LD4all Quest 24: Self-Existing Moon: Make music

I played a guitar in a dream but I didn´t get lucid… :cry:

can i get some wings over here PasQuale :smile:

You get your wings at the end of the Quest, when the new one starts :smile:

This is from my second OBE from last weekend:

I am pleasantly surprised when a short time later, I again feel the waves of SP vibration passing over me. This time I focus on imagining myself sitting up. This works, and as soon as I feel myself sitting up, I stand the rest of the way up, and go out into the hall which again is lit by twilight light from outside. I walk out into the family room. Everything seems pretty clear. I turn toward the front door, and as I walk toward the front door, I take off my robe. I then hurry out through the front door without opening it. It is an odd feeling as I see the door loom up directly in front of me, and then I am through. Outside, I see some children playing in the street outside. I look around, worried at first that I won’t be able to see clearly without my glasses. Then I realize that I do not need glasses since this is a dream. I am just trying to take this all in. I walk around to the side of the house, and I start to levitate up into the sky. I see the trees dropping below me, and I am impressed at how real they seem. I then look out toward the horizon. I see a beautiful orange sunset or sunrise scene in the clouds. As I am rising, I am also singing a song. Part of the lyrics are something like, “I will lighten my heart/ I will lighten my load.” I am feeling really good when I again wake up.

I also have an except from a lucid dream on 10/31:

I end up flying over a kind of quaint, medieval looking town. There is a high tower where the town overlooks a steep bluff that looks out over a wooded valley. I have a sense of colors and pennants flying in the breeze. I begin to play a song at that point. It is a kind of rock ballad, and I am moved myself at how beautiful it is. I go through several verses as I fly, and I am struck at just how well the voice and instruments sound. I reach the end, and after a few moments, I realize that I cannot remember anything of the song. I’ve completely forgotten the song that I was just so moved by.

I’ll definitely try this tonight. It’s been on my list of things to do, but I’ve tried everything else first, and I’m running out of time to focus on this. XD

I did it! I managed to do it!

This dream was surprisingly lucid from the start. I remember staying up late before the dream, and then struggling to try and make sure I dreampt, and trying to make it start out lucid. And then everything goes dark, and I can tell I’m sleeping, yet I can still feel my conciousness. I remember standing in this darkness for about ten minutes, being able to tell that I’m standing in my dream, not just laying down in my bed like my body, then walking forward and being hit brilliantly by a bright light. I’m unable to see, and the room starts to spin violently around me. And as it does, it starts to cease glowing, and I can see my surroundings. I’m standing in a circle with my friends. I’m in some vast chamber, with rows of wooden benches, but all my surroundings appear fairly blurred to me. The only things that seem clear to me are my friends. There are four or five of them, and for some reason they all appear to be smiling. I can still tell that I’m in the dream world, though I have no notion of why. And then I recall the quest, which I had been reading to myself over and over before I lay down. I try to leave the room, but there’s some kind of glowing warmth begging me to stay. So I speak with my friends, and they all seem to be happily ignorant that they’re part of my dream. I do a reality check, by trying to push one of my fingers through the palm of my other hand. My open hand stretches like rubber when I press it. Then one of my friends begins to clap at a beat, and I join in. Soon, the full circle is clapping. And the song I had wanted to sing - Crawling by Linkin Park - suddenly comes to me. The instruments suddenly burst out around me, and I’m singing the song perfectly. Every word comes through to my concious amazingly easily. And we keep singing the song, until I begin to feel my friends disappear, and the room around us with them. I spin in circles, pushing the dream out further, but soon enough I’m dragged out of my first fully lucid dream. This dream was quite abstract in some aspects, but I can recall it with surprising clarity. The only dream I can remember having as clearly as this was the dream I had last night, which had absolutely no lucidity, and was more like watching a movie than dreaming. After awaking, I lay in bed for about 5 minutes, then got up and wrote this. It’s about 2:25 now, my dream starting at about 1:00 and ending at around 2:00. There were a few things I had wanted to attempt, such as flying and further exploration, but I found myself satisfied in the dream world with that one room, where at least I managed to fufill the quest. I don’t know, I may manage another lucid dream tonight. However, I doubt it, since this was quite the rarity indeed. I spent about a half hour lying in bed repeating to myself that I would control my dream, and doing reality checks. I guess I just branded this idea onto my inner conscience, which remembered the whole thing instantly. However, there is this strange sensation about me now. I feel like half of me is still standing in that room, and that half of me is here remembering this. And for some reason my left eye won’t stop blinking as if someone kept on flashing a bright light in it. Go figure.

Well i had a sorta ld… well i was laying n my bed and i was really tired like i just woke up (it was a FA) but everything seemed blurry around the edges so i said to my self i am dreaming there is no doubt especially how everthing looks.(the whole rome was a gold color… My room is blue.) So i started singing.( last resort - papa roach) But i was to lazy to do a rc other than just lloking around then all of a sudden my brother yelled IRL and i woke up to my normal colored room.

Gah, I got so close… In my lucid dream last night, a band was playing at a party I was having and taking requests, and I heard them sing… I just didn’t get lucky enough to remember to make music myself. o.o

congratulations everyone who completed this Quest :yay:

Wings are awarded to:

congratulations ansie and opolious as well, but you already have wings :happy:

You can’t earn wings now anymore with this Quest, you will have to do the next one for that. (Posted soon)

:peek: chessdude, I had to change your age otherwise I couldn’t give you the wings :tongue:

Nooooooooooooooooooo! :thud: headdesk I am so ticked off because I remembered and did it last night! :wallhit: I was lucid, in the middle of fighting someone, (flying and using telekinesis at the same time, oyes) then I thought, "Wait, I was supposed to do something in the next LD I had, what was it? O yeah! the quest! :colgate: " So then I stopped time long enough to sing; “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts, da, da, da, dum, there they are, standing in a row, big ones, small ones, some as big as your head!” (From the Lion King, LOL) I was quite enjoying my fight so I was like, “Screw the piano thing” and settled with the singing. I was sleeping over my best friend’s house so when I woke up I was like, “Crap, what date is it?” So then I had to explain to her why I wanted to know. Again I say, “Nooooooooooooooooooo…” :crying:

congratulations DarkRaven! :happy:

yes, you do Qualify for wings, since you dreamt it still during the Quest :smile:

there is still a graceperiod from one night, if one is able to complete it tonight :wink: (since it’s the transition between this Quest and the next) But “offially” we are now into the new Quest.

Really? :yay: Thank you so much Q! :hugs: My friend tried to tell me that it should still count but I didn’t believe her. laughs “pasQuale, she gives you wiiiiiiiings!” :angel_fly: :lol: (Anyone who’s seen a Red Bull commercial will get that. :grin: )

Seriously!? YAY! I have one more chance tonight! :content:

One more night…hopefully this will motivate me to get a LD.

Too late, so no star for me. It was a very good dream though!

I know this is an old post, but I thought I’d try some of the quests when I become Lucid and so I was just reading on some, because I never know what to do when I’m Lucid and I start loosing my Lucidity, because I don’t know what to do. This is really helping me get a lot of ideas. & since I’m really into music, I think this is probably going to be one of my favorite ones. it’s ok if you don’t have the wings anymore. But I will let you know that I have done this quest. :smile: If I do. But i might not say too much about it, because I don’t like writing long dreams out. LOL!!