LC 40 - Congratulations Wyvern!

Had another LD here. Probably no more than 30 seconds long this time…

Thanks HIC. I really don’t have time to do this, but I will still be watching. Normally competitions and such gets me more lucids, but since all my competitions aren’t on here or elsewhere I have been having tons of LDs again. I think I was just overstressed (hard for me to do, but I hit it). I hope you guys have an epic competition.

Alright, in a normal dream I was at a family reunion. We were all at a convention center in a parking lot and had to take cover inside thanks to a tornado. I did not see the tornado itself, but the high winds, sirens, stuff getting thrown around etc. There was a tornado for sure, but as it was a normal dream I did not actively pursue it. I’ll leave it up to you if it counts.

Yes, that counts. Congrats on completing that part of the task!

Had a medium-length lucid dream last night. No tasks completed.


Task 3- Horror

*The contestant suddenly feels sleepy and drifts off to sleep
*The contestant wakes in an abandoned funhouse surrounded by smoke and dark silhouettes of various shapes and sizes

Koharo:…Well then…Welcome to task 3 of LC 40. Besides brawling and partying in dreams, I usually like to wander the darker side of my mind where most of the horror themes reside. Pinhead

*A bright light reveals Pinhead

Pinhead: The scoring will go as followed

Encounter a horror movie antagonist +10
Save another DC from the horror movie antagonist +15
Defeat the horror movie antagonist +35
Survive the encounter +15

*The light fades reverting Pinhead to a silhouette
*Jigsaw’s Puppet rides out from the smoke on a small red tricycle, revealing himself

Jigsaw: Your courage, tact, combat skills, dream control, and awareness will be put to the test here. You can do this task alone or phone a friend for help.

*The contestant hears a bone chilling screech of nails scratching a chalk board
*A red light reveals Freddy Krueger rubbing the razors on his glove together

Freddy: But please do phone a Friend. I need all the souls I can get.

*Freddy vanishes, the red light fades, and Freddy’s laughter echoes throughout the abandoned funhouse

Koharo: …Heh…As I recall I tend to have a bad habit of being vague so if there are any questions feel free to PM me. Awareness will is key to succeed. Good luck. Oh and you might want to wake up before these horror flick antagonist get any ideas…Unless you can take em all. Wait…Is he…?

[color=blue]*Koharo clenches his fist

  • Slenderman appears and everything whites out
    *The contestant arrives in a bright white space on a knee gasping for air in Carrie’s presence.
    *Carrie kneels down to the contestant’s level clasping his/her hand with both hers, and stares deep into the contestant’s eyes not uttering a word. Whispers begin to echo.[/color]

anonymous whispers: Don’t be afraid there is nothing to fear.

*The contestant is suddenly jolted awake

…Seriously though there is nothing to be afraid of. I’ll leave the group incubation to HITC.

I had a short LD this morning here with no tasks done.

Well, my goal was initially to get the more experienced LD’ers to have a challenge. I think all I’m doing at this point is discouraging people. My aim isn’t to win, but to challenge.
Anyway, don’t count any more lucid points from me unless I do the task in the dream… and I will do all the tasks. All of them. :tongue:

Long LD
One chain
Disasters: Tsunami, Hurricane, Tornado, fiery tornado, earthquake, dragon crushing city, sharknados?, burning city with fire breath, meteor storm
Group incubation also got done.
And first part of the extended task. I chose a toothbrush.


Hi everyone,
I hope you all enjoy Koharo’s task. Group incubation will be as it normally is, 15 pts for trying and failing with the other 15 pts being added with a successful completion. If you get an exceptionally brilliant idea in my opinion, then I may tack on extra points for your group incubation. Scores are posted at the end of this post. As someone has completed the first part of the extended task, I shall reveal what the third part of the task is about. It will require another person, and some more shapeshifting. Once the second part has been completed by someone, I will reveal a little something about the final part of the extended task.

I will only score what you specifically put in this forum, meaning like how your post above is laid out. I do need to know if you had the dream above before task 3 was posted though, so as to know whether to give you early pts and the 20 pt creativity award. Your score below assumes that you did have the dream before task 3 was posted. Also, look for my PM with instructions on the extended task. Accomplishing the whole task in one dream, dang! :happy:

Maximum: 0
Mew151: 0
Scipio Xaos: 0
Yev: 20
Thorn: 70
Lumessence: 0
Letaali: 60
Wyvern: 940
muccy: 0
ian1: 120
Rhewin: 220
BrandonBoss: 100
james_uk2008: 60
KauaiDreamer: 0

Had another LD here. Probably around 1-2 minutes long this time around.

And I’m back! Hopefully to stay. :razz: Here’s a couple of dreams.

Some Lucid Events ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Task 1 Part 1 LUCID
A WILD ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Chain

Current Stats:

[spoiler]Medium Lucid Dreams: 2
Chains: 1

Task 1: Part 1 LUCID

I had a short LD here that again didn’t accomplish any tasks. I’m trying, I swear! I just don’t have the LD length I need right now to get things done.

With respect to the group incubation, ian1 and I don’t seem to have a huge interest in Task 3, so whatever Wyvern and Rhewin decide will work; if either of them posts about it; consider that the group’s choice.

Double post to add that I had a long LD this morning, posted here. I made every attempt to get the group incubation for Task 2 started, but could not get even one of my three teammates to join me.

Short LD

Had a short LD last night: [url]]

I had a dream here that was short with a lucidity regain / chain. It also fits the conditions of the monthly Quest.

Long LD where I had to chain back in once. I became lucid on an air craft carrier while hanging over the edge. Some pirates or something had been pursuing me (not sure why) so I was trying to keep a step ahead or hidden. I pulled myself up and spent the rest of the dream hunting them down for the dream police as they tried to hunt me. The fun part was trying to take them out while keeping DC’s from noticing.

Had another LD here. Probably around 2-3 minutes this time around.

I had a short LD last night in which I completed the first part of the extended task:


I got the pen. :content:

@HeadInTheClouds Yes, that dream was before the deadline.

Made 2 attempts last night. The first being intentional.
/me doesn’t watch like… any horror movies.
The first one was from an actual horror movie and was Jason from Friday the 13th. He wasn’t being too threatening… but I turned into fire anyway and gave him a hug. This seemed to do the trick and he burnt to ashes. I also turned into water afterwards for the sole reason of the second part of the extended task (preferred it to fire). Short LD.

Second dream was me and a bunch of DC’s escaping from Hell. We were in a prison and hurrying to open up the other jail cells. It was based off the highly NSFW webcomic, JACK. Drip, the embodiment of Lust came and stormed in after us, but I collapsed the ceiling on him and we all escaped safely. Medium LD.

If non horror movie characters count, I’d like to count the second dream as that comic is horror themed in general (being about Hell/Sins/redemption and all) and I completed all the parts of the tasks in it.