LD4all Lucid Dream Quest 55: Join the party!

My Quest Dream!


I visited the anniversary party in my dream today, but didn’t have much time to enjoy it. :sad:


However, if I need to talk about what to do to complete this quest:


  • Find the LD4all party (or throw one yourself) [right]…done[/right]
  • :boogie: PARTY!!! :cheer: [right]…not done[/right]
  • Optional: Meet and greet LD4all members [right]…not done[/right]
  • Optional: There are gifts for everyone, find yours and open it :smile: [right]…not done[/right]
  • Alternative: Enter your view of the LD4all community in your dreams. Does it look like a forum or like a real life community? [right]…not done[/right]
  • Post your dream in this topic (a link to your DJ is allowed but you have to post in this topic that you have succeeded) [right]…done[/right]

I managed to do only two things from the list, and the point of the quest is not even included in those, so I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished this.

I’ll have to try a bit harder and with a bit more quantity of sleep in order to be able to succeed. I’m still proud, though, that I did even this much. :content:

And as a side note; sorry pasQuale, about my subconscious image of you :shy:

Finally remembered to do the Quest!

Here it is :happy:

I did the quest :slide:

It involves an outdoor night part, giant green moons and Q flying a space ship.


Hmmmm, I wonder if that is where I ended up last night (at the party).
I tried to get people to disappear by saying, “thought-people go away,” but everyone must have been lucid in there and turned up the volume so no one could hear me and no one disappeared. It was a heck of a party I must say, loads of food, dancing, games, discussions, you name it. :smile:

I did it :happy:
I did WILD and once i went into the dream, I looked into my pocked and pulled out a badge with the LD4all logo. I put it on and walked around, went through a few doors, but didnt find it. I then went into an elevator and it didnt have a LD4all button on it for some reason, so i took my badge off, and put it on the elevator next to the floor buttons. And it turned into a button. I pressed it and the door opened, and I saw a big group of people in a hotel room which was similar to the movie ‘The Hangover’. I met a few people, but I cant remember their names :sad: And then we danced a bit, and my dream ended D:
I think I did this quest well, but I’ll probably try it again tonight if I can become lucid.

hey Gutana! Congrats!

Have you read the first LD4all party dream I had? Yours sound surprisingly similar! I wonder if the “LD4all elevator” always ends up in that hotel? :hmmm:

I have 2 days for this quest…I have a feeling that tomrrow I will LD becuase I almost always LD in the start of the week :happy:




for earning your wings with this Quest! :yay:

:boogie: :boogie:

Congrats to Ghostie11, Rhawin and Q :tongue: for completing this Quest! Sadly I can’t give any more wings, but you get cookies :grin:

and well done for everyone who tried but didn’t succeed this time :smile:

Gutana please let me know if you would like to earn your wings, it wasn’t clear to me if you wanted them for the dream you posted.

Another opportunity to earn your wings in the next Quest :smile:

Man, these cookies are addicting. Gratz all, see you on #56!

No need for the cookeths :razz:

Drinking champagne with you on the boat was a far better experience :grin:

Lol yeah, sorry for not making it clear. I was gonna try it again, but I for some reason, couldn’t get lucid for a little while after that, so I forgot completely about the quest. XD. Just now, I just realized I didn’t get my wings, and kinda wondered why. Lol, sorry about that. But yeah, I would like my wings now :3

I really have to get lucid AND remember the quest.
So far about a month ago, I did have a ND about the quests I chose(Lucid School and Reading the Book of my Life) I got lucid at the end just 2 seconds before I woke up!.way to close, but no cigar.
Then a week later I got lucid, but had to do something unrelated to the quests(it was very important) and a couple of weeks ago I got lucid, but it only lasted for a minute. Now again, I have another ND about being in a school learning things valuable to LD’ing.
Sooner or later the right combination will match up and Behold! I will unlock the right to obtaining Wings!