LC #30: Congratulations Wega!

Congrats Wega and thanks to Puce for leading this quest. I only had 2 good LDs this month and spent those on this months challenge to earn my wings, so I let the tasks drift by as a result. I hope to achieve and spent more lucid time on the next quest.

Yeah, I definitely wasn’t ready to tackle the LC without lucid points, it really cut into my motivation :razz:

Thanks Puce for the tasks and congrats to Wega for your outstanding performance!

Congratulations everyone! It was fun doing this with you.
Thank you Puce for this LC, I loved it, I did (or at least tried) things I don’t normally do in my LDs.
I would be honored to host the next LC but I will not have a single moment of spare time in the next three weeks. If we were two weeks later I would accept but now I have to decline.

Congratulations Wega, and thank you Puce for hosting! :cool:

Congrats Wega! Thanks Puce, for the awesome tasks! :cool:

Congratulations Wega :smile: looking forward to see you as a host :grin: