LC #32: Congratulations NICKLEBRICK!@!!

[size=200]Task #1 Turn Your World Upside down![/size]

Start out with something somewhat easy yet very cool ;D Got this idea from a commercial. Im sure we have all tilted our heads upside down at some point and imagined what it was like to be able to walk on the ceiling! (i know i have) When recording the dream, either post a link to your DJ or just write it on here. Also include as much detail as possible as i will enjoy reading these :happy:

Basic Task(s)

  • Change the laws of gravity allowing you to walk on the ceiling/ walk upside down etc. 30 points

  • Have everything around you affected by gravity (couch, chairs, house) all fly toward the sky 30 points

  • Have the ability to choose what is affected by this “gravity” 10 points per object with a maximum of 5 objects.

Secondary Task(s)

  • Walk outside, if the gravity still consists outside and you fall into space/atmosphere you are awarded 15 points

  • Find the source of this extra gravity! Maybe a new giant planet’s gravity is stronger than ours and pulls you to it! 10 points for finding the source

A possible bonus of 10 points for creativity! A possibility of 145 points for this task! The deadline for this task will be October 28th 15:00 GMT[/list][/list]

Gravitational changes :razz: this will be fun to do, except that I still have some phobia to heights left :meh:

Ooooo… I haven’t played with gravity before… This could be interesting XD

The only experience ive had with gravity is doing a standing backflip… whitch takes about 10 seconds to accomplish in my dreams XD

Well, I’ve got an FLD today, not an LD. I’ll be working on that, but hopefully this FLD will help increase my confidence that playing with gravity won’t be that hard. ^^

Here’s the dream, the first one in my DJ entry for today. I’d say there were six bows. The bows were already up at the ceiling, but I did make them come down to me. I wasn’t upside down in my flying either, but usually if I’m flying, I’ve got ups and downs. This time, I stayed at the ceiling whenever I meant to be flying. I do glide sometimes when on the floor, so it was kinda like that. Never went outside though.

Had an ND where I was running with Sonic the Hedgehog. We ran up a wall at one point, but I don’t know if it was due to gravity or just momentum from running. I’ll leave that up to our TM :tongue:

And no, I did not intentionally change gravity. I dun think it counts but still worth posting.

I had a medium length LD last night. Nothing task related, but materializing things and people worked much better than before.

I had an FLD where I messed with gravity :razz:


i had a medium length lucid dream last night, i think about 3 minutes (3 LD’s in a row!! :boogie: ), but it had nothing to do with the task

had a long LD yesterday in which i fought my flatmate in a battle to death. I won by shooting her with a tank while i was underwater, the landscape was pretty destroyed

Also a short LD today, in which i attempted transformation, but it didnt work out, and i FA’d.

2 short LDs today and yesterday, but nothing related to the task.

Long LD! I’d say at least 20 minutes or so. DILD, which makes me very happy. I even had no recall last night or a GPJ entry before I went to bed! Maybe it was the insane amount of sleep I got today. Personal task was accomplished too!

Here’s the post with the dream! It’s the lucid one titled “Shooting Practice,” obviously. :razz: I was kinda fail at the shooting, but I did practice and improve a bit. I’d consider it a success, especially taking into consideration the fact that I managed to find a rifle at all. I’m also surprised at the dream length. Ah well, I’m not complaining!

Medium LD, started to wake up but I was able to chain back into the dream at one point… link coming soon.


I’m also wondering why the topic isn’t a sticky yet…

1 short LD. (Last night I remember chaining from one LD dream to another and remember I could recall 3 LD dream scenes afterwards, but in the morning all recall about the dreams was gone, besides two tiny fragments and I forget to write anything down. :bored: )

Casting Spells and Brewing Potions

Since it is close to halloween, i figured ide do a Halloween related one. :happy: I had been thinking of what to do for one when i thought of this. Not only will it be fun but you might be able to use these spells out of the LC and it may help increase dream control. You can get very creative with this one! I want you to make potions, create spells, and become wizards!!! :wizard: I will have one potion that i create and you guys make and then you can make your own. When casting spells and making potions be sure to remember the words you said and the ingredients for your potion and what it does! A bonus of 10 points if you remember what you said or the ingredients

Basic Tasks(s)

  • Gather: 1 fish skeleton, 2 shoelaces, and a handful of pumpkin seeds. Put them in your witch’s cauldron (or whatever you find) and add water. Take a sip, Watch yourself as you slowly turn into a cat! If you create the potion, and turn into a cat i will reward you 60 points!! If you make the potion and nothing happens you will get 30 points Any sort of hybrid human/cat will get you [color= green 45 points] If you manage to use all the EXACT ingredients you will get an extra 10 points

  • Find a stick, Now create your own spell! Remember to remember the words in your spell and what the spell does. If you create your own spell you will get 45 points

Secondary Task(s)

  • Flying into the night on your witches broom will award you 20 points

  • Create your entirely own potion. Take a sip, if you remember what happens, i will give you 20 points

Have fun with this one!! A maximum of 160 points can be awarded for this task. You have until Next Friday 2pm (GMT-7) or 10:00 GMT I will be posting the scores tomorrow. Please ask me if you have any questions on this task as it was a little bit difficult to word :razz:

Two short lucid moments, I guess. One I remember, but another I only remember thinking that “I should do a goal, since this is a dream.” The other when I thought that same thing I do remember (Well, my recall would probably be better if I hadn’t just woken up from 15 1/2 hours of sleep), and I do remember what happened in that one. I’d say it lasted maybe at most 5 minutes, low lucid (Okay, I know that’s a medium technically from what I said, but it still felt kinda short.) A lot of the time was spent figuring out a small vehicle a guy gave me to go somewhere (which worked nicely, I must say). Started riding somewhere, since I know that once I get far enough away from my home, the dream randomizes. No shore village though… The dream more turned into a road roller coaster.

Hmm, time to bring my insane drinkmixing skills to the dream realm :ebil: :razz:

Long LD, about 30 minutes
All i could remember was when i became lucid, so here it is.
I was working at the scary cirn maze where i live and i randomly became lucid, so for the first time i FLEW back to the starting area and found all my friends there and a dragon in the middle. So here i started the LC, I shoved this random kid out of the way and started dueling my dragon so i could mount.
The dragon put up a fight because even while flying its tail spun furioulsy and wings beat down on me but after like 5 minutes of this i finally got one good stab to the belly and lunged myself up. So i started accending in the dragon and then it hit. Gravity fliped upside down and my dragon had a very hard time flipping upside down so that we could live. But everything was falling up, or down for me. Even dirt and all, my friends were hugging eachother to try to break the fall because for some reason there was a huge iron plate up in the sky a mile. And a giant bus came flying out nowhere and just knocked my dragon cold. So there i was falling for my life and as soon as i hit the ground i woke to my alarm, i hate how i alwaus do that

Two laces as in what? Shoelaces, lace on handkerchiefs, lacewing moths from Snape’s stores in Harry Potter?

SPOILER - Click to view

If it’s lacewing moths from Snape’s storeroom, I’ll be quite happy to do that. :razz: