LD competition rankings for August

well i just woke up from 3 so i figured i’d start this one. anyone want to take control of it though, because i don’t have a chance to get to the board enough so if someone like visiondreamz or badcandlejack wants to…go for it. anyway, three for me.

Hey Dreamers,

I had a LD last night so put me up to 1.



  1. brad. (3)
  2. DutchThor (1)

that’s all for now…tell me when you guys have more. put it in your profile too, how many lucid dreams you have for august.

I’ve had…0.5 lucid dreams. Mainly because everytime I realise i’m dreaming, I get about a minute or so before I wake. =/

i guess no one else wants to do it

Put me in, even though I havent had one yet =P

I had an LD with nice scenery today :smile:

So thats 1 for me.

Brad. - You posted you had 3 on August 1, did you have 3 in one night?

Also, I’d like to take this over, I’m on here pretty often. I’ll create a new thread, If its ok with you. So, may I?

yeah i had three in one night…it was great :happy:, and sure go ahead, consider it yours

New thread at: