s mouth and it begins to go back to normal.
I have to get it somewhere safe, for all intensive purposes it is a normal baby. I walk along the street in the dark, making sure it doesn’t drink from it’s bottle for too long a time at once. We come to an intersection, and a cop car pulls up, i hold my breath for a minute but stay calm. He moves on, we cross and I remember this massive daycare that my brother helps out at and went to hen he was little. I get to the building and go to the very top floor, it is a madhouse, there is this massive playground that is over 5 stories tall. Kids are running everywhere and the adults don’t seem to care much. I find the room where J is and find that he is still in his PJs…from like a week ago… I decide against leaving the baby here and proceed to leave. Derren Brown?, The mentalist/hypnotist/magician guy, I have been watching a lot of his shows recently. is there and somehow we get into a fight. The baby is near a glass railing that overlooks the floors below, in between the different glass panels the are gaps, and I argue that he will fall through, while Derren thinks not, one of the gaps is bigger than the others and a barely manage to save the baby from plummeting to his death. During this time I have been slowly becoming lucid and now am quite aware that this is a dream.So since we are fighting I struggle to make my swords appear, I manage to make them materialize without too much dificulty. What i thought happened at the time is that i woke up a bit and grabbed a stick so i could hold it like a sword in bed and have the feeling of holding one both in WL and in the dream, now I realize it was an almost false awakening. We proceed to do battle and I leave a nice cut on his neck. Knowing that he is outmatched he runs off and changes his height and appearance to hide from me. I will chase after him later. I remember some of the tasks and proceed to dance, some moonwalking, robot, um disco? all with random spins thrown in throughout. I remember the Wonerland task but decide against it liking the dreamscape I am in now. For some reason I think synthenasia is a task, and try to mix sight and taste but i don’t know much about it so it doesn’t do much. I know i read it somewhere. I decide to take off my shirt since I had never done that in a dream before, I toss it to some girls all sitting in a group by the wall to my right, asking them to hold it for me. While taking off the shirt it got stuck over my head for a moment and I almost lost the dream due to lack of visual input but i managed to pull it back. It slowly reappears later. As I walk around once again I marvel at how real it, if a bit blurry at times. I try to find derren half heartedly but decide to talk with a DC instead, I don’t say much, I was distracted by my shirt slowly reappearing. But she was a young black girl, sitting at some tables doing her homework. There are some other people sitting around at the tables too.
Somewhere in here I decide to dance again.
Suddenly I have a partner as if we are police men and derren is the criminal. He runs everywhere chasing derren. It is at this point I realize that there has been a narration going on as if the ceiling is talking in my voice dictating everything that is going on. I chase him too. After a bit I wake up.

This will be fun once I manage to remember the task :razz:

/me likes dancing, its just that he doesnt do that often in front of people :grin:

Fantastic dream Dreamjutsu! :happy: For the Dance task you did 2 styles (I’m going to assume breakdance and disco, feel free to correct me :smile: ) and 4 moves (moonwalk, robot, generic disco moves :tongue: and spins), so that would total | 25 solo + 50 types + 60 moves+ 30 lucid + 20 early = 185 points! | Also, I can’t spot exactly the part where you called out your attacks, could you point it out for me? :smile: And another question, would you like to consider the personal task completed? And if so, how many people were there when you did it? (It had to be 2+ besides you for the full points to apply). Do not worry, you can always have another attempt at that :wink: And don’t we forget, | 40 points | for your long LD :content:

Nice dream BeRightBack :lol: You can remember your goals more clearly in a dream if you state them to yourself before going to sleep :content: For now, | 20 points | for your LD ^^

GHOSTIE11, you’ll probably see how fun it is to be the center of attention every once in a while, plus with DC’s it’s a free try :grin:

Also KauaiDreamer, sorry if I didn’t see your post before, but amazing dream you had there! ^^ I can see you’re getting closer to achieving your goal :content: Keep going, you may get there very soon :wink:

Good luck and sweet dreams to all participants! :content:

Really weird medium LD with very low lucidity wherein I thought I had lost my dream powers and had to climb a very tall set of brik columns to get it back. First time I’ve ever been afraid of heights in a dream.

What’s funny is most of my low lucidity dreams I’m kinda in a haze or stuck going with the story. In this one I could have sworn I had full awareness and that something had just stolen my powers. Oh well.

@tosxy, I don’t know if it counts because I didn’t purposely have it happen, but for the call out your moves thing I could hear my voice coming from like the ceiling narrating everything that was about to happen/already happening. Though it wasn’t me doing it.
As for talking with dream characters there were about 6 girls in the first group, and the single girl at the table with other DCs strewn about. I don’t think we really spoke enough to count as a full conversation though.
Sorry, I meant to make it clearer on the first post, but forgot.
Thanks :smile:

Rhewin, first | 30 points | to you; secondly, I’d like you to do an experiment, and try again with your imagination to go and finish that dream. What happens? How do you feel about it? Why do you think this is? Figure out what’s going on, and make yourself ready for next time :content:

Dreamjutsu, in the end, it could even be ok, as long as he called the names of your moves (even as simple as “parry”). I need a list of the attacks/stunts of yours he called in order to score points though :smile:
About the personal task, it’s up to you to decide if you consider it completed it or not, and in what occasion. So take a decision and tell me :wink:

It was like it was reading a book of everything, like such-and-so chases derren, jumps over a low wall, landing amidst the unsuspecting students who sit there drinking their coffee studying.
I think I’ll try talking to DCs again, I’d like it to be a meaningful conversation.

Completed the love task in an ND. There was a girl I found walking on a dark road alone. I gave her a ride a we became close. While spending time together later we held hands, I gave her a hug and sent her a text message saying that I loved her. Good thing it was a dream or my wife would kill me :tongue:

And I just remembered doing a nose RC and it failing, but I didn’t become fully lucid.

And another medium LD last night with the dance task. I spent most of it trying to stabalize the dream since it was a WILD and I was in a really uncomfortable position. I did manage to do a quick little dance on my own before losing total control.

Dreamjutsu, ok then I’ll read that as 2 moves :wink: totaling | 50 moves + 30 lucid + 20 combo = 100 points! | Nice job anyway ^^

Rhewin, nice going there! :content: For the love task, there’s | 10 people + 45 actions = 55 points | for you, and for that dance, | 25 style + 15 move + 25 type + 30 lucid + 20 early = 115 points! | ^^
Not to forget your semilucid and the medium LD, summing up to | 35 points. |

It’s time for our Nostaglia Week, feauring a task from LC #26!

Task 6: An intergalactic vacation!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been getting bored with this planet lately. It’s about time I had a vacation. An intergalactic vacation. Do you feel the same?

There are approximately 100 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy, and scientists are discovering many of them have planets orbiting around them. It appears that our solar system is not as unique as we once thought. I want you to strap on those angelic wings, step through an inter-dimensional portal, or hop aboard that UFO. You’re going to have a relaxing vacation on a planet in one of those many solar systems.

What does your destination look like? Is it a gaseous, Jupiter-like planet, or a desert like mars? Maybe it has an atmosphere just like Earth, and maybe there even is life down there. Or maybe it’s as barren as our moon. Regardless, I want you to go there and have a good time :content:

For leaving Earth behind, you get 30 points. For using your chosen means of transportation to reach your destination planet, you will be awarded 35 more points. For enjoying an activity that you consider relaxing on your destination planet, there’s +30 more points - and you can repeat this for as many planets as you wish, scoring the 30 points each time! ^^

There’s really much to do out there, so good luck, have fun, and remember to bring your towel with you :wink:

Towel? Check. Something not entirely unlike tea? Check. Paranoid android? Check. Strange book with “Don’t Panic” printed in large, friendly letters on the cover… check.

Well I’m good to go.