LD4all Quest 40 - February - Stop Time!

This sounds really fun! I’ll have to try it in my next LD. I could pull awesome pranks with the time stopped. :plotting:

always wanted to do this and now i can.

the unlimited things that we can do in LDs never fails to amaze me

tricky one… but sounds like fun! :smile:
lets try and see what happens…

I’m going to earn my wings this time for sure!

Hahahaha I tried it this time with funny results, but no success for now. Check it out (full dream in my DJ):

She avoids talking any longer, so I turn around and decide to have some fun. I didn’t seem to remember about the Yoge Mountains, so my first though was to use fire powers. I was about to use it, when I remembered this month’s LD4All quest. Right. Stopping time… Let’s do it. I yell “PARE, TEMPO!” (“STOP, TIME!”, in Portuguese). It didn’t really work, though. This caused, actually more people to appear around me, and if they were silent before, they were now staring at me and talking about how weird that was. “Err…” Again, let’s try it again. IRL, I had remembered reading about an old Japanese series by Osamu Tezuka where a character could stop time. I yelled like him, clenching my fist in a heroic pose. “JIKAN, TOMARE!”. Again, it was no use, causing only more strange stares. Chuckling, I turn to the DCs and say “Don’t worry, don’t worry, this is all just a dream.” I then tried one last time, in English “STOP TIME!”, but it was no use. I woke up seconds after this.

There was an Australian series in the 60s. The young boy had a magic boomerang. When he threw it, time stood still for all but him until he caught it again. I must admit clapping your hands is a lot easier :tongue:

Once in an ND, I used a sword like Hiro :smile: to focus to stop time and get away :tongue:
I will only do this if it’s useful in the LD :smile:

discussion split into new topic in lounge if stopping time in your dream world were to stop time IWL? :moogle:

There was a british series in the 90s where a boy had a pocket watch that controlled time.

I’m gonna do this Piper style (Charmed - TV series). Well, first I have to kinda get lucid :razz:
Haven’t been active in a long time but now I’m gonna try and get back to it (Yes it, both lucid dreaming and this community) - And this is a fun quest to kick off with.

I might try this in conjunction with the early morning feed. (I have a 2 Month old baby). At least then I could get some more sleep. :tongue:

Good luck,everyone!

and congrats on your dream Rodrigo :happy:

and yayeth! I did it :grin: dream can be found in my DJ here: clicky

Yay, my first LD4All quest :happy:

[color=darkblue]I was in my high school again and think that I was a student. I wanted to Mr. Gibney’s classroom and laid a note near his desk, I guess it was an absentee note.

I walked up three flights of stairs, looking for something, but I guess that I didn’t find it. I went towards the door and[/color] [color=green]because lucid. I’m not sure why, maybe I realized that I hadn’t been in high school in five years. I decided to see what was behind the door, making it be something exciting.

I opened the door, disappointed to see a closet, full of miscellaneous crap. I also saw a staircase going down and though it was weird so I walked over to it. I remember a standup-comedian last night talking about his grandmother falling down the stairs (that may have caused the dream about staircases) so I decided to try it.

I let myself go, but floated down very slowly. I wasn’t flying like normal, just falling very slowly, almost as if I were an air filled balloon. The slowed down falling made me remember the quest for LD4All. I willed time to stop. I stopped falling, it was almost as if gravity was turned off. I can fly easier, but this was different, things definitely stopped, even though I was the only thing there moving, I felt time stop. I restarted time and grabbed one of the pictures that was on the side of the staircase, not the staircase to the house here I grew up.

I let it go and tried to stop time again, but this time was unsuccessful, I didn’t feel the jolt that I had before, nor did the picture stop falling. I flew down the stairs and turned the corner, expecting somethign weird, but nothing was.

I flew across the living room and saw the cats laying under the computer desk. I said hi and sped up as I went through the window into blackness.[/color] That gave me a false awakening. I had fallen into a pit with another guy and with our flashlight we could see xenomorph aliens scurrying around.

I did it!
There’s only one little problem… I wasn’t lucid at the time.
you can find my dream here

I’ve already done this one in my very first LD.

I was on a school bus when I decided to do a RC. So I tried to stick my finger through one of the seats, and it worked.

Suddenly I was at this big school and we were in this realy boring class, so I looked at the clock, narrowed my eyes, and in my mind said speed up, speed up, speed up! and suddenly the hands on the clock started spinning super fast, and the class was over. Then we all went to our dorm rooms, where there was a HUGE clock on the wall. I said “I bet I can stop time completely”. Then I looked at the clock, narrowed my eyes, and in my mind saidstop, stop, stop! and time stoped, and everyone in the room besides me froze.

So Ya!

So apparently I was disappointed that when I stopped time it was in a normal dream, so I became inspired to complete the quest the right way this time. Not only that but it was my first LD that lasted more than a few seconds :cool_laugh:

I stopped time Star-trek style
click me

So do I get my wings or not??? :confused:

Have you missed the first post?

It was a nice dream you had omegadreamer, well done :clap:

oooo…sorry… :shy:

but thanks :content: you saved me alot of trouble :wink:

ugg still cant get lucid…

I’m drowning myself in lucid related stuff =P Watched both Vanilla Sky, Waking Life and Paprika, got Subliminal Blaster running, binaural beats and lucid subliminal sound mp3’s have replaced my normal music on the phone.

If I don’t have a lucid dream soon there’s got to be something wrong with me (Or perhaps I’m dreaming already… RC… Nope -.-)

One day… One day, those wings shall be mine.

When did you have your first LD? If it wasn’t during this month then it wouldn’t count. The idea is to earn the wings by completing the task in the month it is set in.