LC 40 - Congratulations Wyvern!

I feel your pain. I’ve used spinning a lot. I find it has about a 50/25/25 outcome for me. Half the time it leads me into a black void like you described, whereupon I wake up. About 25% of the time it destabilizes my dream but I’m able to recover in the same location that I was spinning and keep the dream going. The other 25% of the time, it actually allows me to accomplish whatever I want to but usually causes the dream to be somewhat less vivid and stable.

Had a very long LD here this morning. Dream length was around 10 minutes and was very stable. I met up with Thorn and tried to turn him into his Avatar for the LC but couldn’t quite get things to work out correctly. Masonc1 also had a brief appearence towards the end.

Had yet another short lucid moment last night:


Had one short LD this morning, I realised I was dreaming, but as soon as it happened I was strobe lighted by Hypnagogia :razz:. Then I woke up into SP which i found strangely calming.
First points on the board. :woo:

Me too, muccy! :happy: Didn’t get as close to completing the current task like I did last time, though.

I Think I’m Dreaming ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Chain

Current Stats:

[spoiler]Short Lucid Dreams: 2
Medium Lucid Dreams: 2
Chains: 2

Task 1: Part 1 LUCID

Task 5 – Take a Picture

Task 5 is here. The title makes it sound simpler than it is, but hopefully this task will be stimulating and challenging.

Take a Picture – 30 pts
Actually look at the Picture – 20 pts
Jump into the Picture – 20 pts

Force another DC into the picture and see them become a part of it – 50 pts

You don’t have to use a camera to take a picture if you can think of another way to do it. The second part of the task requires you to look at the picture, whether it is a Polaroid, digital image, or something else. If nothing appears, that’s alright as long as it is specifically a blank photo.

Group incubation is set at 30 pts, 15 for attempting the task and failing, with the other 15 being added with successful completion of the group incubated task. As always, this is variable based off of the group incubation presented.

Sorry for posting this task late by a couple hours. If that made a significant difference for anyone, then I’ll extend the early points of this task by one night for you if you PM me.

Congratulations muccy for scoring your first points. Scores should be accurate, but as there was some confusion with task 3, let me know if something is wrong.

Maximum: 0
Mew151: 0
Scipio Xaos: 200
Yev: 20
Thorn: 255
Lumessence: 0
Letaali: 80
Wyvern: 1100
muccy: 20
ian1: 260
Rhewin: 260
BrandonBoss: 100
james_uk2008: 160
KauaiDreamer: 0

Had a dream last night. Did the last task at the last minute as usual. Had to wake up early though, so I couldn’t DEILD back in and complete it all…
If only.

Short LD
[LD]I found myself in a wintery looking land. Some Futurama characters were randomly there singing something. Bender was complaining about the music and without warning fell and sank into some soft snow that broke underneath him. The same thing then happened to me when I moved and I sank into a tunnel of snow.

I eventually fell into a small cave that was still fairly well lit. There, in middle of it all, was The Couch. Thorn just stood patiently by. He’s been cooperating in pretty much every dream where my aim was to find my teammates. I called out for Ian and he also came without a problem.
Feeling in a vore-ish mood myself, I shrunk myself and forced myself into his mouth. He was initially surprised and then calmed down somewhat and swallowed. As I slid down his throat, it began to change and become wider. I fell into his stomach and teleported out. He soon transformed into a large dark green and yellow dragon that stood on two legs and was covered in horns. It was fairly large and smashed some of the snowy ceiling above us, but the cave still remained intact.
I reached into my pocket for the extended task and pulled out a pen without any trouble. I aimed it at him like a wand and he quickly shrunk and fell into my hand. He was about the size of a small mouse now.
I called out for Rhewin and tried to make him appear. He didn’t. I tried again. Peeked behind the couch. No Rhewin. Frustrated, I finally called out, “Rhewin! What the fuck! Get your fucking ass over here already!”
This caused him to finally appear peering from behind the couch.[/LD]
Unfortunately, I woke up and couldn’t DEILD back in because I had somewhere to be today…

I’ve had two short lucid dreams, in one I lost and regained lucidity. They happened last week during the “Transform a DC” task but I did not have time to post, so early points should still apply.

The first short lucid had nothing task related.

The second one I had was with The Tenth Doctor and Donna. This was most certainly a horror dream. The Doctor, Donna, and I walked into a warehouse where people had been disappearing. A creepy DC was following us around in the shadows through most of it. At some point we became separated and the main bad guy followed Donna. He murdered her and threw her in a vast of some thick liquid (I’m wanting to say it was something like chili). I became lucid and restrained the guy, who had a completely black, featureless face and was wearing a grey suit. I called out for The Doctor who came running. The look on his face was a quiet, cold rage.

I lost lucidity when The Doctor got a creepy smile. He then laughed and said he always held back, but now there was no point. I was no longer holding the guy or standing anywhere near him, and The Doctor pointed his sonic screwdriver which made a pipe burst behind the guy. The heat or something in the pipes made the man disintegrate.

I became lucid again and told The Doctor to stand down. He just kept smiling but never really moved. Another evil DC popped up behind him, so I shot the DC with some kind of bolt. The DC then transformed into some kind of giant, gelatinous blob. The Doctor didn’t even look back. Just stared at me, smirked and then walked away. I thought about reviving Donna after that but her body was gone. I started walking outside but woke up.

tl;dr horror task completed in full and TF’ed a DC. Again, these were done when the TF task was active.

Edit: There was also another medium lucid dream last night. Thorn was kind enough to remind me of it.

My team has decided that for the group incubation, the picture in question will be of us, so that when we force each other into the picture as in the bonus points, we will encounter doubles of ourselves. There has been slight debate as to how to do this and what constitutes a “picture of us”, but we’re all agreeing on having our very own clones (as you know the meme that goes with them :smile:).

Double post to say that I had a short LD this morning, posted here, in which I did a task for the wrong HeadInTheClouds-hosted LC. I deserve a pity point for doing one of your tasks!

Had a medium length LD here which was around 4-5 minutes long. A witch partially turned me into a frog and I ran into Thorn where I remembered to try and turn him into his avatar as per the previous task. I briefly remembered Task 5 towards the end but didn’t have enough time to do anything.

I had a medium LD here in which I smashed a building flat with my sheer mass and size (Task 2 man-made disaster), creating a dream-wide earthquake in the process (Task 2 earthquake). I had wanted to find a teammate for the group incubation, but found a different DC instead. I also became lucid in a car, which starts the extended task.

While I did come within a very short distance of a DC wearing a hat — a hat that fits the description you gave for the extended task, no less! — I suspect that I performed the hat’s second task part without actually wearing it in this very dream, so you’d tell me to go do it a second time if I chose that hat as the object instead of the car and that would be less fun. If that theory is wrong — either by not having to repeat my actions or by being wrong about Part 2’s contents — I’ll claim the hat, but if not, I’ll claim the car. If your response is “You don’t get to guess at it like that,” then feel free to just mark me down for the car.

Had an ND here which contained a hint of Task 2. (a minor Earthquake)

Okay, this dream journal entry is a doozy. The first dream is a lucid dream that loses and regains lucidity twice, bringing it up to a “long” length for the LC; despite my best efforts, it does not earn any task points. The second dream is an ND that seems very much in line with Task 3, but since the definition of things in Task 3 has been proven to be hazy, I need to be a bit more detailed. I was placed into a situation very reminiscent of my mental schema of Saw, although the antagonist was not the antagonist from Saw. If not having the exact antagonist is okay, then I earned every single sub-task point for Task 3, as I dealt with the antagonist, I survived the encounter, I saved another DC via surviving, and I “defeated” the antagonist (albeit in a silly way). I am aware that this permanently deprives me of combo and lucid points for Task 3, as none of its parts are marked as repeatable, but I accept this as I had no interest in doing Task 3 while lucid.

I had an ND where I was moving around some kind of resort. I thought I saw someone on a roof so I took a picture to use the zoom feature. Upon looking at the picture I couldn’t find anything, but every time I looked back he was there XD.

I had 4 short lucid dreams the other night.


[center]Task 6 - Water Activities
Hi everyone and welcome to task 6. I know this task is late, so please look at the bottom of the post for further clarification. This week you will be doing things from real life that have to do with water.

  1. Fish - 20 pts
  2. Water Ski - 20 pts
  3. Surf - 20 pts
  4. Snorkel/Scuba Dive - 20 pts
  5. Swim - 10 pts[/b]

Although these things are water activities, I will accept tasks completed in other types of matter. For instance, surfing on lava is perfectly acceptable. You could even swim in the clouds; however, when it comes to things like that, I am letting you be the judge as that could also just as easily be considered flying by some. Please only claim points if you actually believe you did the task.

I’m sorry for the late posting of task 6. I got real sick over the weekend; therefore, task 6 was posted late. I’m also behind on the scoring, so scores will not be posted this week. Task 5’s early points are extended until 3:00 p.m. PST tomorrow. Task 7 will be posted next Tuesday, around 2:00 p.m. PST, instead of Sunday.

Woo! A high scorer here! :happy:

My Hand is a Camera! ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Task 5 Parts I and II & the LD4All Quest ~ EARLY, LUCID

Current Stats:

[spoiler]Short Lucid Dreams: 2
Medium Lucid Dreams: 3
Chains: 2

Task 1: Part 1 LUCID
Task 2: ~ none ~
Task 3: ~ none ~
Task 4: ~ none ~
Task 5: Parts I and II

Quest: Was in a school.

Had a small LD here which was around 2-3 minutes long. I tried to swap bodies with a Yautja to try and get my desired form but couldn’t get things to work out.

Psst, Scipio, remember to post this in the Quest topic as well.

I had a long LD this morning, and I found one of the objects in the extended task. I also had two other short LD’s that had no task points.

[spoiler]I was laying in bed for a while, started to feel a little odd, and did an RC [LD]to find that I was dreaming. After stabilizing the dream, I got out of bed. I didn’t want to be stuck in my apartment again so I told myself I’d be outside when I walked around the corner.

I found myself in a front yard at night time. The yard had a large tree, similar to the one in front of my childhood home, and a streetlamp across the street from the yard. I didn’t want to stick around here since there was nothing past the streetlamp, so I summoned the TARDIS.

It appeared directly in front of me. Inside the control room was much larger than normal, with a main console being ten feet long per side. There also seemed to be people walking around, one of which resembled my store manager.

I flipped a few switches and tried to program the TARDIS to go to a local amusement park that sounded fun, but it ended up taking me to a city that looked very similar to London. It was evening, but with all the lights it was very pretty and very easy to see. Most of the DC’s were smiling and seemed to recognize me, a few even waved. One ran up to me and started shooting a gun at me, but I just snapped my fingers and sent him to the Dream Police’s HQ.

I managed to summon Wyvern, and was about to kiss him in greeting when he decided to invite Thorn to join us without asking. I was a little annoyed as I wanted some private time. Instead, I messed around with Thorn’s DC by trying out mind control. My dream powers were working well in that dream so I was able to make him say and do some pretty amusing things. The dream ended with me talking to a group of DC’s.[/LD][/spoiler]