LD4all Quest 20: Cosmic Moon: Explore your subconscious

Nah, cannot be. :tongue: I´s probably because the subconsiousness is a popular place. :grin:


well good luck with the Quest then :happy:

You have planned out a map of your subconscious? will you use that in your LD? :smile:

Oh man! I’m doing this!

My subconscious is gonna be so messed up! :rofl:

Try a magic quest in your LD

i’m still… working on it.

I’m getting a little less patient. So instead of being nice to by SC i’ve constantly reminded it that i am just gonna go ahead and take over for a bit.

I’m sure we will reach an understanding.

But here’s a little message to IT!

IT takes 2 to have a conversation, Buddy!

Shape up! Chop chop, i don’t have all of eternity!

I’ve come extremely close twice. Once I woke up right as I was entering, once I lost all sight, and decided I couldn’t do it blindly.

my subconscious always appears to me in dreams, ND or LD as someone who doesn’t need anything from me. i find it difficult to engage this person in a conversation, because lots of stuff is going on , or people get in my face, or i think i’m in danger, or i really need to eat some chocolate. :grin:

anyway, i’ll keep a look out for this quiet guy, and see what happens.

-water buffalo reflexology

I remembered to do this in my LD last night! :happy:

full dream is in my DJ, here :content:

I did it!!! :happy:
The dream is here in my DJ.

there is still time left on the moon!

I shall do this one

(but i sure hope i can actually complete it within the moon’s time, that would be great)

you still have one more day TRJR, good luck!

this Quest is now over, congratulations to everyone who completed it!

you can ofcourse still complete it :smile: don’t forget to post in this topic then :smile:

I quickly read over the topic the question that comes to mind is your in a dream created by your own minds experiences, people that you have met feelings that you have felt places you’ve seen on the internet or have been to.

In essence when you dream you are already in your subconcious but I doubt very much you could ask your subconcious a question because your subconcious is you.

Its like me asking myself something I already know I’m going to ask and have thought of the responces I would get. Even if I conciously made the effort to not think about it much before I do it. I’m still thinking about it and what answers I would expect back.

Nice dreams though.


Weirdest LD I’ve had in a while.