LC 40 - Congratulations Wyvern!

Hello Everyone,
There is slightly more than 24 hours left for LC 40! I will post tomorrow when it closes.

The most recent dream you posted was counted for full group incubation points, as nothing in your group incubation said all members had to be involved at the same time. If you feel strongly against my scoring for full points, let me know and I will score you for only half.

I liked your mirror dream. You were able to do what I have struggled with, which was clone myself from a mirror. Then finding out that you brought David Tennant out of the mirror, I got so excited that I gave you a large chunk of creativity points.

Congratulations on getting your first WILD!

@Scipio Xaos
I would allow a different monthly quest to count. However, you completed it while non-lucid, and it is my understanding that these quests must be completed while lucid. Therefore, I did not count your completion of the quest. I looked over what was written in the rules and I see how there may be confusion, so the next TM should note that and make the monthly quest points more specific.

Alrighty. Thanks for letting me know HITC.

OK, so this was from a few days ago.

Short LD. [LD]I was in some kind of waiting room, like a doctor’s office. I looked in a mirror and found that I looked quite normal. Then I wanted my points from the horror task back, so I looked around and saw a DC in the waiting room. I tried summoning Freddy Kreuger but got Jason Vorhees instead. Oh well, it was close enough and I didn’t really care anymore anyway.

I threw the DC in Jason’s direction, and then just before Jason could kill the DC, I snapped my fingers and made Jason explode.[/LD]

There. Approximately 13 seconds should give me back all of my points. What an exciting, creative dream.

I also had another medium LD, but there were no task points and I don’t recall very much.

In this morning’s dream, I went for a swim. (I’m going to claim a couple more points before the end of the LC. :tongue:)


Alrighty. Completed the Quest in a nap last night. Medium LD in my house but it also looked like a cross between my grandparents’ house. I went to the bathroom where there was a mirror. Nothing too unusual about my appearance except I might have looked a bit older.
Made several attempts to complete the extended task but ian1 either got away or was not in the correct form when I defeated him.

And that’s about it.

Alright everyone, the LC is now closed. I will announce the winner in two days. You have until then to post any dreams that happened before today at 3:00 p.m. PST.

Hi everyone and welcome to the close of LC 40. The winner is Wyvern! Congratulations Wyvern. Hopefully everyone had fun and got to try out a few things in their dreams they wouldn’t have thought to otherwise.

Wyvern gets to host the next LC if he wants to, otherwise the hosting opportunity goes to the person in second place, which is Rhewin. If he also declines, then it goes to the person in third place and so on and so forth.

If anyone believes their score is wrong in a way that affects their rank, let me know immediately.

Final Scores:
Maximum: 0
Mew151: 0
Scipio Xaos: 525
Yev: 40
Thorn: 800
Lumessence: 0
Letaali: 100
Wyvern: 1700
muccy: 140
ian1: 560
Rhewin: 965
BrandonBoss: 100
james_uk2008: 265
KauaiDreamer: 0