LC 40 - Congratulations Wyvern!

Well, that’s where it’s confusing. While it was an ND it was definitely horror, but when I became lucid it became more like an action movie sort of thing. I mean, I defeated them and survived and everything too, but I’m not sure if it counts if it stopped being horror once I was lucid… or was that the point?

I’ve talked to the team on Skype, and the obvious incubation would be to use each other as the targets of said transformations into desired forms for maximum points. Is there something else that needs to be included in the incubation for it to count? It seems too… straightforward.

I see your confusion. Honestly, I’m not sure whether it should count or not. As it was horror, and stopped being horrifying only because you were lucid, it probably should count. I’ll let you decide whether it should count for the task or not, as I am on the fence about it myself. Let me know.

For the group incubation, I think it should be slightly more complicated, such as a way in which you all have to perform the transformation. For example, something like you all have to use a machine to transform each other. Or, you have to transform each other into the same thing at the same time. Anything like that will work. I just want to see it be slightly more complicated.

^ Fair enough. Wyvern was planning to have each person transform the next via consumption in some way (as he is LD4all’s best-known vorarephile), creating a chain of transformations. Would this be considered more specific (along the lines of your “machine”, but with consumption instead), or would be all need to decide on exactly one form?

I have a second question as well. Our team has frequently talked on Skype, and I am aware that two of my team member’s desired forms from the sign-ups are no longer their actual desires due to changes in intra-team communications. Should I aim for what they actually desire or for what they said four weeks ago? I suspect the answer is “the latter”, but I figure I should ask in case I actually can be true to what they currently want.

That group incubation is fine. I just wanted it to be something more than you all just transforming each other. Unfortunately, the desired forms must be from the sign-up list.If you wanted their new desired forms to be important, I would consider adding extra points to the group incubation for incorporating the specific forms each of you want to take.

[color=olive] I believe for some it would take some courage to face a horror genre antagonist, but the task never said the dreamer had to be horrified or experience fear. Heh the task could even take place on Sesame Street in broad daylight.

@HITC & Wyv I’ve been reminded that there is more to the horror genre than movies I wouldn’t mind counting it, but only if extending the early point window for task 3 isn’t an issue. Seeing how I stated horror movie antagonist and not horror genre antagonist it wouldn’t be right to let this one slide when the standards are altered at the last minute with other contestants unaware.

@Rhewin Now these pirate things were they from a horror based genre, or horror movie? (if the standards remain unchanged) Were they zombie or ghost pirates? If you can find a horror flick featuring pirates as the antagonist I’ll accept it. I do commend your performance though. Surviving the chase and taking out the enemies in stealth. :handshake:

-I’ll also count horror based urban legends (ancient-present day) and zombies in general (since they usually come in packs and are usually horror based)
-Lets not forget some of the classics too. Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy (The generic mummy), The Creature Of The Black Lagoon, and the Invisible man.
-If anyone has any suggestions or questions about task 3 send a PM.

Ok, I’ll clarify that they were modern pirates, not the “avast ye matey!” type. I felt that if they caught us something really, really bad was going to happen. Not them just killing us or whatever. Because of that I’ll go ahead and count it.

Also, our team decided to go with what Thorn suggested in his previous post (using another group member to force a transformation in another through consumption).

'nother short LD:


Had another LD here which was around 2-3 minutes long where I transformed into a Werewolf. Just for clarification, does it have to be a DC that isn’t the dreamer themself that needs to be transformed in order to get task points?

Darn! So close to completing all of Task 4… I’ll give it another shot tonight! :happy: But for now, here’s a short LD.

Continuity Errors ~ Short Lucid Dream

Current Stats:

[spoiler]Short Lucid Dreams: 1
Medium Lucid Dreams: 2
Chains: 1

Task 1: Part 1 LUCID

Okay, so in response to everything about task 3:
I don’t want to extend the early points on the task, as I don’t believe that would be fair. However, if 5 or more of you would like me to do so, then I’ll change my mind. If that is the case, then I will post when the early points would be extended to. Therefore, I will have to remove the one part of the task of Wyvern’s that didn’t meet the definition. Also, Rhewin, if there is some kind of horror movie where you can find those pirates you described, then I’ll add it. Otherwise, based off of the way I read Koharo’s post, those things will not count for task 3.

For those who have questions about this, please post here or PM me. If anyone feels very strongly about this implementation of task 3, then please just PM me.

Yes, the DC must be separate from the dreamer. If it was a clone of you, it would be acceptable, but if the person being transformed is you, whether you are viewing yourself from a first or third person perspective, it doesn’t count. If you have anymore questions about it, please feel free to ask.

I had a short LD here in which I tried to dream spin my way to the location where I wanted to meet my group for a Task 2 & 4 group incubation, but ended up in a black void instead. Laberge said the spinning should’ve made things more stable… what a dirty liar! :tongue:

I had a very short lucid moment last night.


I feel your pain. I’ve used spinning a lot. I find it has about a 50/25/25 outcome for me. Half the time it leads me into a black void like you described, whereupon I wake up. About 25% of the time it destabilizes my dream but I’m able to recover in the same location that I was spinning and keep the dream going. The other 25% of the time, it actually allows me to accomplish whatever I want to but usually causes the dream to be somewhat less vivid and stable.

Had a very long LD here this morning. Dream length was around 10 minutes and was very stable. I met up with Thorn and tried to turn him into his Avatar for the LC but couldn’t quite get things to work out correctly. Masonc1 also had a brief appearence towards the end.

Had yet another short lucid moment last night:


Had one short LD this morning, I realised I was dreaming, but as soon as it happened I was strobe lighted by Hypnagogia :razz:. Then I woke up into SP which i found strangely calming.
First points on the board. :woo:

Me too, muccy! :happy: Didn’t get as close to completing the current task like I did last time, though.

I Think I’m Dreaming ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Chain

Current Stats:

[spoiler]Short Lucid Dreams: 2
Medium Lucid Dreams: 2
Chains: 2

Task 1: Part 1 LUCID

Task 5 – Take a Picture

Task 5 is here. The title makes it sound simpler than it is, but hopefully this task will be stimulating and challenging.

Take a Picture – 30 pts
Actually look at the Picture – 20 pts
Jump into the Picture – 20 pts

Force another DC into the picture and see them become a part of it – 50 pts

You don’t have to use a camera to take a picture if you can think of another way to do it. The second part of the task requires you to look at the picture, whether it is a Polaroid, digital image, or something else. If nothing appears, that’s alright as long as it is specifically a blank photo.

Group incubation is set at 30 pts, 15 for attempting the task and failing, with the other 15 being added with successful completion of the group incubated task. As always, this is variable based off of the group incubation presented.

Sorry for posting this task late by a couple hours. If that made a significant difference for anyone, then I’ll extend the early points of this task by one night for you if you PM me.

Congratulations muccy for scoring your first points. Scores should be accurate, but as there was some confusion with task 3, let me know if something is wrong.

Maximum: 0
Mew151: 0
Scipio Xaos: 200
Yev: 20
Thorn: 255
Lumessence: 0
Letaali: 80
Wyvern: 1100
muccy: 20
ian1: 260
Rhewin: 260
BrandonBoss: 100
james_uk2008: 160
KauaiDreamer: 0

Had a dream last night. Did the last task at the last minute as usual. Had to wake up early though, so I couldn’t DEILD back in and complete it all…
If only.

Short LD
[LD]I found myself in a wintery looking land. Some Futurama characters were randomly there singing something. Bender was complaining about the music and without warning fell and sank into some soft snow that broke underneath him. The same thing then happened to me when I moved and I sank into a tunnel of snow.

I eventually fell into a small cave that was still fairly well lit. There, in middle of it all, was The Couch. Thorn just stood patiently by. He’s been cooperating in pretty much every dream where my aim was to find my teammates. I called out for Ian and he also came without a problem.
Feeling in a vore-ish mood myself, I shrunk myself and forced myself into his mouth. He was initially surprised and then calmed down somewhat and swallowed. As I slid down his throat, it began to change and become wider. I fell into his stomach and teleported out. He soon transformed into a large dark green and yellow dragon that stood on two legs and was covered in horns. It was fairly large and smashed some of the snowy ceiling above us, but the cave still remained intact.
I reached into my pocket for the extended task and pulled out a pen without any trouble. I aimed it at him like a wand and he quickly shrunk and fell into my hand. He was about the size of a small mouse now.
I called out for Rhewin and tried to make him appear. He didn’t. I tried again. Peeked behind the couch. No Rhewin. Frustrated, I finally called out, “Rhewin! What the fuck! Get your fucking ass over here already!”
This caused him to finally appear peering from behind the couch.[/LD]
Unfortunately, I woke up and couldn’t DEILD back in because I had somewhere to be today…