LD4all Quest 46 - August - Be creative!

I did it! Very cool LD, very happy now! :grin:
Here’s the link: [community.ld4all.com/t/dreams-from-shadow-dreamer/30924/12)

that is awesome Shadow Dreamer you did both the task and the quest!! :thumbs:

Nicely done SD :happy:

Thanks! I wish I didn’t lose lucidity, though… I still don’t know what that flash was…

I’m slacking severely on my DJ, so my recall may be a bit fuzzy. However, I did the quest. :content: I’ll write what I remember here.

[spoiler]I’ll have to start with the end of the previous dream, since the transition was really cool and I was lucid from the transition.

It got REALLY foggy near the end of the dream, so I kinda randomly decided (not yet lucid) to go float in the fog and see where I ended up. I went out into the fog and closed my eyes, hoping to float. I opened my eyes after a few seconds and saw that I was still near a construction site to my right and hadn’t gone anywhere, so I closed them again, wanting to float more. I finally felt that I was floating, and I didn’t open my eyes, so I only saw darkness. I ended up seeing tiny blue dots on the black as if I’d closed my eyes and was awake, so I was afraid I’d started to wake up.

I decided to stay like I was and keep floating; I tried to start opening my left eye at one point but was afraid I was going to wake up if I did, so I continued to float, waiting until my dream body could leave my RL body. I eventually tried flying forward, and it worked. I opened my eyes and found myself at some house, and I thought, “It worked, I’m dreaming!” I forget when, but I guess I eventually landed and my mom started following me around.

I told her to go away, and I guess she did. I was in some hallway and tried to decided what to do. I remembered that I needed to do the quest to earn the wings, so I decided to try to play a saxophone, forgetting about the instrument I wanted to create. I stood in the hallway, wanting the saxophone to be in the next room when I went in. I went in the room, and the saxophone was there. Its color was mostly green and yellow similar to a tie-dye shirt I have; it may have been as if it was reflecting that color since I might’ve been wearing that shirt in my dream.

I picked it up, trying to figure out where to put my fingers. The mouthpiece looked weird, but I decided it’d be all right without me messing with it. It wasn’t working out very well since I was hearing notes by just pressing the keys and it almost felt like there were violin strings underneath my fingers, too. I gave up on the saxophone and looked for something else to do.

I found a piano and decided to improvise on it since I hadn’t seen a violin. I’ve always been bad at improvising on the piano with both hands going, so I switched to just right hand. Part of the problem had been that some of the low keys were like the edges of the paper in a closed book and were unplayable. My improvisation started in F minor, then went to some major (I forget which), then I switched it back to F minor to keep the piece consistent. I finished the piece, and there was a binder with a bunch of pages in it on the part where the music sits.

There was a piece of paper with a rectangle divided into boxes on it, and I was going to make up a puzzle or game using those boxes, but decided against it. I then went to go do some other things that I forget, but I knew that once I started to do them, it’d be hard to stay lucid and asleep. Sure enough, I woke up.[/spoiler]

So there it is. Too bad I don’t have a piano anymore… But I guess I have LDing to make up for that. :grin:

I believe I did it. I invented a new technique for flying!

[spoiler]Thursday, August 27th 2009 - 1 lucid dream!
This time I believe I have just invented a new method for flying.

Dream #1: “Flying: Success!!!” - Lucid: YES :biggrin: - Type: DILD
This is another lucid dream that I just had last night. I had this song stuck in my head all night last night and woke up with it in my head in the morning. AMAZING SONG!

Anyways, this dream was a very long one, so there are some fragments (maybe even some huge chunks) lost after waking up. In the hypnagogic imagery that I had last night, a new, creative concept was presented to me, which greatly helped flying in this dream.

In the imagery, there was a scorching hot desert with dead trees scattered all over. In the middle, there was a train track. I was standing right in front of the train track. Suddenly, a train passed by. Meanwhile, another clone of me started falling (seeming like it was downwards), passing the original me by. This new concept was created for flying: everyone has their own gravity! This inspired me to try flying again. If I come across any fragments while recalling the dream, then I will post them in the “fragments” section below, if I don’t know where they came in.

I don’t remember much before I became lucid. I’m in my bedroom, everything is dark. I check the time, which seems to be a little bit blurrier than normal. 10:03. I look back. 50:03. Again, 10:10 --> 50:10. This prompts me to become lucid.

I’m not sure where this comes in, but I believe it’s at the end of the dream. It’s outside, daytime, very vivid, but in somewhere I don’t know of. This place is symmetrical. One building encloses a circle, there’s steps leading to the main door, and fountains on each side.
Dad and I are flying in our car again (Woooohoooo!!! It’s very fun and exhilarating). The car is an old one, slightly rusted with blue paint which is starting to rip off. It’s a convertible, with its top off. High up in the night sky, through some gorgeous white clouds, I become very exhilarated. Suddenly he loses control and plummets towards the ground (inside the circle but outside the building). We just about landed hood-first, but just inches before we hit the ground I stop the car and fly out. I softly and safely land on my back, while I put the car down. After that, he thanks me and flies off, taking the car with him.
Suddenly I hear Ike (from Super Smash Bros. Brawl) yell “THUNDER!!!” I look up in the sky and all of a sudden it’s covered in grey clouds and it starts raining. I began to consider the dream’s vividness and stability, as the streetlights right beside the fountains turn on. All of a sudden, a huge lightning strike destroys the ground along with the rest of the dream world as I hear a loud clash. For a while I float around in nothing and I wake up.


  • The dream scene was a reoccurring one. Happened in some of my semi-lucid dreams I had when I was young.
  • Dad was wearing a Superman coat, along with a red cape.
  • As I looked up towards the sky, I see a huge Transformers robot flying across the sky. It looks like a mix between Transformers and the Pokemon Zapdos.[/spoiler]

I’m going to award the wings a bit early this time, and post the new Quest a bit early as well. This means you can still earn your wings with being creative in a LD if you do it before sept 1st. (The night leading from august 31 into sept 1 also counts! (it also counts for the next Quest so you can choose :wink: )

anyhow, without further ado, I present this months Wings:



Shadow Dreamer

for earning your wings with this Quest! :yay:

:boogie: :boogie:

Congratulations Amaryllis, lidybug and Q :tongue: for succeeding in this Quest. Invisible wings added to your profile and extra cookies for you! :grin:

and well done for everyone who tried but didn’t succeed this time :smile:

Another opportunity to earn your wings in the next Quest :smile: