LD4all Quest 38 - December: the Spirit of Giving III

/me had a dream about xmas in his class…then he entered a state of weak luidity and when he woke up,he weas all like Doh!

Thanks guys! :grin:

Look at what is not there. Sounds kinda spiritual, Q. :lol:

I might have a go at this quest too. It seems fun. I’ll try it with my friend Jamie…

I got lucid last night…
And just as i remembered the quest,myu mom woke me up.

ohh bad luck on that one :content:

I have all weekend to try, I’m going to be the second one done :cool_laugh:


Zukoca, hopefully we’re able to post on the same day, eh? I want to be second now :ebil:

/me is gonna give people presents when he has LD :smile:

I’m off to bed now, If I have an LD, I’ll post it here right away.

You don’t have to wish me luck.

Good luck,WCH,but the so-much wanted second place was taken by me :grin: :tongue:

:content: Thanks for being in my dream,guys! :content:

I did the sleeping on the floor thing last night, and I had two LD’s!

One: I wanted to transform into an animal first (after talking with Wolf, he gave me the idea), so I summoned him, and he appeared as a Grey wolf.

We were in a heavily forested area. A strong river was to our right, and giant trees with canopies that made the sky look more green than blue. He ran along the river, so I transformed into a big cat (Jaguar perhaps, as I had just finished reading about them and the Mayans). Anyways, with the swiftness of the Jaguar, I followed.

He led me to a Giant rock formation, we walked behind it and to my surprise, the scenery changed to a giant hall, like a royal palace or a cathedral. In it, was a mountain of presents on top of a large table. Some of the presents had toppled over and were on the ground in disorder.

“Choose one,” he said, now back in human form.

I walked over, and went to pick up one at random, but stopped and chose one that had fallen onto the floor. I handed it to him.

He opened it, and he had a smile on his face so big it was creepy, and then the scenery began to shake and I jumped out of my dream.

This is when I went back into my bed, it was soo comfortable compared to the floor :tongue:

Two: After going to my bed and trying to sleep, I had no intentions of even having an LD.

This time it would be DILD (my most used technique), AND I forgot to mention that I used MILD for the other one.

I found myself in my apartment, chatting, listening to tunes as I usually do. I go to pick up my guitar, and I notice that it is de-tuned. So I’m like,

“How the hell could it be de-tuned, I just RE-tuned it :smile:
I then realize I’m dreaming. It felt like night time, but it was sunny as hell outside, so I decide to just walk out side and see if anything strange happens. I decide to fly to downtown and listen to some buskers.

I find this one guy who looks like Joe Cocker, and he is just singing. It was powerful, so I stayed until he stopped because I wasn’t giving him any money. I assured him that it was a dream, and money held no value. But I moved on regardless of his response.

Next I flew to the Old Port and went to a music store that I usually go to. To check out a dream version of the guitar I’m going to buy.

I begin to play it (I played Come Together) and the guy said it was good playing, I thanked him and felt it was time to get some sleep.

Dry spell is over, thanks guys for the motivation.

Oh, and can you not give me wings, thanks.

:lol: dreams are so odd, great work on the quest, thanks for the snow pridak :hugs:

Your welcome :hugs:
Use it wiseley!
Do i get another set of wings? :grin:
Or a cookie? :happy:

Anyways,Good luck in your quests,people!

Would it help if we knew what the person wanted,as in,a trigger? :eh:

I wish for a new pair of shiny,parkling jeans :grin: ,if this helps :happy:

Sadly no, just one set with wings

I will :wink: as soon as we close into cristmas, the climate is hard to predict in my town, I wont spawn my gift until I want it :cool_raz:

Back to the quest; Im gonna try this one, and give pridak a pair of lovely jeans :grin:

I managed to get lucid once. And I completely forgot about this… :sigh:
I shall keep trying… :tongue:

I wish I was Lucid more times, so I could do this :sad:

Oh I almost forgot:

Pridak wrote:

I can’t do anything about the wings. But not only I give you one, but a lot of cookies. Here they are en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Chri … ful.JPG.go to the link. Very yummy.

Unfortunateley that image has been removed…Thanks anyways :happy:

Ghostie,i knew you couldn’t get more wings :tongue:
Essa,you WILL succeed!
Ghostie…the jeans are just a trigger…You can get me a car if you want to :tongue:

How’s everybody doing so far?
Oh, and second thought, I’ll take those wings now :mrgreen:

I had recently been having trouble becoming lucid but this morning during a WBTB i did some reading on the forum and heard about this quest, so i decided to try the FILD technique and it worked immediatly.
the whole dream is fairly long and ill post it in my dream journal but i did accomplish the quest.

during a false awakening i became lucid as i found myself laying on the floor in my living room. i got up and made my way towards my cousins room whos birthday was a few days ago… i remembered this quest and i walked into his room. the room had become almost like a barn and he was at the top in the loft. i climbed a latter and said “hey, i have a gift for you”. at this point i forgot that i hadnt procured a gift yet and i decided to wing it. i put my hand behind my back and when i pulled it out i watched a miniature telephone kinda just pop into my hand. i gave it to him and he thanked me, and i made my way back into my living room before having another false awakening followed by a differant dream all togeather.

I think reading about this quest really helped me become lucid today so i wanted to thank you guys for putting it up :smile:

:clap: Congratz nd welcome to the forum! :welcome:
looks like you’re getting the hang of it pretty quickly. :grin:

Someone should go into a room where al the ld4all members are in and give everyone the power to lucid dream at will :woo: !!