LD4all Quest 102: June: Trains!

LD4all Quest 102: June: Trains!
Author: Tggtt

Each month, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

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Welcome to the LD4all Station! You can already hear the train coming in the distance.
Here’s something that you have been expecting anxiously: the monthly quest!

Where would the train take you in a lucid dream?
Have you been planning going to somewhere special that exists in real life or not?
Perhaps a transdimensional travel coming up? So many possibilities!
There could be nice views, bridges, tunnels…
Your imagination is the limit, and the destination.

Get in everybody! This is some trip you wouldn’t want to miss!

To complete this Quest and earn your wings:

  • Step 1: Become Lucid;
  • Step 2: Get into a Train!
  • Step 3: Travel and tell us where it takes you!
  • Optional: meet other passengers/commuters.
  • Optional: drive the train.
  • Optional: have a meal on it.

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - Qu will give wings if you think you should have them; the wings are a reward for yourself.

Qu will give wings to everyone who asks for them at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

And now you must ask yourself: “Do you like trains?”
Take a deep breath and check it out!

Tips for Completing this Quest

  • Think about trains while incubating your dream;
  • Try to imagine that you are close to a train station while incubating your dream;
  • Search for awesome trains pictures!
  • (Mandatory) Check that your luggage is ready for your trip!
  • And stay calm! Expect that you can really catch a train there!

The train is on schedule, I am sure it is going to be easy for you to catch it. Enjoy the tour and remember to have fun!

SPOILER - Click to view

Remember to have fun.
I am sure Siiw would like to try this one! :cool:

Yes, you know that this crazy quest would be authored by Tggtt. You are welcome!

I haven’t had a train dream for a while.

Good quest. :smile:

Since I live in a far away Island it pleases me greatly that your train connection will be available from now on.
So many weather problems to solve…
Plus the unknown schedule implications…
:happy: :happy: :happy:
I will definitely give it a long distance ride!

My first attempt in train travel today resulted in this RD after a midday nap :

I was a gardener authorized by the Sultan to cultivate a rare kind of vine leaves suitable for wrapping his preferred meatballs.
As I was showing the Sultana around the vines, the Grand Vizier came by and asked me (bullying) how the vine is progressing. I answered him that I am only reporting to the Sultan himself. After his furious withdrawal, the Sultana warned me not to push things further cause the Vizier is dangerous.
Of course as everybody knows, the Sultan is himself an expert train engineer. He had recently devised a special Cargo Train that he wanted me to drive from my Island to Constantinople. Nothing strange at all. So I loaded the train on a ferry and transferred it on New Makri coast. (worth noticing that train loading ferries do not exist in Greece, and no railway on the Islands).
As scheduled, the train was put back onto tracks outside New Makri port at noon. So before I would drive again the train, I decided to take a swim in the port. In order to do so I jumped easily over the port fence and had a pleasant swim into the clear blue waters… (imagine if possible, …clear waters in a port!)
Alas! As I returned I found a coiled barbed wire had been added on top of the port fence and the door was locked with a guard standing by. Inside the port yard a group of children were playing soccer carelessly. So I called the guard and urged him to unlock the iron door, bluffing him that if he would not unlock it, then I would show kids a new trick to unlock using common house keys. The bluff worked and we were all granted freedom.
Arriving at the train site another surprise awaited me. My train had been towed to the trains depot. So I got a cab that drove me to the train, and finally started the long rail route towards Constantinople…
That’s where I woke up.

This morning at first light I closed the bedroom shutters and tried again WILDing my cargo train.
So now I had some progress:
First during the hypnagogia, I saw geometrical patterns moving behind closed lids in a wonderful array. As my awareness was intense, I could zoom into the motives and distinguish details reminding me of the earthy colors in Beluchi prayer carpets.
Then all of a sudden a bright luminous window opened and I was driving my train again. I was definitely aware that in this dream-request I was to fulfill the process of my previous train RD. A dream with the definite remembrance of another dream.
The Lucidity level was law at first, but I had the sense of a purposeful aim guiding me in my train. The colors were rather hazy but since the dream time was near the dawn, I did not care to lighten them up on command. I was afraid to push lucidity further and possibly awake myself from excitement. (It has happened to me a lot before).
I saw outside, above the electric train poles a hawk with human face flew over as it was taking the electric load from the cables and directed it towards my train to hit me.
I disregarded the attack as if it was a child’ s play. The human faced hawk vanished…
As the morning shone the rails drove me to a very calm and protected bay. Lucidity got better. The scenery was surreal with clear shallow clear waters, and floating Islands drawn by the breeze here and there. Difficult to believe they were islands. They seemed more like giant inflated turtles (without their bottom part) touching the calm sea with their feet. They offered shade to non existent swimmers. For a brief moment I braked the train to enjoy the view of strolling turtle islands… Magic!
The trip continued.
Now I was driving the cargo train full speed. The load was minimal as I only had three cars attached to the engine. Colors with no definite shape were passing by, the same way I have seen colors blazing behind me in previous sky flying. This time I saw them disappearing horizontally as the train was securely placed on tracks. Lots of sparkling lights. Euphoria and lucidity augmenting…
All of a sudden the rails stopped at a hill base. After a momentarily alarm I gained control remembering that it is my dream, and I can do as I please! (In a flash of memory I recalled that in a previous dream, I had traveled aboard a train moving on no tracks, in Afghanistan, just flying at 5 cm above ground). So I Decided to repeat the past dream experience and drive full speed toward the hill. The train obeyed like a cute doll on command. My only precaution I took was to calculate -with my professional engineering experience- the grade of sloping up, as to not exceed the permitted limits, and overturn the center of train gravity.
Over the hill top, I admired a beautiful scenery, but instantly I lost interest in sightseeing and remembered to search for train rails again.
With a sigh of relief I saw the rails and a train station a couple of kilometers away towards North East to Constantinople…

There I awoke due to my wife calling me for the day!
In any case I stayed awhile in bed to enjoy a hypnopompia state that fulfilled me with energy and euphoria.
My intention is to complete the route to Constantinople at first given opportunity.

Please join your dream energy with mine,
to allow our collective super conscious to support my target.

Will definitely try this one :smile: I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

Train Quest Part Three,
After several nightly wakings and tries to continue my Train quest, I chose Ross’s visualization tech in my WILD quest attempts. So I visualized a Luminous window picturing the last image I had in my previous LD. I Relaxed, emptied all anticipation and eagerness and waited seemingly for ages…
All of a sudden I found myself in the train station I had seen last from afar.
Surprise! Found myself on the platform, thirsty, deserted and no sign of trains.
Absolute nothingness around, barren hills bearing old rusty rail tracks.
As lucidity was weakening in my despaired loneliness, I tried RC penetrating my palm. It worked piercing. So recollecting my intention, I made a speech to myself stating that it was my dream, and I do command my train to appear on the station.
Instantly I found myself again in my driving position inside the cargo train.
Longing for my wife and absent luggage, they both appeared instantly on the platform and boarded by my side. (In the initial first RD I had left the island on the Sultan’s command, without any luggage.)
So I resumed driving full speed towards Constantinople. Passed inumerable small stations with passengers waiving to stop but nothing could distract my intention. The electric human faced hawk that had threatened me before, now masqueraded into an enormous elephant appeared walking on the lines. With no hesitation I declared it was a hologram and passed through thin air.
Then at the Turkish border officials stopped me and guided me handcuffed at the Grand Visier’s office.
Resuming my LD I declared to myself that Turkey today no longer has Sultans or Visiers and I am free to dream as I please…
Woken at last with a sigh of relief…
This sigh of relief was clearly audible in my ears as I heard the ending “phhhh” sound as I regained my waking awareness…

In spite the fact that it was a very tiresome journey,
In the morning I was lighthearted as a feather!

I usually dream of trains and railways so this should be too easy :razz: nice to see that this is a Quest now :cool:

Awesome job there PROMITHEUS!
I really appreciate your success, I think it’s more than enough already, but feel free to try again as many times as you wish.
Please confirm if you think you have succeeded in this quest, because it seems you have.

And good luck for Moogle, Rodrigo, Ghosteh and anyone else who wishes to dream about trains this month.

[size=59]* Tggtt had 2 LDs with trains this month. :content: [/size]

Thank you Tggtt for your review,
Yesssss! I do confirm this Trilogy is an accomplished quest.

But this accomplishment does not quench my thirst for tangible benefits.
As I suffer from some sleep apnea (that brings me nightmares of claustrophobic darkness at hypnopompia) I feel that this powerful LD tool may cure not only the darkness side effect, but the causing factor as well.
So I intend to make a train journey in chaotic darkness and see what happens.
My aim is to create light and healing in dark chaos.
Please offer me your LD assistance.
Perhaps I might call for assistance there!

Notice to passengers:

Remember that you have only 5 more days to complete this quest if you want to earn wings this month. :content:

I know you can do it! :yes:

It All started with an RD short before sunrise.

I dreamed I was singing a song that I have never heard before.
The lyrics reminded me of troubadour lore:
“Even in the midst oh heavy Winter,
you must always keep Summer in your heart”…

Then suddenly the happy atmosphere turned into darkness.
Heavy darkness inside a deserted war camp.
Found a tent with wide opened entrance.
Standing there inside, were two short trees with dangerous spiked leaves. I caressed them without fear. As if responding to my appreciation they shone with sparkling colors emanating from the spikes.
I continued strolling the empty camp. It was an eerie darkness that disturbed me a lot. Then I made a remark to myself. I told myself that I remember another dream, a frightening nightmare that shook me in suffocating darkness a couple of years ago.
The internal remembrance dialogue brought me gradually to a peaceful LD combined with an easy ongoing awareness.
I remembered my train, the cargo train I drive, the unstoppable train.
So the train appeared on command, instantly turning the darkness into a well illuminated space. This huge train searchlight at middle front high was shining for miles.
The deserted camp was still eerie, but not at all frightening as my gigantic steam engine shone in the night.
Looked back at the cars. Not three cars as before, but many were attached, impossible to count.
And people, lots of people boarding. Hindi, Asians, Maltese, Arab, Norse, all the races gathered in the night to travel along my route to cure darkness. Their footsteps noise tap- tap- tap- tap- was filling the air for long till they all boarded.
When we started again, I tried to recollect the exact whereabouts of my previous nightmare in order to drive us at the exact dreamy scene. It was on a mountainous island village where only a small road exists and certainly no rails.
As the above conditions we unimportant, the heavy loaded train arrived on the island and directed to the epicenter of Darkness. To do so the train chose by itself to penetrate the rocky mountain opening a tunnel for us till we reached the underground scene of the nightmare.
Light was spread by the train everywhere.
A huge gathering place with tavernas and restaurants.
All passengers joined me on a local fiesta and there I offered them my song:
“Even in the midst oh heavy Winter,
you must always keep Summer in your heart”…

Happily I woke…

PS: I do not know if the dream may cure the sleep apnea that caused my nightmare but i have the feeling that our subconscious healing agent may do something for it.

Congratulations PROMITHEUS! :good:

The quest 102 is officially over. I hope you have enjoyed it.

We are in mid July and no further monthly subject has been announced…
Is it due to summer vacation?

Hi Promitheus! Please find the July Quest HERE. Congrats on completing this Quest, your wings will be forthcoming.

Ok I can do this quest my next LD! I haven’t done it for a long time.

Congratulations with your wings PROMITHEUS :thumbs:
Matching your title above your avatar now :content: