LD4all Quest #12: Self-Existing Moon:Tickle your taste buds!

tastelessness goneth

Oh my word, I was on the floor laughing before I could read the “I kid” sentence… Ahh wipes tears from eyes

Another experience I wanted to share was that in an ND, I was in a dream on some sort of Jamaican island where a woman had opened a restaurant near the coastline. When you wanted food, you went to these sets of ovens and pulled out whatever you wanted; when you looked away more food would “spawn”.

I remember tasting a whole slew of things, but the exact things I can’t remember, although I do remember tasting a brownie at the end; my goodness it was great.

this is a tasteful topic, so no tasteless jokes please :tongue:

I have removed the tastelessness so the topic can keep it’s flavor :content:

Hehe this is soo for me :grin:

Im pretty fat so eating food is my specialty :tongue:

I did dream about food the other night. Wasn’t lucid and didn’t eat anything (in the dream I thought I was full) so it doesn’t count.

I may attempt this. :smile: Of course, I’m hoping for something spicy, like curried chicken or jalepeno peppers for example, just because it tends to taste better.

But walls of sugar… Mm. :smile:

I bet hair would taste like spaghetti to me. It’s likely as pasta is very appealing to me.

I completed this without even remembering the quest :razz:

I had the best thanksgiving day feast and the most delicious piece of candy ever! It was chocolate with peanut butter inside and a wafer-ish thing (like Reese’s combined with a Kit-Kat) :colgate:

You guys are lucky. Your dream things taste good…Mine however… :cry:

Completed the quest.

Gah! I was SOOOO close last night! My third LD ever and I almost ate a candle! (yes, I know, something I do in real life but that’s besides the point)

I have eaten tons of foods in my dreams. I will get in this moods and go into stores and just eat and eat.
Food tastes better in dreams than RL.
My favorite is this on wierd kind of dream food.
I have also eaten my dreamscape like trees, cars, rocks, people(inluding my arm), animals(took a bite out of a couple dogs and cats), oh yeah and once I ate the moon but it was horrible tasting.
Me and a couple of my friends went on a mad eating spree in our dreams about 2 years ago. It was sorta like an experiment I guess.

What did your arm taste like?

The weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten in a dream was a live tarantula- I just picked it up and took a big bite. It was actually quite tasty; the legs were like crunchy, dry chicken, while the body was gooey and tasted like a Snickers bar, with an aftertaste like salmon.

Finally! I have succeeded! My fourth lucid dream and my biggest one yet! Anyone who said that bananas work wonders is right! Viva la banana! I’m hoping they work for me again. =0)

Anyhow, here’s the part that’s relavent to the quest. (I actually succeeded in sinking into the ground too if you want to check out my journal.)

It took awhile, but I finally completed this quest.
Tasting People :
…I started jumping from car to car when I remembered this month’s quest. For some reason, only thing in area I wanted to taste was blonde that walked behind me in the street. I flew to her, and bite the piece of her arm (not of heart :smile: )… It tasted like some-kind of weird chewing gum. Later in dream brunnete come along, she tasted like chewing gum, only more bitter :smile:. I tasted a car (to prove that I’m not crazy cannibal or weirdo… :smile: ) and it was hard spicy chewing gum.
Conclusion - everything tastes like chewing gum in my dreams.

PS. later in dream I got married with blonde girl :smile:, and now when I think about her, she reminds me of the girl I saw in tram that day in RL, who knows what would happen if i let my cannibals insticts to control me in RL :smile:.

congrats on completing the Quest everybody :happy: It is really strange how things taste differently for everybody. Maybe we should make it into an experiment, like a dream-taste-test, where everybody will attempt to taste the same thing(s), to see if there can be drawn any interesting conclusions.

Oh wait, I just looked through my dream diary and remembered that I DID eat a person! I had turned into this eight-foot-tall hermaphrodite fox-thing, and then I grabbed a woman and swallowed her whole. If I recall correctly it was like swallowing a big mouthful of spaghetti.

Hmmm… I ate a vampire elder’s head in a recent ND… But I don’t remember how it tasted though. Does this qualifies as an accomplished quest? It was acidental, after all.

EDIT: In another ND, I ate the most delicious meal ever… but again, not an LD.

:lol: :rofl: :gni: Best thing i read in ages.

Wonder what chewing gum taste id have hmm :wink:

:no: Quests are specifically meant to do while lucid, so a ND doing the Quest doesn’t count. But it’s a good start :happy: