LD more often?

For some reason this week it seems like i’ve had an LD everyother day. One night i had 2 same night. Next day Just a ND. Next LD. Next ND. Please help me have LD everynight not ND then LD then ND ( Repeat ) HELP! :help:

I wish I could have just one. I would even settle for remembering my ND’s. :sad:

^ seriously

But just keep practicing I guess… If you can master wild then you can have one every night.

Have you been doing a method like MILD or WILD the only way to really guarentee a LD everynight is to get good at WILD. But hey if you werent doing a method then consider yourself lucky to have that many in a week :wink:.

I was Using MILD.

climb the ladder to success!

Yeah, be grateful that you’re having that much success! :smile: At least your LD’s have a pattern… I can never tell if I’m going to have one…

count your lucky stars man… stop complaining. :razz:

Well, I, too, say that you shouldn’t complain about it! :smile:

But everyone wants to get better at something they’re good at. I say, become very proficient in MILD. After that, practice another technique in addition. Why? 'Cause 2 techs are better than one!!

Of course, I could be giving you bad advice, and if you go off MILD, it’ll be tough to get back on it, but becoming proficient in both MILD and, say, VILD will allow you better chances as well.