LD4all Quest 48 October: Meet an alien!

I’m not sure if I can count this as a success, as I didn’t remember the task while I was doing it! I must have subconsciously have remembered it, as I had read it beforehand, and I was lucid throughout the whole dream. And I was asked to post it anyway. :razz:

In space, no one can hear you… dream?

I was first sitting on a bus, which seemed to transform itself into an airplane. I wasn’t sure what was going on or where we were, so I spent some time looking at the other passengers. Some of them were reading, some were listening to music, and some were eating. Looking around and outside, it turned out that I was now inside a spaceship. I sat still and looked out at space for a while, until I noticed that some other spaceships in the distance were shooting at us. I took over control of the spaceship I was on, so I steered the ship and shot down the attacking spaceships. I then let it go back on «autopilot», and the spaceship went ahead and landed on a planet. I was looking forwards to exploring this new planet, and I was disappointed to see that it looked exactly like Earth. I walked down what seemed to be an ordinary suburban street. I wanted to meet some aliens, so I stopped outside a house. I was again disappointed when they looked just like humans. There were three men wearing plaided shirts and demin overalls. I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, but they were shouting and waving their arms, apparently trying to chase me away. I walked away. I kept walking until I woke up.

I did it.
I became lucid twice in the dream.
Here’s the second time.

I was on m balcony when I became lucid.Then I just climbed the fence and jumped down aerial style screaming: ‘‘woohoooo!’’ :tongue:

On the half way down, I started flying up.You see, unlike some people, I got NO fear of jumping down in my dreams.In fact, I love jumping off buildings.

Anyway, I was trying to remember the quest, and soon I did.But I felt the dream was fading, so I quickly summoned an alien.I just said ‘‘Hey.’’ and he also said ‘‘hey!’’.

And that’s it.

ooo! you posted it Luminous! :happy: great dream, and as far as I’m concerned you earn your wings with that, but if you want to save them for another Quest Lucid Dream let me know :wink:

congrats, Hraesvelg :smile:

When the LD started i remebered the quest but then i was in mars and suddenly
i saw a green creature and it was an alien i said hi and then he said hi i ask him where he’s from and he answered somthing like mohulgino ( i don’t know how to write it because the name was strange) and i ask him can he take me to his homeworld he said yes but when he answered my alarm clock went off

Congrats, you did it.
But, PLEASE, use some punctuations in your next posts…

:wave: Hello BlackXs and welcome to the community :biggrin: well, congratulations :happy:

I dreamed that I was in a space station, but dont remember if I saw an alien :hmmm: and it wasnt LD

EDIT: I read the post under this one, I misunderstood BlackXs’s post :tongue:

Re read the post! He dreamt and remembered the quest… which would imply that it is for this month!

Besides, who made you the quest judge?

I like that people are being successful with this quest, and I would really appreciate if you could try and be more descriptive when it comes to describing the aliens… what they looked like, how they acted etc… I find those details quite interesting.

@Luminous - I find your dream quite interesting also, in the fact that it was so similar to mine where the aliens were so… human like!! My dream was not lucid… but the similarities is very perculiar.

I’m trying WILD the first time this month ^^ I hope i can meer Alf or ET

I’ll be taking this scientifically.

I’ll find some microorganisms on Mars. :grin:

Ok, I did the task again, properly this time, because I remembered this thread in my lucid dream. Typical how I remembered it on the very end…

I was walking down a dirt path by some woods in a city. I remembered the LD4all quest that I wanted to do properly. I decided to find an alien where I was instead of going into space. I knew the dream might end soon. I looked around until I found a cute little blue alien standing by some trees. It barely reached me up to my waist height. Its skin looked like plastic, and it had no clothes or hair. It looked adorable with a head at the size of the rest of its body, and big, black eyes.
“Are you an alien?”
“What’s your name?”
(It said Nimph-something, I don’t remember)
“What planet are you from?”
“Miriam!” it said with enthusiasm, and it floated upwards, and started to fly away. I woke up.

I was trying last night for an LD to do this quest :content: But I only ended up having a regular dream about being on the moon and the alien was a big floating horse :grin: it tried to kick me!

I met an Alien but not in LD.
He was purple with one eye and a lot of arms, he was huge!

I did the Quest last night :content:

clicky :alien:

Wow, more than one alien too. :content: Congrats, Q!

This is going to get an OSCAR, this is just great, man :woo:


I got this early in the month, though I would have liked it to happen again with a more human-sized alien.

I have to sum this up fast, for I am not supposed to be online right now…
Anyway, it started as a normal dream where I was in a space program. I was at the expert level. I pwned lot’s of people at the space-bound obstacle course-game. Eventually I lost, and was sent down to basic level. I was in some sorta place that was a cross between a pizza-hut, a spaceship, and my middle school, when I thought of how weird it was to be in pizza-space-school. I did the nose-pinch and immediatly becme semi-lucid. I dimly remembered this months quest, so I boarded a space ship, and, before I even took off, I saw some cyclops tht claimed to be aliens. I started to speak with them and lost lucidity. I only remeber some dialog. Like one cyclops-alien said that “your dreams would be better, and more often lucid if your life was less semi-choatic…” I woke about around this time.
I wish I could have stayed lucid longer, but, I remembered something from outside the dream, a lucid first for me…



Magic Qwan

for earning your wings with this Quest! :yay:

:boogie: :boogie:

Congrats to Amaryllis (you really should post here too, you know :tongue: and myself for completing it. More cookies and extra invisible wings. :content:

and well done for everyone who tried but didn’t succeed this time :smile:

This Quest is now officially over, which means you cannot earn your wings anymore by completing any of the previous Quests.

stay tuned for the new Quest!
Another opportunity to earn your wings in the next Quest :smile: