LC 40 - Congratulations Wyvern!

I had a dream here that was short with a lucidity regain / chain. It also fits the conditions of the monthly Quest.

Long LD where I had to chain back in once. I became lucid on an air craft carrier while hanging over the edge. Some pirates or something had been pursuing me (not sure why) so I was trying to keep a step ahead or hidden. I pulled myself up and spent the rest of the dream hunting them down for the dream police as they tried to hunt me. The fun part was trying to take them out while keeping DC’s from noticing.

Had another LD here. Probably around 2-3 minutes this time around.

I had a short LD last night in which I completed the first part of the extended task:


I got the pen. :content:

@HeadInTheClouds Yes, that dream was before the deadline.

Made 2 attempts last night. The first being intentional.
/me doesn’t watch like… any horror movies.
The first one was from an actual horror movie and was Jason from Friday the 13th. He wasn’t being too threatening… but I turned into fire anyway and gave him a hug. This seemed to do the trick and he burnt to ashes. I also turned into water afterwards for the sole reason of the second part of the extended task (preferred it to fire). Short LD.

Second dream was me and a bunch of DC’s escaping from Hell. We were in a prison and hurrying to open up the other jail cells. It was based off the highly NSFW webcomic, JACK. Drip, the embodiment of Lust came and stormed in after us, but I collapsed the ceiling on him and we all escaped safely. Medium LD.

If non horror movie characters count, I’d like to count the second dream as that comic is horror themed in general (being about Hell/Sins/redemption and all) and I completed all the parts of the tasks in it.

[center]Task 4 – Transform a DC[/center]

Task 4 is here! This week, I want you to transform a DC. I only have a little bit of experience with this, so hopefully you guys will have fun with it. The scoring will work slightly different than the way I normally do tasks.

Transform a DC – 50 pts
If the DC is someone from the LC (participants and TM) – 20 pts
If in the person’s desired form – 20 pts
If in another person’s desired form from this LC – 10 pts

So, these can all be accomplished in the same dream. You could possibly get 3 of 4 with just one transformation, and you could transform the same DC yet again to get the 4th option to sweep all of the points for the task. If you have questions, let me know.

Group incubation is set at 30 pts, 15 for attempting the task and failing, with the other 15 being added with successful completion of the group incubated task. As always, this is variable based off of the group incubation presented.

Congratulations to ian1 for completing the first part of the extended task. Also, congrats to Wyvern. Wyvern completed the second part of the extended task, so I decided instead of giving away the fourth part of the task, I would reveal what each item does for the second task. The scores are posted below, then the details of what each item from the first task does, then a couple things addressing certain contestants.

Maximum: 0
Mew151: 0
Scipio Xaos: 150
Yev: 20
Thorn: 235
Lumessence: 0
Letaali: 80
Wyvern: 1115
muccy: 0
ian1: 180
Rhewin: 260
BrandonBoss: 100
james_uk2008: 100
KauaiDreamer: 0

  1. Mirror – Inanimate Object
  2. T.A.R.D.I.S – Another Person
  3. Pen – Something Tiny
  4. Guitar – Something Electronic
  5. Tie – A Superhero
  6. Car – An Animal
  7. The Ring (from Lord of The Rings) – Gollum
  8. A Toothbrush – Something Elemental
  9. A Hat – Something Large
  10. A Book – Something that does not exist IRL, nor in any popular media

I’m not sure if you had wanted the last dream you posted to count for the task or not. If so, let me know, as there were no points awarded for completion of task 3 in your score above.

Congrats on getting the second part of the extended task done. I think that both of your dreams sufficiently cover all aspects of the tasks, so your score above reflects that. As Koharo designed the task, if he has an issue with this, he can PM me and I’ll let you know what parts he believes still need to be accomplished.

Congrats on finishing the monthly quest!

Had a short LD last night.


Well, that’s where it’s confusing. While it was an ND it was definitely horror, but when I became lucid it became more like an action movie sort of thing. I mean, I defeated them and survived and everything too, but I’m not sure if it counts if it stopped being horror once I was lucid… or was that the point?

I’ve talked to the team on Skype, and the obvious incubation would be to use each other as the targets of said transformations into desired forms for maximum points. Is there something else that needs to be included in the incubation for it to count? It seems too… straightforward.

I see your confusion. Honestly, I’m not sure whether it should count or not. As it was horror, and stopped being horrifying only because you were lucid, it probably should count. I’ll let you decide whether it should count for the task or not, as I am on the fence about it myself. Let me know.

For the group incubation, I think it should be slightly more complicated, such as a way in which you all have to perform the transformation. For example, something like you all have to use a machine to transform each other. Or, you have to transform each other into the same thing at the same time. Anything like that will work. I just want to see it be slightly more complicated.

^ Fair enough. Wyvern was planning to have each person transform the next via consumption in some way (as he is LD4all’s best-known vorarephile), creating a chain of transformations. Would this be considered more specific (along the lines of your “machine”, but with consumption instead), or would be all need to decide on exactly one form?

I have a second question as well. Our team has frequently talked on Skype, and I am aware that two of my team member’s desired forms from the sign-ups are no longer their actual desires due to changes in intra-team communications. Should I aim for what they actually desire or for what they said four weeks ago? I suspect the answer is “the latter”, but I figure I should ask in case I actually can be true to what they currently want.

That group incubation is fine. I just wanted it to be something more than you all just transforming each other. Unfortunately, the desired forms must be from the sign-up list.If you wanted their new desired forms to be important, I would consider adding extra points to the group incubation for incorporating the specific forms each of you want to take.

[color=olive] I believe for some it would take some courage to face a horror genre antagonist, but the task never said the dreamer had to be horrified or experience fear. Heh the task could even take place on Sesame Street in broad daylight.

@HITC & Wyv I’ve been reminded that there is more to the horror genre than movies I wouldn’t mind counting it, but only if extending the early point window for task 3 isn’t an issue. Seeing how I stated horror movie antagonist and not horror genre antagonist it wouldn’t be right to let this one slide when the standards are altered at the last minute with other contestants unaware.

@Rhewin Now these pirate things were they from a horror based genre, or horror movie? (if the standards remain unchanged) Were they zombie or ghost pirates? If you can find a horror flick featuring pirates as the antagonist I’ll accept it. I do commend your performance though. Surviving the chase and taking out the enemies in stealth. :handshake:

-I’ll also count horror based urban legends (ancient-present day) and zombies in general (since they usually come in packs and are usually horror based)
-Lets not forget some of the classics too. Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy (The generic mummy), The Creature Of The Black Lagoon, and the Invisible man.
-If anyone has any suggestions or questions about task 3 send a PM.

Ok, I’ll clarify that they were modern pirates, not the “avast ye matey!” type. I felt that if they caught us something really, really bad was going to happen. Not them just killing us or whatever. Because of that I’ll go ahead and count it.

Also, our team decided to go with what Thorn suggested in his previous post (using another group member to force a transformation in another through consumption).

'nother short LD:


Had another LD here which was around 2-3 minutes long where I transformed into a Werewolf. Just for clarification, does it have to be a DC that isn’t the dreamer themself that needs to be transformed in order to get task points?

Darn! So close to completing all of Task 4… I’ll give it another shot tonight! :happy: But for now, here’s a short LD.

Continuity Errors ~ Short Lucid Dream

Current Stats:

[spoiler]Short Lucid Dreams: 1
Medium Lucid Dreams: 2
Chains: 1

Task 1: Part 1 LUCID

Okay, so in response to everything about task 3:
I don’t want to extend the early points on the task, as I don’t believe that would be fair. However, if 5 or more of you would like me to do so, then I’ll change my mind. If that is the case, then I will post when the early points would be extended to. Therefore, I will have to remove the one part of the task of Wyvern’s that didn’t meet the definition. Also, Rhewin, if there is some kind of horror movie where you can find those pirates you described, then I’ll add it. Otherwise, based off of the way I read Koharo’s post, those things will not count for task 3.

For those who have questions about this, please post here or PM me. If anyone feels very strongly about this implementation of task 3, then please just PM me.

Yes, the DC must be separate from the dreamer. If it was a clone of you, it would be acceptable, but if the person being transformed is you, whether you are viewing yourself from a first or third person perspective, it doesn’t count. If you have anymore questions about it, please feel free to ask.

I had a short LD here in which I tried to dream spin my way to the location where I wanted to meet my group for a Task 2 & 4 group incubation, but ended up in a black void instead. Laberge said the spinning should’ve made things more stable… what a dirty liar! :tongue:

I had a very short lucid moment last night.