LD4all Quest 27 - Resonant moon (7) - Re-enter a dream

Hey,Ive had dreams that id had before,i just wasnt lucid and they have been before this quest came out.would that count?oh and also i completed that resize yourself quest(from a few months ago)and i dont think i got wings cause when i post i dont see any :confused: :sad: can you tell me why pasQuale?

oh,never mind about that thing i said about the wings,i see them now :shy: :content:

the LD i will try and re-enter is my favourite LD where i entered a game and unified china it will be good fun and earn me my first wings at the same time! :grin: :cool:

congratulations liam for completing this Quest! You are the only one so far. Everyone else, you still have one night (transition night between Quests) to earn your wings for this.

/me gives liam some cookies for completing the Quest (since you already have your wings :content: :cookiemon:

/me remebers he wanted to do this quest
Congratulations Liam … i hope i will succeeded too this night :sigh: