LD4all Quest #1: Self-Existing Moon: Through the Mirror

OMG!! I’m so excited because we almost all were successful last night here’s my experience.

11/1/05 - Tuesday Night

In Search of Q

[com]I went to bed thinking of all the things I had wanted to accomplish during that night. I wanted to meet up with Q in hopes of having a SD. I wanted to work on a project I have going with a friend. I wanted to help another and I wanted to go through the mirror and bring back a gift for the Lucid Adventures topic.

I meditated, visualizing where I wanted to start off being that I could possibly take care of all those things at once.[/com] [LD] I found myself in my old bedroom at my mom’s house. I knew I was lucid immediately. I looked at my body and noticed that I was as thin as I was 10 years ago. Everything was as I remembered. I looked and remembered that I had two mirrors and was contemplating which to use. So I decided to start off with the one on the inside of my closet. I sat diagonal to the mirror so as not to see my reflection. I reached out and placed my hand in the mirror and began to swirl it around as if playing with water. I pulled on it and made it expand.

I watched the mirror and brought into view our “meeting” place. Q wasn’t there. I called her and I even brought her a unicorn (no wings) and nothing. I then stepped in but didn’t go all the way through. It felt like I was expanding the lining of a bubble. I called again. I paced around for a while. I walked over and used the other mirror and still no Q.

I did manage to see a friend sleeping with his dog and quieted the dog so that I wouldn’t wake my friend. I put my hand in the mirror again and came back with a coin. It was a little bigger than a quarter or dollar (coin) and it was a dark grey. It must have been silver at one point. I was holding onto the coin to give to Q for some reason.

I got bored of waiting for Q and woke myself up.[/LD] I realized it was almost time to get ready for work and that’s what I did.

:beer: :cheer: :thumbs:

Go Illuminada!!! Through the mirror and a gift!! Nice!!

All you guys are an inspiration to me!!! :content:

That sounded quite successfull Illuminada, I sure hope I manage to have the same level of success as you had!

thursday november 3 2005
Yellow Solar Seed

Through the Mirror
My husband woke me because I was moaning in my sleep, I can’t remember what that dream was about, but it gave me the occassion to WILD back into it and become lucid :happy:

[LD]I remember the mirror Quest immediately and that I have to meet ilum behind the mirror. I run down the stairs into our meditation room, where I find a mirror on the wall. that isn’t there IRL.

I put my hand in it and swirl it around, because I want to see what that looks like. It is a bit like water. Strangely enough I don’t notice my own reflection in the mirror at all; just a mirrory surface.

Then I jump through. I end up in some kind of sticky cloudlike substance. I can’t progress through it. I step back again. I hear Ilum calling me and I say that I’m coming. I try to see her in the mirror. I jump in again, this time with more force. I manage to take a few steps further in the sticky stuff.

I see Ilum opposite me, almost a step away. I grab her hand and pull her trough the mirror with me. The stuff is so sticky I have to remove it from my face. It feels like removing a bandaid.

Now it is vague… I can vaguely recall me being together with Ilum in the meditation room, but I can’t remember more :cry: [/LD]

Yay I did the mirror Quest :happy: It has been a long time since I stepped through a mirror. Now I want to try again. I hope Ilum has the other part of my recall :grin:

:content: Thanks Carnun and Snape. It was unreal and awesome. You guys must try with the mirror. What worked for me was to think about a place that was comfortable and serene. I just went there to use the mirror.

Q: :rofl: I do but I hate to disappoint you with the outcome but we can keep trying.

In Search of Q part II

I went to bed keeping in mind that I am to meet Q somewhere and I need to go get her instead of waiting. I also had to go visit someone else too. I was meditating before I go to bed, this seems to work best for me.

I found myself in my old bedroom again. I walk over to the closet to use the mirror on the inner door. I’m standing in front of it and I feel so exhausted. I’m trying everything I can to maintain lucid. If I call Q maybe she’ll answer and I’ll stay lucid. Like Q I don’t see my reflection. I close my eyes and call Q with my mind. First I see the face of a friend that I said I’d visit too but his eyes are open and I get the impression he’s awake so I go back to Q. I have a mental image of her face and before I can open my eyes I am pulled through the mirror. I lose lucidity and it becomes a ND

I land in this small square room. There are big pillows in there. Not the one’s you use to sleep but the one’s people use to kneel on. There are other people in with me and I’m confused about what is going . I’m either held against my will or can’t get out. There is some sort of epidemic or plague affecting everyone out in the real world.

This was all I remember. But I can’t wait to try again!

Golly, you guys get lucid so easily it puts me to shame :bored:

hey carnun

cool dream man. i can relate to that slipping feeling you experienced!

i like imagining that there is something there before me - often I put “my hands” out, and try and roll them along the ground… that way i have something to engage my senses, and thus fasten my dreaming body in the dreaming…

pasQuale and illuminada

especially illuminada - for that second attempt.

loved reading your dreams. I especially liked the way you swirled the mirror around like water, expanding it, then stepping through. a that’s a neat trick!

i did a similar thing with a tv once - it felt so cool to suddenly find myself “inside”.


I gave this a try last night, in my own way:

I guess it is time to draw a circle. I remember a project in ld4all, and draw it in front of a mirror to do both at once. I jump through the pink circle, and at the same time through the wall and mirror, and end up in darkness. Slowly, an image forms. It is a beautiful sunrise or sunset, with trees in silhouette, overlooking a river. It zooms in to show sandy, shrub-covered ground. The impact when I hit the ground sends me straight into a FA in my brother’s apartment.

The summoned DC gives me the berry back, and suggests that I draw a new circle with that in my hand. It is a good idea! There is no Ceeia on the other side though, only a noisy fair or market. I have come to this place before when I have tried, it must be close to Ceeia? The music is deafening! I draw another one, and end up in a desert. It is flat, and red/orange coloured. There are two months in the sky, and two suns. This is definitely not Ceeia, but it is an unknown world! There is a large, flat, light grey building behind me.

It reminds me a little of the building from the swamp world in a LD I had years ago. I can’t remember what happened after this. I can remember stomping the ground to check for sound, and also firing arrows with a quite small bow.

I had an LD!!! I wanted to call a unigon, but I forgot.

Extract from Reflective Mirrors
I forgot to get my USB drive from the shop. So I turned back to get it, then I realised I was dreaming!

[LD]I no longer needed to go to the shop now. I flew into the air and thought of something to do. The Mirror Quest! I used two hands to try and draw a circle starting from the top of the circle to the bottom. I wanted to draw it red like Siiw does but with a mirror in the middle too. No success.

I flew across the town and saw the windows of a warehouse. They were reflective. I approached them from an angle so I didn’t see my own reflection. I tried to put my hand though the mirror/window. The mirror made a resonating sort of sound. I tapped it a couple of times more.

I returned to flying and watched the houses go by. I decided to enter a random house. I flew to the front door and walked in. There were a couple of young boys and there mother in the house.
I looked around the house and found a mirror. It had a gold frame. I looked at myself in the mirror. My first impression was “Girly!” But I didn’t look too much different from my real self. I considered breaking the mirror but didn’t think it was worth the effort.

I gave up on the mirror quest and went outside. It was night time now and I could see the moon. It was a yellow smilie face. I thought about flying to it but it was likely to be futile. I looked at it for a little while, it changed into a crescent.

I found some train tracks with trains going around and around. I carefully tried to get on one of the trains. When I remembered that it was a dream, I jumped on one with less care. A narrator somewhere in the sky announced that 6 minutes 50 seconds were up and we were changing to a new scene. I thought that was a handy way of measuring the length of my dream. [/LD]

Siiw: that is totally awesome. I commend you on going through circles. I would have to make one as large as a doorway so as not to panic from the the size. Don’t you draw? Couldn’t you put that planet down on paper and show us?

Inch: Flying is always the best. The mirror thing was the first time I had done it. And it’s been such a while since I had had a memorable ld. I so congratulate you!!!

:rofl: Thats brilliant!!

Nice dream Siiw, I especially love the creativity of drawing the circles and the way they lead to different locations! Is this something you do often in your LDs?

yes, it is. it is a rc which almost never fails. it is exciting to see where i end up after going through one,too

I had an (all too) brief lucid dream last night where I remembered Lucid Adventures :happy: I will put it in my dream diary when I catch up to date, but here is a ‘sneak preview’:

I wake up in bed* and immediately do a reality check. I have far too many fingers on my right hand! My dream body floats upwards from the bed and hovers a few feet above the bed. I roll over to my side and step into an upright position.
Immediately, I think that I will fly through the window, because my dreams that start off at home tend to end quite quickly, but then I recall that I am supposed to be looking for a mirror to travel through. I look round, but there is not a mirror in sight (and I am not lucid enough to think of creating one).
I walk over to the door, worried that I will not be able to pass through it. I say out loud “Increase lucidity!”. This seems to have no real effect, but at least I can now confidently go through the door (quite literally!).
I find myself in my office at work. It is dark and no-one else is about. I look over to my boss’ desk and see that a lot of his things are scattered over the floor. I see that his desklamp is on the floor, but it is also on his desk, lighting the scene. I realise that it is still a dream, but my lucidity fades rapidly.

*I am not in my own room, but in my previous house. It does not seem wrong at the time.

Next time, I must remember to create a mirror if I can’t find one around.

Great idea - these quests!
my problem is like this:
when im finding out im dreaming i get so exciting and i dont know what to di and eventually i wake up.

so this is a great idea for me, in my next LD ill try to find a mirror.

thanks a lot ! :happy:

Amazing reports!I read them all carefully and i something made me think.If i got it right Q and Iluminada had almost shared dream.I mean they met behind the mirror.Different times but still.Iluminada said she was kept there against her will alike and Q wrote she pulled her hand.
Im not sure if thats right,but still- wonderfull stories.

great dreams everybody! i might run this Quest another time, for a full moon instead of a half one :wink:

Still 2 nights left to complete this Quest :dream: :mirror:

This was definately too short time…quests like this should go on for at least few months longer,maybe divided in monthly stages where each stage would have to do with mirror travel but with different subtask or kind of.
Just an idea- its hard to give your subcounciousness different quest so often.Not mentioning the possibility of flowing it with too many.

well normally it would last 4 weeks (1 moon) but i started the first halfway through a moon; I can expand it for another moon if more people want :smile:

I had an LD this morning. Well, sort of. The dream started out normal, and I dreamed that for some reason, I’d volunteered for some ghost-hunter show to try and debunk something. A huge, absurd yellow helmet was put on my head and the heads of some other volunteers. (At this point, the ghost-hunter show had magically become an episode of MythBusters.) I didn’t become fully, 100% lucid, I thought I was going to be pulled out of the experiment at some point.

They were experimenting/debunking something about the brain, or dreams, or something. To cut to the chase, I asked the group of other volunteers if I could go and do whatever I wanted to. (We all knew we were in a dream state, but they had never heard of LDs.) They said “Sure, whatever.”

Somewhere along the line, I ended up in my room, next to my dresser. On the floor, there was a small mirror with a pink frame/handle. I said something like “Activate,” and a little green light came on, on the right side. I stated where I wanted to go, and a little red light came on, right below the green light. I jumped in feet-first.

It was like diving into a column of water. I was in a tube filled with a slightly-cold, clear liquid (I’m assuming it was water) and everything around me was pitch-black, save for white light coming from two identical mirrors. One was above me and one was below me. The bottom mirror pulled me in, and I fell through it and landed more-or-less comfortably in the place I wanted to go. Fortunately, nobody wondered about the mirror that was somehow in the ceiling. :razz:

I did the same thing twice, though the second time I stated who I wanted to find instead of a location.

congrats! :happy:
what a great way to travel through a mirror! Reminds me a bit of the startrek beaming thing :smile: Do you remember where you ended up?